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    The Frumguy-

    Sorry for the part I played in taking this off topic.

    I’m also interested in a video editing program, since the one I currently use is a bit long in tooth.

    Things I’m looking for:

    -Reasonably priced

    -Easy to splice and remove portions of videos

    -Easy to use transitions

    -Easy to create and flexible menus

    -Easy to use fade-in / fade-out of background voice and/or music

    -Crash and bug free software

    -Reasonably easy volume and brightness/color adjustment

    -Easy patching in still images (photos)

    -Easy speed manipulation (speed up / slow down)

    Anything else?


    It’s not slaying a troll, it’s merely attacking one of the Hydra’s heads.

    Exactly… *sigh* Is there a reason the mods don’t care about this? Because I find it is starting to make it very unenjoyable to post here…



    Is there a reason the mods don’t care about this? Because I find it is starting to make it very unenjoyable to post here…

    I think the moderators and the site owner do care about it, some very much.

    It’s just that it’s pretty much impossible to stop someone from behaving this way, and when they tried an alternate approach, i.e. to “out” all the SNs that belonged to this person, innocent people ended up getting suspected and hurt – some pretty badly.

    I agree that it detracts a lot from a comfortable “heimish” environment for all CR participants, especially for those who’ve been targeted.

    St. George, slayer of the dragon.

    I don’t think that a “frummy” (moi) should ask for a “saint” subtitle ?


    like your new subtitle, ICOT.

    See, they managed to ‘kasher’ it.


    Yeah, I know…I was a little more vocal about this a little while back, but eventually let off, because I realized that it is really impossible to resolve this situation completely. But I do wish that they could do something about the SNs that are quite obviously duplicitous (there are some strong enough indicators).

    Kudos on the new subtitle. I like. 🙂


    Also, though I don’t do much video editing myself (although I just happen to Premiere Pro CS6 on my computer lol), I’ve heard that Pinnacle is pretty good if you’re looking at low-end stuff. But I really know nothing about video-editing, so I can’t back this up with any relevant information. Just putting it out there, if it’s helpful.




    Thank you.

    I’m a bit curious though – how did the moderator know I’m a chossid? ?

    -george, the curious one

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    On a more serious note…

    This is the time of year that we ask H-shem to judge us with a forgiving eye and view our actions in the most understanding and favorable light.

    We must remember that there is always another person behind the SN we are arguing with, and the pain we can inflict on that person is just as real as that inflicted by a face-to-face insult.

    Last year I inadvertently insulted another poster with something I said shortly before Rosh Hashana.

    This year, well, nothing more need be said.

    Thank you.

Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)
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