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    if you saw a person on the street that was a total stranger lying on the floor unconsious would you do cpr on them? cuz i know of a girl who did cpr to a random man who was unconcious-and i think it was so amazing and brave of her! idk if i would have the guts to…


    stuffed-wow!!! that IS really brave of her!!! do i know her????

    i don’t know what i would do if i was in that situation it probably would depend on how the guy looked…etc.

    but if i would actually do it i would be terrified the whole time that i would break his ribs,…its really scary!!! hope i never experience it!!!


    StuffedCabbage: If I knew what I was doing. I’d rather give someone a chance to live than having me monkey around..


    If you were on the floor unconscious, would you want a kind individual to keep your brain from dying until the ambulance came? Don’t answer this questio too hastily.

    Alternate form of the question: if someone passed out in front of you, would you want it on your conscience that you just let him die?


    CPR is easy to learn. These days you don’t even have to put your mouth on the other person’s mouth.


    Oish Stuffed…Scary!! I know a person tht once did tht!!


    I don’t think anyone can really answer this question unless you are there. If someone drops in front of you I believe you either freeze or you act. You either panic or adrenaline takes over and you act. You might not jump to give mouth to mouth, but you probably would drop and start compressions.

    am yisrael chai

    When I took the EMT course, we students were given a disposable plastic made specifically as a mouth-to-mouth barrier.


    I once saved someone’s life with CPR and would do it again if necessary. I found that in the heat of the moment, I didn’t think twice about it. The person went on to live another 6.5 years after that.


    http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/article.php?p=72641 -this link says not to do mouth to mouth anymore.


    If you actually know the person, I think you should be in awe of them! It was really really really brave of that person to do cpr on a random guy! It dose not mater if you would brake ribs when you were doing it because for goodness sakes you tried to save his life. I for one would never be abel to react fast enough to save a life.


    if you saw a person on the street that was a total stranger lying on the floor unconsious would you do cpr on them?

    The former EMT in me says, absolutely, yes. As AYC mentioned above, there are disposable barriers that you can use and, if you have them on hand, I would recommend using them. But if I didn’t have one, I’d still do it.

    The Wolf


    I think i would call the cops or hatzalah. I do not know CPR either way and hope I never come to that. Its like when I once watched a car flip over (recently) and I just froze


    adorable: Are you saying you too ‘flipped’?


    no i watched a car flip over


    LSS – Breaking ribs can be a side effect of CPR, but not doing CPR in a patient in cardiac arrest -you probably will have the side effect of death.

    To all: The breathing portion has been removed for layman CPR.

    So if you’re not a medical professional – if you see someone fall on the floor -Tap and shout “Are you ok? If no response, call for help -“You call 911”. Check for movement, breathing, coughing -if none, begin compressions. Place one hand on top of another -for an adult patient. Place in the middle of the chest -on the breastbone between the two nipples and Push. Push down about 1.5 -2 inches and count 1 and 2 and 3 and so on. Do this until the guy/gal starts moving, breathing, coughing or until someone else says “Ok- I’ll take over know”. Anybody, including kids about 8-10 years old (normal size kids) can do this -it’s easy!


    health-i wrote the breaking ribs thing cuz i did cpr on a guy in the train station yesterday and i’m petrified that i broke his ribs (he started breathing though!) stuffed is talking abt me in this post…lol but yeah it was kinda freaky!!


    make sure u call 911 and hatzolah as well , or if someone else is around ask them to do it. its not easy and most times ppl take turns .


    LSS – You gotta make sure to do this part first –

    “Tap and shout “Are you ok? If no response, call for help -“You call 911″. Check for movement, breathing, coughing -if none, begin compressions”.

    It’s horrible to push on someone’s chest if their heart is still beating.


    Although I am trained in cpr, I’d probably freeze. I b”h never was in such a situation and hope never to be. When I took cpr, they still had the breathing thing. Anyone know what the “new” version is now?


    Mischiefmaker – I posted the new version for laymen above.


    Hagoh – The CPR for trained laymen and medical professionals is as easy as taking a CAB:

    Check Responsivness.


    Call for help. (And AED.)

    Not Breathing or Not Breathing normally.

    Begin Compressions -30:2

    30 compressions to 2 breaths.

    Push fast – At least 100/min.

    Push hard – Depth around 2 inches.

    Keep cycling until AED, Breathing or relieved by others!


    I was trained many years ago, so this may not be current, but I was taught that you don’t give compressions until you check for a pulse. If a patient is unresponsive and not breathing but has a pulse, he needs mouth to mouth, not compressions.

    pascha bchochma

    I got certified in CPR and would try to do it, but honestly I’m not the most muscular person and pity the one who would have to rely on me.


    Simple answer- yes. If you know how to do it, it is better than doing nothing at all.


    The American Heart Association (I believe) made an announcement that CPR is just as effective without breaths, and just with compressions. That means- if you wouldn’t do mouth to mouth on a person. Do compressions- it still can keep the heart going, and it could save someone’s life. Those trained still give breaths. But do compressions!


    The no compression rule is only for adults, children still get the breathing, IIRC.


    Mother in Israel- Nowadays only medical professionals check for a pulse. Depending on what type of layman you are will depend whether you give breaths or not. I posted the two methods above.


    truthsharer – “The no compression rule is only for adults, children still get the breathing, IIRC.”

    You made a TYPO!

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