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    Any ideas??? we give out about 50-60 regular shalach manos and about ten fancy ones. Can you think of a new theme-not one thats been used over and over again?


    to much to think about before thinking about purim……


    Theme: Going green.

    Put in recycled shalach manos. Whatever the person before gave you.

    (This was my brother’s idea. He is funnier than me sometimes.)


    i just thought of a cute idea. What if you all dressed up as different berries. and say “have a ‘berry’ happy purim. strawberries blueberries etc


    Take all your kids to to the mall & pose with Santa. Write: have a ho ho happy Purim! Well, at least you can do it for next year 🙂


    yogibooboo thats a bit corny if you ask me. It’s kinda like what my family did one year. We wrote “ORANGE you glad you got shaloch manos from the _______ family????” then we we took orange bags, cans of orange soda, orange candy of all sorts, and cookies with orange sprinkles, and a bunch of other things. It was cute but these type corny themes get on everyones nerves dont they????




    dunno if you were serious (you said it was funny), but we recycle all the time. pass what we receive from one to others (sometimes with some slight mixing around.)

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    shlishi: We recycle too. We make about 40 mishloach manos a year but very often it is not enough. So, for the last 10 people, we end up giving recycled stuff, but always nice and bechovodik, never loose popcorn or loose cookies. Usually prepackaged nosh and drinks. Always in good taste. The truth is that after the kids marked which nosh as ” their’s ” , the rest of the stuff just sits around the kitchen.


    candy…not true maybe where ur from



    we make at most 10 and recycle about 40.


    bake cookies, put them in a bag, add a small bottle of chocolate milk. If you want to dress your kids to “match” the theme, dress them as cookie monster.


    Yes, everyone recycles. The joke is making that your theme.

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    Define cheap.

    ☕️coffee addict

    give a can of soda and a bag of popcorn (you can make it a baseball theme)

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    I have an idea for the ten fancy ones. The six days of creation.

    Yom Rishon: A black and white cookie.

    Yom Shayny: A water bottle and cotton candy.

    Yom Shlishi: Candy flowers.(the ones that come on a long stick).

    Yom Reviee: Star cookies.

    Yom Chamishi: Gummy fish.

    Yom Shishi: Animal crackers and two people ( the brand name of the lollypops) lollypops.

    Yom Shabbos: Two challah rolls, a bottle of grape juice and two candles.


    Fortunately we do not Paskin like the one who says Maneh is $100 and Manos the plural is at least $200. Some even say the two hundred is the same as in the Ketubah!!!


    understand- ooo i like that idea.. i love cookies and i think cookie monster is cute 🙂 (yumyumyumyum) (coookiecoookiecoookie starts with ceeeeeee) ok now i just need kids..


    BPG, what is your budget? Are you planning on making everything? Keren Aniyim has a variety of fairly priced items and it is tzedaka as well.


    HI guys! Im reviving threads about mishloach manos cuz purim is coming again!!!!

    We need to think of something cute again!!! please help!!!!


    send it now and put in a 2013 calendar and a pen


    I remember in Israel we use to give a sandwhich and an orange, 2 brachos….the life wasn’t so showy. I like the orange theme and the baseball theme.

    The Best Bubby

    I give things that are kosher le pesach in a very cheap straw basket that is new. I give a bar of chocolate, wine or grape juice, kosher le pesach puddings, or jello’s, cocoa, mayonaise, kosher le pesach macaroons, cookies or cakes, and I add a card from a local zedaka that I have given to.

    This way, the zedaka has gotten much needed funds and the foodstuffs are not thrown away and put aside for Pesach, which is most welcome.


    Several years ago, we gave out cold cuts sandwiches (rye bread, a few slices of salami, some mustard and ketchup), with a card that said “… V’al Tis’alam mi’techinasi”. Terrible pun, but a handy instant Seudah for people on the run.


    Give a lump sum to a food bank gemach, print out cards stating a donation has been made in lieu of Mishloach Manot because of the high hunger rate amongst Jews, and the necessity of feeding people (or something along those lines), send Mishloach Manot to one person with 2 food items with different brachot so that your halachic obligation is met, quit worrying about keeping up with the Jonses, Smiths, or anyone else. Food doesn’t get wasted, recycled, or thrown out. There isn’t a need to bake, cook or worry about a heksher, and a local tzedekah gets a much needed boost before Pesach.


    The cheapest and nicest mishloach manos is when it is done b’shutfas – several friends (I try to get 10 of us) who have mutual recepients, all chip in a couple of dollars each and put together a $20 shlach monos “from all of us”. I think this spirit of achdus in giving is part of what S.M. is all about!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I know you need two different “minim”, but who says they have to be two separate brachos?

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