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    I noticed on various threads some interesting and useful PC tips. So, anyone got any random tips that might help anybody out there???

    I suppose I should start with one. It’s not really a tip but a useful piece of advice anyway- Download AVG Anti Virus DELETD BY MODERATOR 90 the best free anti virus software out there.

    I particularly liked the one about enlarging writing on Firefox (Hit CTRL and scroll up or down).



    For those who find keyboard shortcuts useful, click on the drop-down menus and take note of the shortcuts listed next to the various commands.


    whats a drop down menu?


    dont have internet-

    The commands you can click on on the top left of your active window (your current screen).

    E.G. – “File Edit View Help”


    oh ok i chap what u mean-thanx


    ICOT- interesting, I never noticed!

    Come on guys- tips please…


    to make smaller or bigger the text while in word use the ctrl button together with [] one is to make smaller one is to make bigger


    ctrl & insert for copying


    alt & tab to switch between programs


    CNTL-D to drop everything and get to main desktop.


    Alt & shift to switch from typing English to Hebrew and back



    CNTL-D didnt work


    ctrl a select all

    Pashuteh Yid

    I have a shaila. I will be setting up a PC for my kids. Occasionally they will need to look up things for school. The rest of the time I do not want them to have access to internet. I am thinking about regulating this via my router, which I can allow or disallow access to a particular machine (via MAC address or other way).

    My question is can I set up the wireless in their PC to only use my router’s wireless network name, and not to be able to connect to any other network which may be in range in the neighborhood. I will have administrative privileges (in XP), and the other accounts will not. Will this prevent them from changing the settings and getting access to any other possibly open networks?

    I plan to use a filter as well. In the past I have had a problem, because I want them to have email, but they signed up for Yahoo. Yahoo is not a site I like very much, and I found if I blocked Yahoo, it would block Yahoo mail, as well, and vice versa. Can current filters block Yahoo search, but allow Yahoo mail?


    Here are a some helpful shortcuts that can be used in Microsoft Word and other various programs. Hope this helps.

    Cntrl C = Copy

    Cntrl V = Paste

    Cntrl X = Cut

    Cntrl B = Bold

    Cntrl U = Underline

    Cntrl I = Italics

    Cntrl A = Highlights all

    Cntrl P = Print

    Cntrl S = Save

    Cntrl R = Align Right

    Cntrl E = Align Center

    Cntrl L = Align Left

    Cntrl 1 = Line Spacing 1″

    Cntrl 2 = Line Spacing Double (2″)

    Cntrl 5 = Line Spacing 1.5″

    Alt+Tab = switch between programs or documents that you have opened.


    It’s the Windows key (between aLT and CTRL) and ‘D’ to show desktop.

    Windows-L locks the computer (you have to type your password to get back on but it doesnt log off), I use this a lot if I have to leave the computer for a few minutes and don’t want anyone playing around with it but also don’t want to log off.

    Web browsing tips:

    Use Firefox Browser.

    Install the add-on AdBlockPlus in Firefox.

    On my computer it’s CTRL+ and CTRL- to make text bigger or smaller (need to hit shift to get the plus or minus to work)


    pashuteh- set up gmail for them instead of yahoo


    I made this list a year ago for Microsft programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher ect.) Some may ork for other programs . . .


    L Left

    E Center

    R Right

    B Bold

    I Italics

    U Underline

    Z Undo

    X Cut

    C Copy

    V Paste

    A Select All

    N New Blank Document

    S Save

    P Print

    O Open

    F Find

    H Replace

    D Font

    G Go To

    If you know more, let me know. Thanks!


    I like GMail better than Yahoo.

    Pashuteh Yid: you can probably allow http://mail.yahoo.com without allowing the entire yahoo.com but I still don’t like that site because the main page will have links to the main page with pictures and sometimes inappropriate headlines, etc. I would set them up with GMail accounts. The only problem you might have with GMail is the RSS feed on the top which can be edited in the settings. You can get rid of ads using AdBlockPlus for Firefox


    To disable the RSS feed on top of GMail click settings on top-right of the page and choose the “Web clips” tab and uncheck the checkbox. You can also keep it there but chnage which feeds it is showing. You can add a Yeshiva World feed!


    there is a add-on to Firefox called ImgLikeOpera that I always use. I keep pictures turned off at all times (except some filters that turn them on for sites like YW) and I can right-click individual pictures to show them, or click the button on the toolbar to show all pictures from the current site. It’s a great add-on and I highly recommend it to all who use Firefox.

