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    Reb Eliezer

    One cannot express himself the other lies constantly. He does not see the truth. Which one is worse? I think the liar is worse. You cannot rely on him. The one who cannot express himself can use advisors and surrogates.


    RebE, let me follow your criteria:
    Both of them are knowingly lying (I am skipping “beating Medicare”). Pres B was multiple times alluding to various statistics that included effect of covid disruption to either make T’s achievements lesser and his stronger. This is not as crime of passion or a rhetorical exaggeration. This is a premeditated murder of truth that was constructed with advisors sitting in a circle and thinking how to present it better.

    As to relying on advisors. Reagan did that successfully. I hope YWN record will show your admiration for this approach. But Reagan was, among other things, a governor before becoming a President. B was a senator, managing staff of 20 people tasking them to issue self-gratifying press-releases. He has no skills to manage a whole country and a military. It is easiest to see in foreign policy where opposition is clearly seen: time and again, B makes decisions based on certain theories and then is proven wrong. Afghani government will defend indefensible position for 6 months; Putin will be satisfied with a minor incursion if we let him; etc. Domestically, he can’t even give away money for free without violating constitution. T made a great point that B did not fire any of his advisors despite failures.



    Stop editorializing. One faults with their own faults.


    Reb Eliezer, perhaps you forgot about the 4 sons in the Haggadah. The son who doesn’t know how to ask never gets to the point of asking, or simply showing interest. You can’t rely on his left wing and Israel hating advisors to carry the weight.

    Reb Eliezer

    Trump called BIden a criminal for doing things as president but he is immune.


    RebE, as of last Thursday, he was not immune.

    But B might be criminal if he is proven to cooperate with clearly criminal enterprises of his son and brother who earned money off B’s name. It might be hard to prove, though.


    Reb Lazy, you really think that the problem w the cadaver is that the cadaver cant express itself clearly?

    And a word of caution, you missed your politruks latest instructions. All the choshuve Dems want to replace Biden bc only hopeless hacks such as yourself still think geriatric joe is not alive. Careful, if you don’t get in line with Big Brothers wishes you might find yourself looking up at the grass….


    @by1212 Reb Lazer is an elderly man, and if you would go to Agudah of Staten Island during the Rav’s speech you’d see he has Torah at his fingertips.

    A little derech erretz would be nice

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