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    How old was your baby when she/he started to crawl? Bec. at my local health clinic they told me to take my daughter for physical therapy since at 8 months she is not yet crawling. She turns over, grabs toys etc… Att Experienced mothers – are all babies crawling at 8 months?

    thinking jew

    it’s totally perfectly normal for her not to be crawling yet, health clinics (especiallly tipat chalav in israel) always get you nervous dont worry… even if it’s a drop slow which i happened not to think it is, theres certainly no need for therapy yet. each child at its own pace,


    The funny thing about these cases are that they take an 8 month who is not crawling, and after two months of therapy – presto! you have a 10 month old that crawls! Thank G-d for therapists!

    If your child is 8 YEARS old and doesn’t crawl, that’s also good.


    my babies all started around 6-7 months, which my wife tells me is about average, but some don’t start till around 10 months. I don’t think you need to loose sleep yet, but it is something you should keep your eye on.


    my baby started crawling at exactly nine months, but make her massages on the legs and move them up and down!


    from some famous doctor’s website:

    I’m reluctant to mention time frames, but somewhere between six and ten months I expect babies to discover some way to move horizontally across the floor to get desired objects. If babies actually crawl, it usually begins at around 8 to 10 months.


    And my baby never crawled- she sits and pushes herself around. I was nervous because my doctor had told me to get her on her hands and knees and do the motions. I found out that my husband and I both had siblings that did this instead of crawling and they are b”h perfectly ok, brilliant and made beautiful shidduchim:) I personally think that sometimes the dr’s go to much according to the book.

    NY Mom

    I agree with those above who say that it is a little early to get your baby evaluated. Very normal to begin to crawl at 10 months. And some babies never crawl, but just scoot around on their bottom, leaning on one hand – kind of propel themselves along while in a sitting/leaning position. (Hard to describe, but anyone who has seen it knows what I mean!)

    Also, now that pple are putting their babies to sleep on their backs, rather than on their tummies, crawling later or not crawling at all, is much more common. This was the case with my own daughter, who is now perfectly fine B”H. I would just make sure she gets plenty of floor-time and plenty of tummy-time too. The therapist who evaluated my daughter advised that every time I change her diaper, give her tummy-time. I would put her on her tummy and put toys around her out of reach to give her incentive to move.

    Hope that helps!


    She may just be a later bloomer, which is no cause for concern. The point made about babies sleeping on their backs contributing to the problem in crawling, is very valid. The muscles babies need to use in order to crawl, develop when they are on their tummies. That is what “tummy time” is so crucial. The irony is that we out babies on their back to prevent (supposedly) SIDS chalilah, when 30 years ago the prevailing wisdom was that putting them on their BACKS led to SIDS. And now with the sleeping on the back all the time, babies are developing “flat-head” syndrome, where some of them need to wear special helmets to re-contour their misshapen skulls.

    NY Mom’s advice was extremely sound.



    Please! Babies don’t all crawl at 8 months! Some kids never crawl. It is important for the muscles but they all learn it at some point. My daughter started crawling AFTER she started walking!

    Some kids only learn it later on and its nothing wrong. As long as they’re developing normally.


    The most adorable is when they are up on all fours and rocking just before they take off crawling around 6-7 months

    Phyllis, don’t let anyone make you crazy – IY”H your baby will be crawling and you will be chasing her all over your house.

    My babies did the actual crawl around 8-9 months…

    Enjoy this special time, it is so yummy!

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