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    Since we just entered Adar (1) I think its time for me to howl about my pet peeve. These kids come collecting for Tzedaka on Purim for their Yeshiva or other worthy cause. A lot of them come around in expensive stretch limos or hummers or what not. They also pay for a driver!

    And i’m like…my hard earned dough aint going to support that dude and his ride. Uh uh. Why cant they rent a regular mini van or something, and have a responsible guy donate his time (or get paid something reasonable) to drive them around? Why are stretch limos with bars or who knows what OK?

    And what about the Yeshiva or organization. Does this say something about their responsibleness? We entrust them with our kids and donate our money so that they can spend hundred and thousands of (tzidaka!!!) money on this utter foolishness!

    Dont give me the whole, its-for-their-once-a-year-purim-enjoyment- shpeel. Stop. We are discussing Tzidakah. Other peoples money. Leave giving the kids a good time for another time with someone else’s money. Dont get all gooey on the kids on other peoples money.

    Sorry for the Escream, but It drives me bonkers.

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    Totally agree. It does not have to be a limo. A van will do just fine and another thing, NO DRINKING!! hosts should never serve alcohol to kids that are collecting. It’s a major sakanah and against to law too.


    Jewishness, It is foolish people like you, that are my pet peeve. As someone who has been arranging limo services for a certain Yeshiva, for a couple years now. I can tell you, that most limo company’s charge about the same, if not less for their service. This past Purim we received a quote from a car-service company for $65. an hour for old minivans. We ended up using a limo service for $35 an hour. We had six limos’s for 2 hours each by night (total: 12 hours) and 9 limos’s by day for 4 hours each (total: 36 hours). So that’s a total of 48 hours, with a savings of $30. savings per car, per hour. That was a final savings of an astounding $1,440 dollars to this choshuve mosad. Yes, limos seem fancier, but in most cases, their definitely less expensive.


    Do your realize that kids do not want to go “shnurring” for the yeshiva and need some kind of incentive to do so? It is because of the opportunity of getting the “cool car” and the “fun costume” that they even bother. Kids don’t really get to “choose” which tzedaka they want to fundraise for, they are backed into a corner to do this for their Yeshiva and have a good time while doing so.


    Bottom line is, they won’t do it without the limo. It’s not that much more expensive to do a limo than to do a large van with driver (maybe $75 more). Over the course of the night, they can collect almost $1k, sometimes more, so for the organization, it’s definitely worth it.


    I’m not disagreeing with you but I don’t think the bochrim would be as motivated to go if they didn’t have this it isn’t quite as exciting when you just have a little minivan. When I collected I always went in a minivan.


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    Geshmockster: All you have to do is explain your point of view in a nice way. No reason to be rude to people who are expressing theirs. I had no idea that using a limo is around the same price as a van. Thanx for the information.


    A. Usually cheaper or same price for a limo B. Getting a responsible driver is a good thing C. If you don’t want to serve alcohol that’s fine, don’t try and be the Purim Police for every horror story that’s never been verified,there are tens of thousands of bochurim that have a enjoyable and productive Purims. D. If yo would like to give up your vacation/YomTov to go collect for our Mosdos I’m sure plenty will take you. Don’t be so judgemental!

    Geshmockster – couldn’t agree with you more!


    I agree only in the case where there is an extreme difference in the pricing and/or their trying to show off.

    Years ago I made the mistake of not being Dan L’kaf Zechus about a group in a limo. As it turns out, they got the limo for free for the entire Purim. Before we are quick to judge, there may be factors not too obvious for us at that moment.


    geshmokster – I will second your whole post. I will also add that if this is what will give the boys a thrill to collect, and they would not really be intrested otherwise, then why not. I dont undestasnd why its any different than these organazations that offer prizes, raffles…


    If you stick enough people in a limo, you end up with a glorified BUS!!!


    doodle jump: agreed, it’s just that it really gets on my nerves, when people are so quick to jump to conclusions, but, you are right.

    2. Also it’s definately not right, to blame it on the kids, for their Yeshiva’s actions. And those who slam the doors on the kids because of their limo parked in front, probably would not have given too much anyhow.


