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    Mexico will pay for the wall – it’s cheaper than paying for Christie’s lunch.

    OK, I’m done with fat jokes on Christie.


    @Yechiell, OP,
    Trump need a 2nd term to follow up.
    Trump is a businessman. He ran the country like a business. Christy is a politician.
    Any candidate running for President, really has no idea what the job entails, or what he will be able to do. He finds out if he gets there. You can’t really hold a first term President to his campaign promises. He said what he wants to do with the wall. Not necessarily, that he will be able to. Christy knows this, and is lying in these complaints. He helped get Trump elected the first time, with the expectation of a cabinet level position. Trump stiffed him, so now Christy hates him. Interesting, that Trump also gave nothing to Guliani, who also helped get him elected. Yet, Guliani does not seem angry about that.

    Rabbi Troll

    Someone as fat as Christie is a terrible example to our community of ta’vos achila and under no circumstance can we support him and teach our children that his gross behavior and eating habits are okay and acceptable


    Rabbi Troll – but donald’s examples are just what we want our children to observe?


    Donald is a non-drinker, who made this decision by observing a tragedy in the family and, apparently, holds by this decision since. At least, none of the special prosecutors caught him with a beer. You can use this amazing example of middos. And also, value of learning – easier not to start drinking or stop early than later count days after attending AA.

    He also has a big family, counting both children and wives, and his grandkids go to a Jewish school.


    and his dog never ate his homework


    With McConell freezing up, with Biden really really acting old, with Donald, at 77 no spring chicken, running the country from his jail cell, and you guys still have a problem with Christie?
    Gevalt, what this country is turning into !


    Dear Yechiel,

    One bad option doesn’t force support for a different not great option. I don’t see why that would change if there are seventy bad options.


    There may be many other options, but why go with the worst of the worst option: the Orange Demagogue? But that’s what many frum Jews are going for, and I ask – why?
    Frum Jews voting for a con-artist, liar, lecher, liar, cheat, liar, bad-mouther, liar, name-caller, liar,
    etcetera, and oh, did I forget to mention – LIAR EXTRAORDINAIRE ?
    Feh !
    Lock him up ! Lock him up!


    Why is this post still at 58

    Shimon Nodel

    His name is also the name of an avoda zarah. It’s questionable you can even say his name



    Don’t say it – just vote for him

Viewing 12 posts - 51 through 62 (of 62 total)
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