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    The jobs don’t look so much at where you got your BA but I think it definately makes a difference where you got your masters from.

    I’m still in middle of my BA through touro and another one of their sites and it’s awesome I don’t do any work besides for typing reports the night before by midterms and finals and I get to graduate with a pretty high GPA.

    I’m sure any employer will higher me faster with touro BA and a 3.9 GPA over someone with a 3.1 GPA from a “more advanced college”


    Alright- break it up before we get into a major physical fight about YU. BTW, to get a bachelor’s in Talmudic Law, do you need to take english classes?


    brooklyn, some of us work the whole day y’know! Sorry that you waited for that! There’s nothing more that I can offer u at this time:(

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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