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    Remembering bungalow colonies and camps of the past…..

    Goldwasser’s in Swan Lake


    Yukelson’s where bears would knock on windows almost nightly


    Camp Naarah for girls


    Salzman’s near the big Red Barn with the fake bull on the roof

    Grossingers hotel

    The Concord

    Otis Hotel


    Ganz, Loch Sheldrake!

    Not a bungalow or camp, but the best summer school: Egg University.


    Oh, yeah. I’m in the day of Grossingers and the concord. What a blast from the past to hear those names!

    always here

    Ganz is still here … same as always … bungalows fixed with cardboard, tape, & spit 😉


    YUKELsons – are you serious or is that a typo? Then again, if people spend the summer at a place that is called Lokh shel Dreck, I guess there could have been a Yukelson’s.

    Otis Hotel – Well, there is an Otisville but it is neither a hotel nor a resort (maybe the last resort but that’s about it).


    What about FUN FAIR in Ferndale? What about the original LUCKY DIP.

    what about the Pineview hotel? What about Browns Hotel?

    We’ve been going to the Catskills for over 50 years!!


    always here: if not for the gap between the walls and the floor, how would the skunks get in?

    The Frumguy

    Open for just one season: The New Roxy in Loch Sheldrake. Anyone out there?

    always here

    ursula~ honestly never had a skunk in the bungalow in all my many years. haven’t seen any since I’m here this year. (LOL) 😉

    but you gotta love 2-5 different linoleums in the kitchen!

    ahh, Ganz ‘Resort’ 🙂


    Once when my sister and I came back from the movie in the casino (during the reel change) we found a skunk in the bathroom. We ran out and so did it. But I don’t think they come out so much anymore.


    Homowack hotel


    what about the Pioneer Hotel, Zuckers Glenwild Hotel, great american supermarket, ames and jamesway

    by the way, service star/trading post in monticello is closing or has already clsoed.

    who rememebrs davco and playland on browadway in monticello?

    also there was a dairy store on route 42 not far from monticello high school.

    cant remember the name of the place but it later became yasgur farms ice cream shop till it clsoed after a few years.


    and lets not forget the apollo mall


    Hellers Farm, and Rheinshagens Farm. Up in the hills past White Lake. I remember going up there Thursdays to get veggies for Shabbos. A fond memory is wading through blooming dill which then came up to my shoulders. I knew Yasgur Dairy Farm as a landmark. I remember the Woodstock event turning it and everything in a 20 mile radius into loonyville.


    Anyone here from Four Roses?


    Memories….camp Kol ree nah (in Livinston Manor), Ma-na-Vu in Parksville, Elm Shade in Fallsburg. Spent many summers (anout 35 in total) up there…miss it now.


    ZeesKite, not me. What about Schribersville?

    tomim tihye

    Is it still common to squeeze 8 kids into a 1-bedroom bungalow or have the times changed?


    Anyone remember Gibbers resort and the Olympic hotel?


    Yukelson’s was the name of a colony

    Otis hotel was in Swan Lake up the road from Goldwasser’s

    Zucker’s hotel is still in business if you want to go back in the past!

    there are families of 8+ who still are in 3 bedroom bungalows where at times some sleep on a high riser in the kitchen

    remembering more….

    Julie’s gas station

    Itzkowitz grocery

    Red Apple rest station

    seeing cows on the farms all the drive up to the mountains

    staying put all summer and not going to and from city at least weekly(for whatever reason)

    all children of colony waiting for each father coming with Short Line on Friday

    wearing shorts all week when there were no men around

    going blueberry picking on Thursday and then Mom turning small kitchen into a bakery with delicacies no bakery could bake

    being in a colony where all types could live together in unity whether modern, litvish, yeshivish,chassidish,etc. and helping each other with a smile

    we didn’t need Chofetz Chaim heritage to tell us what we are permitted or not permitted to say/speak

    telephone booths at a slightly secluded place and having your name called when/if you had a call

    doing “phony” collect phone calls so the person could call you back because direct calling was cheaper


    we didn’t need Chofetz Chaim heritage to tell us what we are permitted or not permitted to say/speak

    You did need it, you just never realized how you needed it.


    Ms. critique, there are still families of 12 kids staying in 2 bedroom bungalows and until a few years ago i know of a family of 11 kids that had a one bedroom bungalow. On the few occasions that everyone was home I know of one family where the older boys slept outside on lounge chairs.



    Morningside Acres


    Funland in Fallsburg,

    And what was the name of the bakery in Woodridge and South Fallsburg? They had the best dinner rolls.

    just me

    Oh my! What memories! I stayed at Yukelson’s one summer. My family mostly stayed in Holiday Bungallows on Strong Road in Ferndale. It was surrounded by blue berry bushes. Esther Sanderovitz a”h (who used to have a wall paper store in BP) would give a slice of blueberry pie to anyone who would bring her a pailful of berries.

    Fun Fair was just a short walk away down Old 17.

    I also went to Camp Bais Yaakov where the big treat of the week was to go to Julie’s. I was in Camp BY the summer of Woodstock. We woke up Shabbos morning and the place was full of HIPPIES who nebach were looking for a bathroom or some food. We didn’t go to Julie’s that Motzai Shabbos. We were tightly locked down that night.

    Who remembers Melman’s Flaishig restaurant in Woodburn?

    My friend still goes to Ganz. The bungallows there are older than everyone here put together!


    Mom’s Knishes store in S. Fallsburg…also the guy who went around to different bungalow colonies who sold Mom’s Knishes from the back of a station wagon.

    just me

    Justsmile613, the ORIGINAL Mom’s Knishes in Woodburn! A tiny hole in the wall with 5 million people squeezed in waiting for a knish!


    You mean, “Mom’s Kosher Knishes”?