    I also recommend using FlashBlock which makes Flash objects show up as play button that you have to press to activate. This stops Flash videos from playing automatically.


    Thanx HaQer- works now. How do you make a password?


    Pashuteh Yid-

    The approach some people take is to disable the wireless network adapter either via a script or a batch file. You may want to gogle “devcon.exe” and/or “disable wireless network adapter”.

    Even if you install another browser, I don’t think it’s practical (or even necessarily possible) to remove IE entirely.

    What we do is have the computer literally in the middle of the living room.

    The easiest approach might be to just buy software that blocks, monitors and reports attempts to circumvent the security.


    HaQer – Questions about ImgLikeOpera –

    I downloaded it after updating to Firefox 3. When I click to download, it asks me to find a program online to open it or save on my computer. I troed both. I get an error message when hitting FIND and after I open it once it saved on my comp, it does’nt recognize the file extension.

    Any tips to make this thing work?




    Windows symbol and D gets you directly to the desktop.(not cntl D)


    Yeah noticed…


    If this is helpful to you, enjoy it! (it may take some time and work, but can save you ink and paper!):

    When you want to print something off the internet, instead of pushing Ctrl+P (Print), select the area you would like to print (or Ctrl+A [Select All]) and push Ctrl+C (Copy). Open up Microsoft Word and push Ctrl+V (Paste). Delete anything you don’t want to print and insert anything ou do want to print. When ready press Ctrl+P and Print!

    Instead of printing pages of garbage, you printed exactly what you needed!


    i havent read the posts on this thread yet so i might be repeating something but anyone got a tip to quicken a computer with lots of files? (necessary ones)


    Someone please tell me, what is the difference (if any) between a laptop and a “notebook?” If there is a difference, is one better than the other? Can either or both do exactly what a desktop tower and monitor can do?

    frum not crum

    I think notebooks and laptops are the same, but laptops got a bad rap because they overheated and had battery problems.


    If anyone cares about their spelling, they can download ieSpell from http://www.iespell.com. It is a little program that spell checks what you write on the web.



    2) Why are you asking? Did the system slow down? A major slowdown? Was it sudden or gradual?

    4) What model computer do you own? How old is it?

    5) How much memory does your system have?

    6) What application(s) do you run? Does the slowdown occur with any particular app?

    7) Is your computer connected to the internet? How?

    8) Do you have antivirus, antispyware and firewall software installed? Are they current?

    9) Do you run Windows Update either manually or automatically?

    If you have concerns and are not tech-savvy you may be best off simply bringing your computer to a pro for an evaluation (or getting your neighborhood 15-year-old whiz to take a look).


    Someone please tell me, what is the difference (if any) between a laptop and a “notebook?”

    If there is a difference, is one better than the other?

    Can either or both do exactly what a desktop tower and monitor can do?

    Basically, yes. This depends, of course, on the hardware each is set up with (i.e. DVD burner, memory, etc.)


    ICOT firstly, i was in a rush and i saw the thread i figured id get my question in and the olam could answer it while i was seeing to other world affairs. Ok so basically the story is i have XP which has gotten (will get iy”H) much use/downloading and i was wondering if there was any experimented method that would speed up downloading, going to different web pages and just getting it to work like opening a program etc -until it actually starts the “brain chugging” just a computer thats almost always constantly in use… btw, if youre ever looking for a supplemental income (just out of whim, not out of necessity, ever) try the FBI or maybe the CIA you have a natural something in that area and hey just say the word for my SS#

    P.S. just looking for something like Verizon DSL offers a tip for slow computers to shut the modem for 15 seconds and then restart it… anything like that

    P.P.S. anyone have any comments/reviews on vista



    If I understand you correctly, you want info on how to speed up your downloads, not speed up your actual computer.

    In that case, most of my earlier questions are not nogeah, because computer speed and download speed are two different issues.

    Also, if you regularly plan on downloading huge files (i.e. movies) you may be among the minority of people who should spend the extra $$$ and get a cable modem rather than DSL.

    Does this address / answer your question?


    As I said on http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/help-with-powerpoint-presentation , if anyone wants a PowerPoint Presentation on how to use PowerPoint, please let me know. If there is a demand, I am willing to make a thing and email it to those interested. I need to know ASAP because it will take time for me to make it.