    Rent a van for the day from <<Car Rental company>> for $50. Get an older guy (21+) in Yeshiva to drive it. That’s what Torah Vodaath did in my day.


    just sayin

    first of all could not agree more with gishmockster as someone who has arranged limos myself i can attest to this strange fact (that limos are cheaper)

    doodle jump if people start pointing fingers and making accusations without knowing the facts then they better be prepared to take the heat if they are wrong


    “And i’m like…my hard earned dough aint going to support that dude and his ride.”

    Sounds like a story they say about the Netziv. (someone also told me the emek davar says this pshat on the passuk in teruma as well, but I have not seen it – didnt look for it) One year he showed up at a gvir in a fine carriage and top of the line limo horse. the gvir didnt give as much as previous years, and when prompted told the netziv that he doesnt want his money to support the hay for the horse or the upkeep of the fancy carriage (a simply horse and carriage would do). The netziv replied with pshat in the passuk from parshas teruma about “yidvenu libo”. Part of the chachma given to betzalel was the ability to discern the thoughts of the person who gave. Those who gave more willingly, their money was used towards the more kodesh keilim and those whose intentions were less “pure”, their money went to feed the horse (or its equivilant in the mishkan).


    In my day, bachurim spent purim with their families or in yeshiva with their rabbeim and chaverim.


    Everyone has good points. But if you want to make a stink out of this, maybe say that the yeshivos wouldn’t have to be collecting as much money if all the parents would pay tuition in full and on time. Why do people have to drive the fanciest leased cars for $500-$600 a month instead of driving cheaper ones for $300-$400 a month. An extra $200 a month that the yeshiva could get. I could go on, but the topic here seems to be fancy cars.


    …and if you want to start, why not have them stop wasting money on renting costumes. Throw on your mothers old shaitel with a couple other knick knacks and you got a costume. People don’t give more money based on the costume. Are there any other Ebenezer Scrooges out there who want to take the fun out of Purim?

    I’d rather see the boys sitting in Limos than hanging out of the back of a U-haul truck drunk. Now that’s dangerous.


    Every fundraiser for any organization be it a yeshiva or tzedoka costs money and in every one you can find areas to slash expenses…

    When someone has a group of boys visit on purim in costumes who arrived by limo he knows that he is expected to give a little more to offset the expenses.

    It’s called the cost of doing business


    In my day we used the 14 foot Ryder trucks, we had the time of our life in them, Not safe at all though, I’m glad they don’t allow them anymore


    “When someone has a group of boys visit on purim in costumes who arrived by limo he knows that he is expected to give a little more to offset the expenses.”

    Interesting perspective, but one I dont share. When my bell rings on Purim, or any time for that matter, I dont look ino the mode of transporation, rather I look at the tzedaka being solicited for. I wouldnt give more, or less, if someone showed up in a limo or on roller skates.


    apushatayid – “In my day, bachurim spent purim with their families or in yeshiva with their rabbeim and chaverim.”

    It’s ironic that spirits, tzedaka, costumes, and Shalach Monis are all an integral part of the Chag, which when done properly are an enhancement to Simchas Purim, but when abused they destroy the entire message of Purim.

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    Just Sayin: All I am saying is that a person can express his/her opinions freely. We are all learning new things every day and it’s interesting to see different people’s points of view. Let’s not forget to “speak” nicely.


    In the spirit of spending less, don’t buy hard liquor or wine to give to the bachurim either.


    “Ebenezer Scrooges”

    i dont know this reference, bah humbug

    just sayin

    doodle jump i agree 100% that everyone is and should be able to express an opinion.

    and maybe this was totally unintentional but what bothered me is that you only noted this on gishmocksters post whereas by this first post on this page was less of an opinion and definitely not expressed as one. To top it off the post in question wasnt “spoken” nicely (as you put it) and you only decided to point out this lack of etiquette by the next poster (whom you happened to disagree with)

    maybe im barking up the wrong tree but it irked me and seemed somewhat hypocritical

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