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    I can’t deny that I am strange; I know that this may never change.


    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    I have a poetic license


    Shopping613 🌠

    Actually its a poetic certificate

    So what are you doing with it?

    I never gave you one

    So hand it back from whoever you took it from


    Yes, I do all certificates in the CR, it says in every SUC certificate. Go look


    No, Ella has a license, says the wisest of all: The mirror hangng on that wall.


    Who said a haiku

    Has to make sense? It doesn’t.

    Washington DC.


    cinderella- lol. Welcome back.


    you wish i ate


    no time for fun


    Cinderella and writersoul, I love your poems! They really are the best. I want to buy the books that these poems will be published in, so tell me the titles.



    The story that is told

    By a severely flattened toad,

    Is of evidential failure

    In attempts to cross the road.

    The bee:

    A bee flew by

    And hit my eye,

    Yesterday, at twelve.

    I wish it had been quicker,

    As I can’t think of anything to rhyme with twelve.


    Those aint mine btw. They’re just thingies I like.


    they said it was time to go to sleep

    and so i did


    to the-art-of-moi:

    It was noon, you buffoon!



    You’ve got the mind of a poet

    and you really show it

    can i borrow it for a few days?

    Aaaand…. I’m stuck again 🙁

    Talent, talent, where are you?

    I’m sittin here waitin for well… you.

    heehee this is NOT working out.


    Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your snood

    And make sure you fill it with plenty of food.

    There was a girl named Grace

    Who had a very weird face,

    So after much urgin’

    She went to the surgeon

    Who flattened it out with a mace.



    lol! you’ve got talent, girl!


    roses are red

    violets are blue

    monkeys like you

    belong in a zoo

    but don’t be afraid

    i’ll be there too

    not in the cage

    but laughing at you

    I’m only joking

    im just bored

    i just wanted to

    say hello to you

    so enjoy this poem

    that i made up for you

    hope ut makes you smile

    and helps you enjoy your day too


    Thanks TAOM!

    Hickory dickory dock,

    The mouse has eaten my clock

    The clock struck five,

    The mouse didn’t survive,

    Hickory dickory dock.

    This is one I wrote a few years ago:

    I had an adventure that was inside my head

    When I woke up one morning to find myself dead.

    And came upon a small table that was really a chair.

    Upon it was ice cream which was served piping hot

    And a bowl of string beans which were tied in a knot.

    And gave a lame horse a piggy-back ride.

    They really were fine, and they fitted him fair.

    Next door was a shop that sold cream cakes and sand

    Which were widely said to be best in the land.

    And after we munched on some light of the day.

    I was feeling quite bored, so we went to the fair

    Which was almost invisible, and made out of hair.

    At the end of the day, when the stars had all gone,

    I was the last person left, the only one.

    And I realised, to my great surprise and delight

    It was actually still the middle of the night.

    I looked out my window (not sure how I got back)


    Sorry, it did say short poems. Enjoy anyway!

    No problem. I did enjoy it.


    OMIGOODNESS! Notasheep, you’re beyond talented. You’re… amazingly awesomely WOW!!!!!!! I love your imagination. I’m obseeeeeeessed. Wow. Omigosh. You are the coolest ever.


    So many bored people

    Sadly to say

    In the YW coffee room

    Spend much of their day

    Wasting their time

    As the clock ticks on

    While accomplishing tasks

    Remain undone

    To all you bored folks

    This poem I write

    In the hope that to be chosen

    Chairman of the “Bored” I might.


    Yup, laytzonay, cr addiction is very real. We should start a CRA! Coffee Room Anonymous!

    Shopping613 🌠

    TAOM +1000000

    Sometimes I wish that everything Ive lost could be right here

    Sometimes I just want to sit and cry for all I held dear

    Id like to tur back the hands of time

    Where things were once so fun and fine

    even though I know its best for me

    They cant stop me from mourning what could be

    – NOW, right here

    Sometimes I look at the sun outside

    And wish from this nightmare I could hide

    but I know even if I did, Id still be depressed

    and when Id come back to reality my life would be a bigger mess

    Sometimes I wish that everything Ive lost could be right here

    and right now Im sitting and crying for everything I once held dear


    One day I woke up so bright and early

    Wanting to turn my straight hair to curly

    But then my iron almost went up in flame

    It had sparks exploding, and I was to blame

    So I quickly went onto the web (chas veshalom,

    whenever I go on, I’m sure to do kaparos)

    And the internet’s distracting, know all folk

    So after looking for why it broke

    I decided hey, wouldn’t it be fun

    To interact with everyone

    To make an account on the Coffeeroom?