    We used to go to Catskill Funland every summer- what fun!

    Also Apollo Mall was great! Slowly stores started closing one by one. We got shoes for the new school year every summer at Bass.

    Oh – how we loved the truck “moms kosher knishes – eat them hot eat them cold…”

    The ice cream truck in my days sold ice cream pops. I hear nowadays they have soft ice cream! YUM!


    Was the bakery called Malman’s?


    Sullivan’s department store. The radio ads read by the lisping announcer on the local station. The ads in the Loch Sheldrake

    theater before the movie, “Pop-in to Popin’s Pancake House!”. Beachcomber shakes, before we all became chalav Yisroel.

    Liberty Lanes, without our parents.

    A lot of the people I grew up with still go to Ganz. (I would too, if I had my druthers.)


    Shermans in S. Fallsburg is now the home of a wonderful family.


    went to camp bais yaakov in ferndale for a few years. there was a pizza shop just up the road – don’t remember the name. but it was a tiny place – but it was our big treat after a long walk.

    i’ve also been to the homowack.

    i remember mom’s knishes.

    ah – memories!

    Moshe Kohn

    The WVOS jingle intermingling with the ABC network hourly news is just ringing in my ears down memory lane…


    drove past the big apple rest stop today. its boarded up and falling apart.

    remember when ichud was ideal (not religious , some not jewish ) bungalow colony?

    what else? hmmm, i know!!

    the newspaper store on broadway in monticello with the statue of the native american outside of it.

    also , wasnt there a fancy dress shop on broadway called annes?


    aries- Gombos???

    Fast Forward

    Aries, wasn’t the name of the bakery Madnicks?


    No Cinderalla, inside the street where the Main street pizza store is, across the street, before the church. And in Woodridge where Kopf’s took over and then it was the Pizza store that burnt down last year.


    Yes, there was Anne’s Dress Shop in Monticello which closed about 3-4 years ago

    Klein’s of Monticello was a very classy children’s shop that the women from Brooklyn would come down during the winter to shop

    Phil’s grocery in Liberty

    Hecker’s taxi used to transport from Brooklyn to Catskills

    does anyone remember the fruit and vegetable bus, which was a schoolbus where the seats were removed and became a travelling bus with the most delicious fruits and vegetables which were probably all farm fresh

    Nagel’s or was it mayber Nadel’s grocery in Ferndale(Golden Flow Dairy’s home today)

    Woolworth’s where Nu Design furniture is today

    Stollman’s fish market

    …..talking about a skunk in the bathroom, i remember back in the good old days when we were in Harris and one little boy while sitting in the outhouse(you know what i really mean) the roof fell in with a cat!


    Fast Forward, thank you, it was driving me crazy. They had the best fudge cake and the dinner rolls were amazing.

    Moshe Kohn

    The chocolate danishes were also incredible.

    Fast Forward

    Aries, you are welcome. It actually took me a minute or two to remember the name. Remember Lazar’s butcher? We were so upset when they closed. BTW, for those who mentioned Mom’s Knishes, the man who went around to the colonies is Izzy and he now has a store in Loch Sheldrake.

    always here

    Izzy & Anita (‘Mom’s Knishes’ for the last several years) used to go to Ganz.. they were my neighbors there 🙂


    wow i rememebr so much of this stuff.

    dont forget the pocketbook guy. he is still around selling his stuff.

    there was also another fruit/veggie truck that an older guy drove around.

    and who can forget the roller skating truck. they would come with a big van like an ice cream truck. hang out flags, rent the skates and play music.all on your colonies grounds


    the wandering Shmate guy who usually is seen walking on the 42 beween Kiamesha and South Fallsburg, who during election years wore an Uncle Sam hat… have not seen him this season, did you?


    how about the days where people in the mountains where normal.? people used to go to the movies and enjoy themselves. when the chilil hashems didnt happen in walmart and other stores multiple times a day, where people from the city didnt think they own the place and double and triple park there cars all day long so ( fill in a name ) can just run into the store for a second. boy do i miss the old time mountains. oh and the times where people and even kids used to throw there garbage , wait for it, in a garbage can. !!


    The exact quote as I remember it..”Moms Kosher Knishes, Hot for now, cold for later come n down and get your potatoe”. That was the chant we heard in the guy’s megaphone each day..:)

    Aishes Chayil

    Pine View Hotel

    Browns Hotel (Dont know how Kosher it was but it was nice from the outside)

    Pinball machines and game room in that Dairy in Woodbourn ( forgot the name but there was a a pic of a soft ice cream cone in fro,nt of the store.)

    Holiday INN

    Frum Jews Hitchiking for a ride on the highway

    The bro and sis camps:

    Camp Sternberg-Mogen Av

    Camp Gila-Shalva

    Camp Chedvah-Monk

    always here

    re: the Brown’s Hotel~ when Reuben & Cecile Margolis took over as owners [about 22 yrs. ago] it was glatt kosher. (before that, it was just ‘kosher’). the hashgacha was from the Chof-K @ first, then Rabbi Reiss from the O-U. my husband was a mashgiach there that year. it was great– we’d pack up from nearby Ganz & go there every Fri.-Sun. .. then we went back up for Succos that year. 🙂


    potato, kasha knishes! The truck even had a mustard dispenser and a salt shaker.

    The tuna pizza knish at Mom’s hole-in-the-wall was a gourmet treat. Then we would go down to the banks of the Neversink to digest it, although that wasn’t as relaxing as the Loch Sheldrake lake behind Beachcomber. There, you could rent a rowboat or a canoe and really spend a fun afternoon, if you didn’t fall out of the boat. If you timed it right you could make the first movie, too, in the “air-cooled” (ie, no air conditioning) theater.

    I think the dairy in Woodbourne was Lucky Dip.

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