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    Can I make a suggestion and get people to create a COVID community based fund that will then distribute to the families, rather than individual gofundmes?
    This will go on for a while, and with 20 people (mostly men), people are going to run out of money and good will quickly. We will find the first few families will raise hundreds of thousands, and the later family, relatively less.
    It would make sense to pull the money and then distribute it as needed (with oversight by a combination of lawyers, financial advisors and community rabbis) than to create 10’s or 100’s of different campaigns.
    I’m not part of the NY community so it’s something that has to come within.


    Why just suggest? go start it yourself. it is your idea


    lowerourt uition11210, why don’t you help him instead of just telling him to do it. maybe you start it off. if you don’t want to then at least give him a donation.


    Our shul kitchen is being kashered for peseach and volunteers will prepare VERY BASIC pescach meals for delivery to those whose older members planned to share yom tov with their children and don’t have the ability to do it themselves. There are volunteer drivers who will make “contactless deliveries”. The kitchen is huge so no problems with social separation of volunteer chefs who will be checked for health status when they come in for their shift (we have more physicians than cooks in our shul).


    yid: I dont promise donations to anonymous posters in the CR.


    lowercourtunition11210, It is a bigger Mitzvah to give money to someone you don’t know.


    Agudah is trying to do just that. Here is the link


    yid, that’s why we have a gabbai tzedaka. You give money to him and he gives it to people who need it. There have been a number of high-profile cases of Gofundme fraud.


    #1 I am not a he
    #2 I am not from the States or this community so it wouldn’t help if I tried to start anything
    #3 I am not asking for any money
    #4 It doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. Thanks to the agudah link above.


    yid: is there away to identify CR participants. Yes i agree It is a bigger Mitzvah to give money to someone you don’t know. But i still have to be able to identify the person or organization.

    Amil Zola

    Where does one donate to support the pop up hospitals in Monsey, 5 Towns and Monroe? They are bound to need operating expenses.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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