    I didn’t realize that would be my doom

    So instead of doing homework now

    I’m sitting and writing, and this is how

    My straight A’s are becoming C’s

    Coffee is giving me shaky knees

    Cuz I have no time to sleep anymore

    (except in class. there i can snore)

    Ok that’s it. I feel that’s enough.

    Time to get back to real life stuff.


    Here are two of my favorite limericks from my youth (not written by me):

    There once was a man named McHall

    Who fell in a spring in the fall

    ‘Twoud have been a sad thing

    Had he died in the spring

    But he didn’t – he died in the fall

    The bottle of perfume that Willie sent

    Was highly displeasing to Millicent

    Her thanks were so cold

    They quarreled, I’m told

    O’er that silly scent Willie sent Millicent


    hey! I’m a poet and i didn’t even know it!!


    Mary had a little lamb

    She ate it with mint sauce

    And then the lambs came fighting back

    To get revenge, of course


    TAOM thanks!

    When you wish upon a star

    It’s best to stand a little far

    Since stars are hot, or so I’ve learned

    And your feet might get burned.

    Shopping613 🌠

    There are all really good!

    Shopping613 🌠

    In school I lost my siddur, my pen squirted my face full of ink

    I thought “Not ANOTHER BAD DAY” as I ran to a sink

    the ink wouldn’t come off, everyone was makung jokes about me

    me teachers were laughing when they thought I didnt see

    My socks were full of runs, my boots broke while walking home

    I walked mostly barefoot and stumbled into my home alone.

    I walked through the door, and tripped over someone’s bike

    ripped the new sweater, the one I really liked

    I had to watch my siblings, We couldnt find the pacifier

    the baby was wailing so hard that the neighbors thought there was a fire

    When I finally wentvto be, I was tired after this crazy day

    I hope tomorow will be better and I can get that ink off from my face!



    Where do you come up with these? They’re amazing! You could totally sell them for lotsa money.



    Just a bit of OURtorah in there 😉

    Seriously, you’re good! I hope that last one is just a figment of your imagination! Sounds sad 🙁


    Free verse: Attention. This is a poem.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Someone gave me 10 words and told me to make a poem with them, that was the result. Its fun and challenging and wastes class!

    Try it! Ask a friend to write down 10 words.


    TAOM – thanks! Never had any poems printed before but I did recently have my first article published in Binah. Will keep them coming!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Wow let me go look up who starting writing for bina recently…


    Ha! Won’t tell you which issue or which section it was in…


    Someone once told me

    That carrots were blue,

    I had to tell them

    That’s simply not true.

    The fact’s widely known

    And plainly is seen,

    Carrots aren’t blue,

    They’re purple and green.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    I opened this thread

    I don’t know why I did

    Haiku is always weird


    I think haiku works better in Japanese – original language of haiku after all.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    notasheep- I left out a word by mistake. It should have said:

    I opened this thread

    I don’t know why I did it

    Haiku is always weird


    “Weird” is a short word

    Used to describe all others

    Whose gifts surpass yours.


    Gamanit, I didn’t even count the number of syllables. I just don’t see the point of haiku, so I am sure that it works much better in Japanese.

    A very long time ago

    In a place called Fishdiddlededee

    There lived a toothless old woman

    Who owned black mittens three.

    They kept her feet nice and cosy,

    But she always knitted a spare,

    Since occasionally one would vanish

    And disappear into thin air.

    One day she’d had enough

    And set off on an arduous quest

    To find all her long-lost mitts

    In the caterpillar’s nest.

    The caterpillar was cunning

    But the crone was well prepared

    She vanquished her deadly foe

    And her beloved mittens were spared.


    Here we are all weird

    and we must try not to annoy

    other weird people

    for poems made for joy.


    This one is corniest:

    Darkness and shadows

    Destruction of the whole world

    I flick a light switch.


    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    I have a poetic license

    Washing machine


    You used that trick before, just changed the last line


    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    I have a poetic license

    So there.

    just my hapence

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Other flowers are different colours

    And other things are blue

    just my hapence

    Where do all the lost socks go?

    Whither all the pies?

    Blown away and carried off

    On whisper-wings of dragonflies.

    They sit and wait in Over There

    Beyond the Far-Away

    Expecting owners there to find

    And bring them home again someday.

    And so they wait and sit

    And wait and sit and wait some more.


    JMH you took your time getting here! Love the socks

    just my hapence

    notasheep – It was inspired by our household-local sock shidduch crisis…


    I thought that one got sorted out? Or was there another one?

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