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    Am i wrong to complain about a yeshiva in Israel that recommends all students attending their school get a certain companies cell phones, that company making a special service plan for those students, paying $80 a month for that service and then finding out the school is on a moshav that has no antennae and therefore there is barely any phone service there at all?

    actually as per the customer service guy at the company “there is a problem w/very sporadic service”.

    knowing this has been a problem for years at the school, shouldnt the co say ” no i will not issue phones to those students, its stealing for us to take their money when they will only have service when they are outside the moshav on a main highway/ in a main city etc.?

    my son is in school 4 1/2 days a week w/ maybe a tiyul here and there and 1 maybe 2 off shabbosim a month. a majority of his time he will be at the school w/ no reception.

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