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    I’m going around collecting for my yeshiva and the people sometimes ask for a vort . Does anybody have a geshmaka vort on collecting or something else to say over ?


    last year some guys came into my house and sang a jingle/poem about ther yeshiva and what they were collecting for… It was a lil corny but it was so origional and cute (and on purim everythings kinda funnier than it would be a regular day..) we were all impressed and laughing n they probly got more money then what they wouldv gotten w/o the jingle..


    I would suggest you get that from your Rebbe or RY, it should be appropriate and reflect your yeshiva.


    Tell them you are not there to perform.


    Pb: O Isnt that the point of collecting? 🙂


    Tell them the yeshiva sent you because it will cause the least bitul torah, because your a bum at learning and therefore have nothing to say. If they want a vort, invite them to go visit your yeshiva’s beis hamedrash during seder


    I think it’s nice if Bochurim have a nice short vort on the Megilah, Purim, etc. when they come to collect. As a Bochur, I always had a few short vertlach ready in case a Baal Habayis asked for one. Look at some seforim – there are plenty – on the Megilah &/or Purim & you’ll find quite a few vertlach.


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    so the question is why they changed it? the answer: so that people won’t be able to say to colectors hey its tom tov, I cant give you today………….


    “Why is Chanukah 8 days if there was enough oil to last 1 day, so the real nes of Chanukah was only seven days? So why is Chanukah 8 days?”

    Then come up with one of the answers and let everyone have a nice laugh!!

    (Of course, you can come up with the oil of Menorah represent Sopporting Torah (just like in my Yeshiva) and the extra oil ($$) makes more light (Torah) LaYiHudim Hoysa ORAH…)


    If they ask why they should give money, if possibly a fair percentage is going towards costumes, car and the like. Tell them that just like by the beis hamikdosh, if you had the right intentions your money went to something important. So too here, if they have proper thoughts, their money will actually go to the yeshiva. Someone with improper intentions, his money will be used for the expenses.


    A vort from the heilige Rabbeinu Isser Mendel Shmaya Osher Tennenbaum (RIMSHO”T):

    Q: Why do we go collecting on Purim night when it isn’t part of the mitzvos hayom?

    A: Because many people have trouble reaching the madreiga of ad d’lo yada, and some even think that there is no mitzva to get drunk rachmana litzlan. So the yeshivos provide a service by sending bochurim around to harass the baalebatim at late hours and drive them to drink! 😉


    Deizel: That vort may actually be somewhat true since the first time Purim was established the Megillah says that “Osim ess yom arba’ah ossar lichodesh adar simchah u’mishteh v’yom tov umishloach manos ish lireahu.” Notice that matonos l’evyonim was not included.

    This may have been a reason why klal yisroel did not accept “yom tov” so that it would be muttar to give tzedakah on that day as it says afterwards “yimei mishteh v’simchah umishloach manos ish lire’ehu u’matanos l’evyonim.”

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