    Designing, I’d love to learn how to use powerpoint!


    ICOT thanks for your informative replies i want to speed up file downloads-like email attachments and moving quicker in between sites. thanks again


    oh and one more thing-get programs ro run quicker (i do understand they are completely seperate areas)


    Thanks to ICOT and frum not crum for answering my question. You were both very helpful!



    You’re very welcome. I am not a pro, but I am happy to pass on any knowledge I have picked up over time.

    To address your questions in order:

    2) Moving quicker in between sites: if you mean going to a different site within the same browser window, this is probably a connection speed issue.


    d a

    designing: I would also like to learn a little about Power Point.

    That is two votes for you, designing!

    d a

    lm is also interested. (See the Help with Power Point thread)

    That is 3 votes!


    Designing I’ll be #3 for you. (BTW DA posted twice, didn’t he?)

    d a

    ywnmember: I said “lm”, another YWMember is also interested. You are #4!


    Typing in Hebrew:

    Microsoft has instructions for enabling Hebrew typing on a Windows XP computer here:


    I set it up on my computer, and can now toggle back-and-forth from Hebrew to English by pressing Alt + Left Shift. The cursor in the “post” window that I am now using to type this looks like a golf flag on a stick, with the flag pointing right when I type in English, and left when typing in Hebrew.

    A picture that can be helpful with the key layout until you actually mark your keys can be found here:


    The instructions from Microsoft’s site (sans MS’s illustrations)(for XP computers):

    Add Language Support

    1. Go to Control Panel.

    2. Click on Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options.

    3. Click on Regional and Language Options.

    4. The Regional and Language Options applet appears.

    5. Click on the Languages tab.

    6. Under Supplemental language support, select the check box beside the applicable language collection. Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages. (The complex script and right-to-left languages include Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Hebrew, the Indic languages, Thai, and Vietnamese)

    7. Click OK or Apply. You will prompted to insert the Windows CD-ROM or point to a network location where the files are located (on my computer, the files were found and installed without my needing to specify a location – ICOT). After the files are installed, you must restart your computer.

    Add Keyboard/Input Method Editor

    1. Follow steps 1 – 5 from “Add Language Support” above.

    2. Under “Text services and input languages,” click on the “Details…” button.

    3. Under Installed Services, click “Add…”

    4. In the Add Input Language dialog box, click the input language and keyboard layout or Input Method Editor (IME) you want to add.

    5. You should now see a language indicator in the System Tray (located at bottom right hand corner of the desktop by default)

    NOTE: You can switch between different input methods by pressing the left Alt + Shift keys or the right Alt + Shift keys

    Going to the Microsoft page and making sure you are comfortable with their instructions is strongly recommended. If you find this confusing, you should probably not try it – or let someone more knowlegeable perform the update; better safe than sorry.


    “A picture that can be helpful with the key layout until you actually mark your keys can be found here:


    Much easier is to simply go on start, all programs, accessories, accessibility, and click on the on screen keyboard which enables you to type directly Hebrew from there once your in the Heb writing…

    Pashuteh Yid

    On another topic, a word of caution about high-resolution laptops. I recently bought a laptop to replace my old one that died. It was hyped up to have super high-res graphics. The problem is that it will make all web pages look microscopic. Squeezing so many pixels onto a laptop screen means they have to be smaller, which scales down the size of everything proportionately. Even though there are settings you can fiddle with like text size, and display resolution and even a zoom page control in internet explorer, these all produce poor or blurred results. There is really no eitzah, other than getting a humongously-large sized laptop or monitor, if you like such high resolution.

    Otherwise, I have found that with my older 13 inch machine which was XGA (1024×768) I was happy. For a 15 inch which I just bought now after exchanging, 1280×800 seems about as high as I would go, or for a 17″ , which was my previous machine, 1440×900 was about right. Going to higher-res than that will probably leave you disappointed and squinting and moving uncomfortable close to the screen to be able to see.


    PY, if you change the display resolution in the Windows settings, it shouldn’t be blurry. Go to Display Properties –> Settings, and change “Screen Resolution” to something reasonable. That has never caused a “blurry” problem for me. It’s when you try to enlarge or focus on certain pixels only that you get that effect. If the actual display setting is 1280×800 then all the pixels will appear on screen and there’s no blur.


    squeak is talking hungarian again


    Should I impress you with the other languages that I know?

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