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    In Baltimore R” Schwab certainly did. That was the norm & if you know the history of his Shul you’d know that was not something he made an issue about. In that era it was the norm. You can even look at Ner Israel events of the past & they are mixed as well.


    How did we morph from Chasidish OOT to MO dying to mixed seating?
    in the Lita or anywhere in Europe they did not have mix affairs by anyone who held themself to be frum and wanted to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. The norm of 50/60/70 years ago is not the norm of today, back then you had rebbish invitations asking people to dress tzenusdik and rampant chillul shabbos.
    While i have a huge respect of the YI movement and what they did to preserve yiddishkiet back then the fact the MO movement began to wither away from the 90s onwards, 3/4 of YIs can barely scape together a minyan and a number of the dying YI were hijacked by Chabad otherwise then would have long since folded.


    Kuvult, yes on other Rabbis, as I mentioned – Lita & Germany. I do not mean mixed dancing, I mean mixed eating on shabbos and simchas.

    > . Nor did they have mixed seating in Lita.

    Very appropriate statement per parsha – why was Yaakov wearng a hat. Sources would be welcome. I heard various stories, but did not study in depth. quick search finds, for example, mentions that R Feinstein had wedding for his children: 2 separate and 2 separate for Feinsteins and mixed for mechutonim. (R Tendler senior was on the same beis din w/ R Moshe); apocryphal story that Chofetz Chaim disinvited R Meir Shapiro from a shabbos meal when the latter requested separate seating at the table.

    But here was a mention of “events”, like school dinners, I presume, sheva brochos not being a problem.

    To clarify, I am not advocating for one v. the other, just for not considering this as one of the simanei kashrus along the split hooves.


    I agree. Let’s get back to the Chasidim.
    My only real point is the people smiling with glee that the MO are dying. But without using labels like RWMO or YM, there is a major group in Baltimore that doesn’t believe in much of the “Chumros of the week” or “We can always be more Frum by….”
    As many have written (inc. women from the Chasidish Kollel, who found it so refreshing) it’s very based on live & let live & they mean it.


    As many have written (inc. women from the Chasidish Kollel

    The Baltimore Chasidish Kollel eschews the “Chumros of the week” so much, and is so live and let live, that they even have women in the Kollel?

    That truly does demonstrate their taking a stance against the “We can always be more Frum by…” attitude!


    I don’t waste much time on trolls.
    1. MO is not dying in Baltimore because they share space with the Yeshiva people who are not trying to get rid of them.
    & No they (as I’ve seen in other communities) are not pushing the Rabbanim to put out a weekly proclamation to move the community more to the right.
    2. In short typing, women of the Kollel was OBVIOUSLY referring to the wives. It was also in a SEPARATE paragraph detaching it from my comment about Chumros. A little reading comprehension training can go a long way.

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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