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    what do I do?? where can I buy a new one? can I fix it myself, who do i go to?


    Do u have an insurance policy?

    usually laptops come with basic coverage and you can buy extra to cover these small cracks and spills.


    It happened to me last year. I bought a new screen on ebay. It wasn’t incredibly cheap, but certainly cheaper than buying a new laptop. I installed it buy searching YouTube for a how to video. It was very simple and only took me about 10-15 mins with only a screwdriver needed. Good luck!


    I’ve been happy with screentekinc. But laptop screens aren’t cheap.


    but is it advisable to do it urself or go to a professional?


    If you know how to use a screwdriver you can fix a laptop screen. If you’re really unsure about it, check your laptop model online for how-to videos on YouTube or similar. I had an incident very similar to iyhbyu, so before I ordered a screen I found a how-to video online with the exact model laptop I have, that way I was sure I could fix it before spending money. You can usually order parts directly from the manufacturer. Unless you have two left hands (and are right handed), it’s really easy.


    so i am still able to see the desktop partially but some of it is blacked out…will that be solved by putting in a new screen or is it a deeper issue?


    Yes, if your computer runs alright and you can see it functions when its turned on that means your internal components are working, its just the screen that needs replacing. Just make sure you order the right screen. The back of the screen should have a sticker with the model and part #s. Call your manufacturer to be sure.


    Btw, they will try to convince you to send it in to them so they can charge you double or triple what the part alone costs.


    If you want an honest opinion call Ave M computers in flatbush. They are all frum yeshiva guys that wont cheat you. I had a big problem recently and I went to a few computer stores, they quoted me the lowest price and told me what was really wrong. I highly recommend them!

    Good Luck, I know it is very frustrating.


    Rossmann Supply Group is where I bought a replacement LCD.

    Their prices were the best, and they shipped it quickly, wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap.

    They help you determine exactly which LCD is needed for your particular PC. You can also call them to speak to a real (and helpful!) person.

    I can’t post the link here, so please Google “Rossmann Supply Group” for their contact and ordering info.


    What is the model number of the laptop you have?


    its a toshiba idk the model number i have the serial number if that helps


    the battery model no PA3819U-1BRS….does this help??



    I assume the “rossmannsupply” screen name is legit, but nonetheless it would probably be quicker and more efficient to just Google the company for their phone#, call them, and get your questions answered.

    Don’t worry about sounding non-PC-literate – I’m sure not all their customers are super-techies.

    I will caution you that if you have no one who is reasonably proficient with simple assembly and disassembly, your best bet may be to just bring it to a service place.


    Mods: Please allow this link

    its a toshiba idk the model number i have the serial number if that helps

    On Toshiba’s support page you should be able to determine what model you have from the serial number. I say should because in my case it didn’t.


    anyone know a place in lakewood that will fix it? i called rossmans they dont know if they have the right part because i didnt take a part my computer


    Finding your PC’s model number:

    1) Click the Windows “start” icon on the bottom left of your screen

    2) Type “cmd” (no quotes) in the Search programs and files box.

    3) Hit enter

    4) Type “wmic csproduct get name” (no quotes) in the window that appears

    5) Hit enter

    6) Your PC’s manufacturer and model should appear. Close the window once you have written down the info.

    (the above info was found via Google)

    I don’t know Lakewood, so I can’t offer recommendations.

    Perhaps someone else can?


    Type “wmic csproduct get name” (no quotes) in the window that appears

    That usually will give the product line but not enough detail to identify what screen to use. Sometimes the product line along with the basic screen specs (Size, Aspect ratio, Resolution, and Backlight technology) will be enough to identify what replacement panel to get.



    You’re right that the screen size is important – I recommend that anyone using the “wmic” method of determining their model also measures their screen size diagonally, e.g. from the lower left corner to the upper right corner.

    As far as resolution/aspect (is there any difference?) and screen technology, I’d be surprised if a particular model came with different default resolutions and screen technologies for the same screen size. Reseller sites seem comfortable suggesting a replacement screen based on the model and screen size.

    As far as you know, are there manufacturers that sell the same model / screen size with different screen technologies?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    As far as you know, are there manufacturers that sell the same model / screen size with different screen technologies?

    Yes, when my screen broke, I had to take the old one off to see the model # of the screen (I ordered from laptopscreen dot com).


    A perfect example of a model that has various screens is the Dell Inspiron 5000. The options are:

    14″ 1024×768

    14″ 1400×1050

    15″ 1024×768

    15″ 1400×1050

    15″ 1600×1200

    Using different aspect ratios is probably not done because it defines the shape of the laptop and backlight technology depends more on when it was designed.

    Of course Dell is an extreme example because their laptops (at least when they produced the Inspiron 5000) were mainly built to order.


    Two questions:

    1-When did you buy your laptop?

    2-How did you pay for it, by credit card, which one?

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