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    I am trying to collect recipes so I can make a huge free cookbook available to anyone who wants. Does anyone have any recipes they would like to have added to this cookbook?


    I’ve learned from gleaning recipes from various sources that the ones I’ll risk spending the money on ingredients for have been through reputable test kitchens (if it makes it into a cookbook, that passes).

    How will you make this cookbook available?


    The recipes will be made available online. This helps to keep it free because the costs are extremely low.


    Well that would be fantastic!! I definately would contribute some of my favorite recipes. I just want to get the exact measurements for you which i dont have on me right now.


    I’m in, but I’d rather wait a week to see where the shortage is. When we get our bungalow colony receipe booklet after the “taste-a-thon” its 95% cookies and cake or 20 varitaions of Apple Cobbler.


    “I am trying to collect recipes so I can make a huge free cookbook available to anyone who wants. Does anyone have any recipes they would like to have added to this cookbook?”

    Sure, absolutely.

    How do we do this? How about using some of the recipes already posted here?


    for sure i would- but i dont have my recipe notecards here so hopefully i will remember to bring them sometime


    Ok I will post the first recipe in this thread. I got it from a friend and it was tried by a lot of people and we all loved it!

    Creamed Chicken Soup

    2 Containers clear chicken soup ( the size of a pickle container I think its called a two pounder)

    1/2 Cup Coffee Whitner

    1/2 Cup Flour

    Onion soup mix to taste

    Mix everything together on a low flame until the flour lumps are gone.

    Drop cubed chicken cutlets into the soup and cook for about 15 minutes until its done.

    I never tasted such good soup before. Enjoy


    I will add it to the list of recipes that we have so far. Who can I say is the source?


    If you would like to see a list of the recipes that we have collected so far just google my user name and the list should come up.


    I dont know what to tell you because I am not about to post my name or my friends so just call it yummy creamed chicken soup or whatever you want.


    What’s wrong with continuing to post all your recipes right here in the YWN Coffee Room where people have been doing that since it was launched?


    Kosher Collections- I checked out your website. It looks really good, Hope it does well. You might want to check out All Recipes for some ideas on a successful recipe website. I remember when they were brand new, they’ve come a long way, and they have some great features/ ideas. Hatzlacha Rabba, I hope yours grows as successfully!!! Keep up the great work! (Bli neder I’ll register later and post some recipes)


    I checked out the website. Looks really reader friendly and nicely put together. I see you are still in the beginning stages ( not so many recipes yet- I will try to post more some other time) hatzlacha raba to you


    Shikur, nothing is wrong with continuing with the recipes here except when they are on there own site it is easier to find them. The search feature is easier and all the recipes are separated by category.


    apparently the OP couldn’t find this thread, so here it is.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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