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    How worried should jews be about things like climate change? Are there really things that we do that affect the planet that much? Obviously, polluting rivers and the air with chemicals isn’t a good thing. Climate change is not a big topic in the typical shul and yeshiva but it is big in politics and the corporate world. We see examples of sins causing floods and the 10 makkos in the Torah.

    Little Froggie

    Interestingly, their battle cry used to be “Global Warming”. When faced with an many an occasional “global cooling” (like today), they changed their anthem.. now it’s climate change. Like years ago the climate didn’t change. Hogwash to the fifth power!! Cute little Greta and co. notwithstanding, YiddishKite (that’s Boro Park, to the uninitiated) is not being blown away, nor being swamped. Planet Earth (that’s Brooklyn) is still open for business, it’s not gasping for air under the Hudson.

    Sure – הרוצה לשקר ירחיק עדותו, one who wants to spread falsehoods should distance his “proofs”. So it’s the north pole that’s caving in… or some obscure puddle in a distant tribal village that’s drying up… And we got ONLY ten years to fix it.


    Remember that while thermometers are a modern invention, there many ways of knowing the past history of climate (such as based on what crops grew where). The period of Bayis Sheini and the period of the Rishonim were warmer than today. The “Dark ages” (the decline of the western Roman Empire through the period of the Gaonim), and the period of the early Achronim until the 20th century, were cooler. In general, warm periods are good, and cool periods are bad. Warm means higher crop yields from a longer growing season, and cool periods mean people go hungry (e.g. the barbarian invasions of Europe, the European invasion of America -though both turned out very well for those doing the invasion).

    So if the goyim’s theory climate change is correct and we are entering another warm area, that should be a good thing. Obviously there will be winner and losers (those who shovel snow for a living will be losers, those who mow grass will be winners). Less danger of freezing in the sukkah, , but the goyim might be grumpy at now getting snow for their winter holiday.


    Shmiras HaShabbos reduces more emissions than Al Gore’s private jet.

    If you search for “Al Gore Private Jet” on Google Images, you will see a picture of him flying over the empty streets of Lakewood on Leil Shabbos..

    Bernie Sanders, Randi Weingarten, George Soros, and other Left-wing Jewish Climate alarmists aren’t shomrei Shabbos..

    Reb Eliezer

    Hashem provides us with a world of all its necessaties. We are forbidden to destroy (bal tashchis) the ozone layer and the destruction of fruit trees, when we have no benefit from it because it can be done otherwise.

    Reb Eliezer
    Avram in MD

    Reb Eliezer,


    We generally want ozone to be up in the statosphere, because when it’s at ground level, we find it rather unpleasant and issue air quality alerts for it.


    If you don’t live on Planet Earth, climate change is not a problem. And a lot of Coffee Roomers seem not to live on Planet Earth.

    Avram in MD

    Little Froggie,

    “Interestingly, their battle cry used to be “Global Warming”. When faced with an many an occasional “global cooling” (like today), they changed their anthem.. now it’s climate change.”

    You’re mixing up your mocking. The line is supposed to be, “back in the 1970s it was global cooling, then it became global warming, and now it’s climate change.” But I have a few questions. Who are they that have a battle cry? And who’s heading up the department of semantics on what to call it? Climate scientists still frequently use the term AGW (anthropogenic global warming), so somebody’s gotta get them on the right page.

    “Like years ago the climate didn’t change.”

    Of course it did and does, with both harmful and beneficial impacts to the inhabitants of this world. Does this mean we shouldn’t optimize how we adapt to it? Or investigate whether we are one of the factors that cause changes in the climate system? And how we can maximize the benefits and minimize the hazards?

    meir G

    a few thoughts;
    1. the question is way way bigger than any human mind can grasp.
    2. there are numerous variables , contradicting data, so many ramifications to each change that we cant begin to process
    3. finally most countries in the world have no incentive to be earth friendly so u could be cleaning the ocean from this end & china is pouring a billion barrels of sewege from the other
    4. do the right thing every day we all have so many areas to improve, to use life and leave this to the ani reishis veani achris –


    May not be3 a topic in your city shul or yeshiva, but in our area it is a serious consideration.
    Many of the buildings have installed solar electric panels. Not just for the savings on the utility bills, but to reduce CO2 emissions that affect our climate/environment.


    MG -“china is pouring a billion barrels of sewege from the other”

    The DemonCrats are the Biggest Hypocrites!
    They shut down the Keystone pipeline and are attacking Oil and Coal production.
    They are letting in Tons of immigrants.
    Every expert says – you can’t just shut down Oil and Coal production and replace it with only natural ones.
    It’s a nice dream but the energy needs of this country right now is not enough w/o Coal & Oil, let alone taking in immigrants.
    So who’s going to supply our energy needs?
    China, the Biggest one who’s Polluting our Earth!
    But Keep Dreaming that the DemonCrat Leadership will solve all the World’s Problems!


    How much do these co2 emissions affect your life?

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