Christie veto's the bill but the threat looms! what should we do??!!

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    I just came up with the solution. If can get every frum man to apply for a marriage license with another man (mutatis mutandis for women), we will overwhelm their system and they’ll be forced to accomodate us! There is no way they can find a place for all those licenses so they’ll be forced to can the whole thing.



    I don’t think anyone believes that as a solution anymore.

    What can be done is have a guy (or girl) “marry” a sibling for the tax benefits. There is no way SCOTUS will call any such law against non discriminatory.


    That’s another type of marriage TCG should support based upon his reasoning to support toeive marriage. Even health-wise toeiva is well-known to be far more detrimental than a sibling or other incensuous relationship.

    big deal

    And what happens when our torah institutions are forced to accept their adopted children into our yeshivos or give them jobs because we can’t discriminate?

    There are all kinds of crazies out there you never know what will happen?


    Sorry squeak. I haven’t been completely following this thread. I really just popped in to make my tax point, and then also made another point.

    Here’s your validation: “validation.”

    Also, I’m not feeling so validated on the two troll threads I opened yesterday.


    Well I guess it wasn’t funny then. Maybe no one is in the mood for parodying tuition solutions.


    I didn’t see it until later, and when I did see, it wasn’t immediately apparent to me what the joke was.

    I think the concept is funny. I’m not sure why I didn’t think it was so funny.

    Sorry. Sometimes mine bounce also. Then I bump them until I get validation. It helps to dedicate the joke to a certain poster, because then they feel obligated to appreciate it.


    Awwww. I’ve survived. Are you consoling me or patronizing me?

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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