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    anyone has any ideas for activities/attractions for chanuka vacation that could be done with a family. Its not snowing so that cancels out snowtubing and skiing. and its to cold for outdoor attractions. Especially that this year noone is open sunday and maybe monday because of xmas.


    how about dreidel?!

    There are so many games that one can play and have a blast with family! For example, personalizing Taboo, personalizing pictionary, charades…i know these may sound corny but when you play it, its alot of fun and the laughter doesnt stop!



    I’m not sure if this is something that would interest you or fit your schedule, but here’s something we considered doing, so I’ll share my research.

    Washington DC is about a four hour drive from NYC.

    Many of the interesting museums, such as the Air and Space, Arts and Industry, and other Smithsonian attractions are open late this week.

    There is a Days Inn that’s only 4-5 miles from the area the Smithsonian, White House, Washington Monument and other major DC attractions are located in.

    The “Days Inn Washington DC Connecticut Ave” (Google it) only charges $59 per night, even less if you have triple-A.

    This would be a very affordable family trip for a day or two.

    The motel has free parking, a 4-sunburst rating (and is also rated highly on trip sites), and had a Metro (DC’s subway) station nearby, so you can easily travel to the tourist sites.

    There are Kosher places to eat in DC, Silver Spring, and other nearby areas.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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