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    Just sharing my actual experiences. We asked our rav on both of these occasions.

    1) I sat down on the couch on Friday about 40 minutes before candle lighting and woke up only after shkiah. I had not intended to sleep and at the time I had a 2 month old baby with very bad colic and was lacking sleep. Our rav said that it was not in my control and that I did not need to add a light.

    2) I had a very busy erev Shabbos and just one more thing to do before lighting. I did the one more thing and, being very pleased with myself at how organized I was (the house was done, the food and table all set, the kids were all showered AND dressed!), went to get dressed. I finished getting ready and came out of my bedroom and saw the candles weren’t lit and that it was after shkiah. I had literally just forgotten. I was horrified with myself as I have been lighting in my home for 12 years, but there was nothing to do. Our rav said that it had not been prominent enough in my mind and I was negligent for having failed to light and we added one candle. I wish I could say that I never run to candle lighting anymore, but I definitely always light!

    Hope these examples help.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Onetime, thank you so much for answering my question and explaining how it can happen that someone forgets to light candles!


    Onetime +1

    Very helpful!

    Thank you for sharing 🙂


    LU: The Rabbi’s shiur mentions a lot of things, and wraps it up.

    It’s on TorahAnytime. Rabbi Eliezer Krohn, “Bringing magazines and Siddurim in the bathroom.”

    He said that often magazines like Ami and Mishpacha will have Torah portion lessons. We need to protect them with two covers. So technically, so long as there is no Torah on the covers or first pages, you can have a magazine in the bathroom.

    However, you won’t be able to open it, since any Torah needs to be covered at least twice.

    I wondered if maybe someone can put Post-its just to open to certain pages, especially if the Torah pages are double wrapped, and the person is maybe in the bathroom next to the tub where a child is playing with toys in the bathtub or something. —That’s probably a shaila.

    Anyway… then I don’t know… somehow he talks about the 40 days and also the candle lighting. It is so deep!

Viewing 4 posts - 101 through 104 (of 104 total)
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