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    I am not a doctor or any medical professional but I am the relative of a Coronavirus patient and have learned some very important points that I now keep hearing again and again from other people.

    Coronavirus is a virus that becomes dangerous when it impacts the breathing/lungs of a person. This does not happen in all cases B’H and many people of all ages have been recovering. However, many, many more people could be saved from needing to go to the hospital if they MAKE SURE TO CHECK THEIR OXYGEN LEVELS and vitals frequently as soon as they see any of the main signs of Coronavirus (fever, coughing, weakness) . Most people think that if someone is having trouble breathing, they will notice it and then deal with it if need be chas v’shalom. The truth is that in many cases that I am hearing about, the low oxygen level was NOT OBVIOUS (ie because the person was NOT having difficulty breathing) and by the time the person was checked, it was very late and the situation became critical very quickly. Checking oxygen levels can be done very easily with a pulse-ox machine that can be borrowed from some Bikur Cholims,Hatzolah, etc. (or perhaps even purchased online or by a pharmacy.) Some people are not seeing a doctor either because many doctors are either sick themselves, or not available, or they think they can just ride the virus out at home in bed. However, they MUST check the OXYGEN levels and vitals on a regular basis. Either they should find a reputable doctor, call Hatzolah or the very least, they should use the pulse-ox. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT and time is of essence. Additionally, I was told by a Hatzolah member that severe weakness is also serious even without low oxygen reading because it could indicate pneumonia or other serious problems. (An example of this can be seen here:

    MAILBAG: Open Letter to Relatives of Corona Patients – The Yeshiva World
    Dear Fellow Relatives of Corona Patients, I am reaching out to you not as a medical professional but as the daughter of a beloved father who is now on a

    Who should do this?

    Anyone with any (does not have to be all) Coronavirus symptoms such as fever, coughing, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue or tiredness, etc. especially more than 2 days, OR they have Coronavirus and are in the high risk category (over 60, immunocompromised, or has a preexisting condition, severe symptoms).

    No one should try to use remedies and vitamins ONLY if they fall into any of these categories. This is because Coronavirus is DIFFERENT than the flu and other viruses in that it may start out looking like a flu or virus for a few days, but within a week or so, it generally turns into a disease of INFLAMMATION in the body, possibly triggering other infections or pneumonia (this last part I heard from a reputable doctor).

    In some cases, where oxygen levels are low, but not very low, patients can use concentrated oxygen at home when needed (while constantly monitoring their levels) and avoid going to the hospital. When oxygen levels are low, it is also recommended to research and strongly consider taking medication at this point. Many doctors are seeing a lot of success with Hydroxychloroquine (I myself know of 2 cases that got much better using this – one even has a heart condition which is being monitored) combined with zinc and/or Azythromycin (antibiotic – safe for most people, dangerous for heart conditions). There is a risk factor for people with heart conditions on Hydroxychloroquine and it is best to take this with heart monitoring if possible and certainly under the clear guidance of a doctor. Many doctors are prescribing a high dose for the first dose. Please do your research carefully before taking large doses of this because it can affect the heart, but really the risks need to be weighed very carefully because as of now it sound like it is saving more lives than causing problems. (Please don’t follow any of my advice or anyone else’s without talking to your medical professional). One doctor I know who is prescribing this medication, took the medication herself for Coronavirus and many doctors have been prescribing it for over 30 years for patients with other medical issues.

    Another point: NOT all hospitals are created equal. Teaching hospitals are allowed to give trial medications – which some teaching hospitals already are. Others are not allowed to prescribe these trial medications which have helped some people.

    Additionally, there are many emails/texts etc. going around with natural remedies that have helped many people. Natural remedies are individual and while one may help one person, another may be helpful for another. The common ones that I keep hearing about are lemon, vitamin c, garlic and definitely Zinc (ionic liquid zinc as well as zinc orotate gets absorbed well and does the job quickly). Please keep in mind that zinc may cause nausea on an empty stomach and will reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics like Azythromicin if taken in a close time span (best taken 10 hours apart). Some people may start to vomit, have stomach pain from some of the vitamins they are taking, not realizing that it is not coming from the virus itself (certain strains of probiotics could be helpful). TONS of sleep and warm drinks are VERY important. Vaporizers (you can use more than one at a time) , steamy bathrooms as well as having the patient sit up (raises oxygen levels), and physiotherapy (banging the back periodically) are helpful . Ginger and many other foods/spices are helpful for inflammation. The best thing is to try to get rid of the virus early using any valid, safe remedies a person can try BEFORE the virus reaches the lungs or gets worse.

    I also heard some rumors about the effectiveness of Quercetin in supplement form, as well as leaving a half an onion in the room which absorbs the virus.




    emes bli negiah

    Thank you for your insightful comments

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