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    Most dreams today don’t have significant meaning. However many times they reveal subconcious worries and thoughts. A few months after a very traumatic incident happened in my commuinty i had a VERY frightening dream. I was soo shaken up and asked someone reliable about it. He confirmed that because i was so effected by the incident although i’m not consiously thinking of it every day, deep inside i was, and hence i had a very similar incident in my dream.

    There is such a thing as “hafaras cholom” or something like that. if someone dreamt the same exact thing over, and a few other requirements, they have 3 rabbeim or something… and they’re mafir the dream. i don’t know the details but something like that.

    I know of someone who remembered all their dreams and would write them down. Years later, after a few of them became true they burned the book.

    d a

    sofdavarhakolnishma, yikes!

    Good Shabbos!


    I once read- maybe someone knows a source for it, that every dream stems from one of 3 things:

    1. Something you think about a lot.

    2.From eating too much before going to sleep.

    3. Or its a real cholom with a real meaning to it.


    When I was little I had many frightening dreams that I was scared to go to sleep. Now, I still have nightmares if something scary happens. For example, after the 11 year old was killed last week I had nightmares for a few nights.


    Mischeif- that’s terrible. You shouldn’t think so much about tragedies. Don’t think into them so much. The point is not that we should become traumatized, the point is only that we should become better people.


    smartcookie-not always am I so traumatized but this time I know the family and for some reason I took it very hardly. When I found out he was niftar a few moments before shabbos I spent the entire shabbos crying. Most of the time I won’t spend so long thinking about it but I might have a nightmare. Sometimes if I listen to music before I go to bed it calms me down a bit.


    actually, twice i’ve had dreams that people i knew died and they both died within a week of the dream. very scary.

    i’m a dreamer.

    but this is interesting – sometimes, i’ll be awake, and i’ll have a sensation that a specific odd something will happen, like, i see a picture of it in my brain, and then it happens. anyone know what that’s all about?

    d a

    squeak, what did you mean by

    da- Do you by chance live on Elm Street?



    “squeak, what did you mean by

    da- Do you by chance live on Elm Street?”

    Now what did you mean by that 😉


    “When my brother was 7 years old, he had a dream that my father met him in the hallway leading to his room and my father handed him a pair of white “clothing”. Somehow my brother knew that they were tachrichim. He went into his room, put on the tachrichim and lied down in his bed. Then he heard TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK…He woke up and heard TICK TICK TICK…

    It happened to be that someone put a clock into his room that day! Any meaning to this?! “

    It means that while he was sleeping, he was “dead to the world” and needed a better alarm clock to wake him up for school.


    emoticon613-are you talking about dejavu?(don’t know how 2 spell it)

    I get that all the time.


    it’s not quite deja vu [two words ;)], although i get that too. it’s a sensation (some might call it an aura i think) that something specific will happen and then it does.

    simple example: i was in camp and we went to the laundromat to do our laundry. as i was coming down from the bus, i had this ‘vision’ that the place is going to flood – and about halfway thru our trip, one of the machines started to back up, sending water all over the floor of the laudromat, pretty deep water!! it was sorta creepy.

    it sounds unreal, like i’m making it up. i think that’s because of the wording, but i honestly have no idea how to describe it accurately.


    Emoticon- I know that feeling. I always like to say it’s a 6th sense that woman have!!

    I really learned to trust my feeling. I’m usually right. Amazing and I wonder what it is.

Viewing 13 posts - 51 through 63 (of 63 total)
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