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    We have all been trying to take things on l’iluy nishmas Leiby and I had this great idea that will really take off- deleteing your facebook! Facebook is the yetzer hora’s facade to stealing hours and days of your life to stalk other people, give people ayin horas, make people jealous of each other, and toher not tznius things. People justify it by saying they keep in touch with people, but people- is keeping in touch with those few people who you’re never going to actually get together with really worth tons fo time that could be dedicated to doing mitzos, helping others, davening, learning, and so many other prodcutive activities!! NO MY FRIENDS IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!!! I have seenw ith my own eyes tons and tons of people who waste their vies away on this horrible website. This is not fomr only a frum perspective- it’s from a rational intellectual perspective!! And I am also talking from experience- I have had a facebook and just found that it was extremely destructive. SO please everyone if you were trying to delete until now, or were thinking about it, or weren’t thinking about it, do it NOW for Leiby! It’s an easy thing to do and I did it, others have done it, and YOU can do it!!!!


    WOW! did Rabbi Wallerstein hire you. what about those of us who are not on facebook!


    Then I’m sure there are other things you can do! is a great way to start

    a mamin

    LBJ::: KOL HAKOVOD!!! I don’t have one never did, never will! BUT I REALLY LOOK UP TO YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!! Bear in mind, anyone else who gives it up due to your thread, will also be a zechus for you!!!


    yes you really inspire me. (if you did it)


    If anyone deleted it or knows someone that did, please share so we can all be inspired!! And i can shep a little nachas from my idea!!


    Great idea!! I deleted mine over a year ago!! My life is soooo much more meaningful and so much less time on the computer and speaking lashon hara and everything. Really facebook is the biggest yezer hara (I deleted mine bc of Rabbi Wallerstein…) and after a few days I didn’t even think about it ever. When you have it, you think you can’t live without it, but then once you delete it, you never think about it again. Unfortunately all of my friends still have theirs, and when they come over they try to log on on my computer, so I dowloaded k-9 web protection (free website blocker- highly recommend) and now they can’t even log on at my house so I don’t even have to look at it ever!! Trust me everyone- it isnt that hard to delete and your life will be perfectly fine without it! not only will it be fine, but it will be MUCH better!!!! DO it!!!! and especially for Leiby- what a great idea!


    If anyone has questions or concerns- feel free to ask!


    lovesbeingjewish…I don’t see Facebook as you do. I use it to keep in contact with friends and especially family who do not live near me…What I have done is given Tzedakah in Leiby’s memory and have committed myself to additional learning…I suggest each one do something “additional”…I’ll leave that up to each individual to decide


    do something thats going to affect you and really changed your life- not saying that giving tzedaka is not good and I admire you for that but its not changing anything within yourself

    am yisrael chai

    “its(sic) not changing anything within yourself”

    The sages respectfully disagree.

    In fact, we are told that it’s better to give $1 100 times than give a single $100 bill, for the act of giving numerous times changes a person.


    mikehall- thats your yezer hara talking. everyone uses it to “keep in contact with friends and family who do not live near me”… it’s sad that if you dont have facebook you wouldnt keep in touch with these people.. maybe its saying something about how much you care about the relationship. BH nowadays with technology you could email them,skype, or pick up a phone and speak to them. Its not so hard to keep in touch without facebook.I dont have one and I am still very close with my family and friends who do not live near me – just not through facebook. that excuse is a copout. come on, you are better than that.

    Feif Un

    I’m curious about most people here – do you spend more time on YWN, or on Facebook? If you want to do something, delete the account you spend more time on.


    IMO the proper way to remember Leiby is to do something that would relate to him perhaps something positive with children (ie give to a childrens charity, learn with a child, take an orphan somewhere special)

    If you want to delete your FB account for whatever reason, that is fine and your decision. However I really doubt Leiby had a FB account and probably never heard of it either.


    Feif Un

    Funny you said that- (I just joined CR this week) I was thinking last night at 1 am when i was thinking that the last time i stayed up till 1 am on the computer was when I had a facebook not realizing the time, and now it’s this that is keeping me up so late. I was wondering how yeshivish could this be bc it seems to me that it is leading to a lot of bitul torah. but then again, majority of the people here probably limit their time and come on it just to help other people out. It is very nice to read and to discuss some topics with fellow yiddin, but you are right- i think i might delete it…

    jewish source

    I had the same idea its great.


    Feif un- well said!


    where do you think i spend more time?!?!?! I spend more time here than anywhere else in the world


    mikehall12382: You are exactly the type of person this is targeting! The person who needs to ‘stay in touch’ with friends and relatives. Even tho yid4life said it perfectly, I need to reiterate that THAT’S YOUR YETZER HORAH!! I have Gmail and my cell phone to keep in touch with people, and I am one of the most social people you will ever meet! I am known to be the first to let everyone know about simchas and recent news, and constantly speaking with and meeting up with friends and relatives. And yes Leiby didn’t know what facebook was- and who do you think was better off? Can’t we learn from Leiby how precious life is and how we need to fill our time spreading love among clal yisroel and doing mitzvos? Facebook is the exact opposite! People post pictures that are the anitithesis to Tznius and therefore Yiddishkeit! It’s become ‘who’s the best looking couple, goes on the best vacations, makes the best dinners, etc’ Is this spreading love? Please everyone reading this- this is a desperate cry to hep people see the light!!! Life is precious- why waste so many hours of it on such a destructive site?? You own it to yourself!!


    Yid, I loved k9 when I first used it – but last time I tried it something went very wrong and it completely blocked my Net access!


    ready to give it up adorable?!?

    lil B

    Deleting fb has nothing to do with Leiby.. thats a personal thing u want to take on being that u feel that ur becoming addicted to fb although i agree with the one that wrote to stop with the website u mostly browse alot…. i feel like if u want to do something in the name if Lieby then do something that will not only help you but help others.

    YW fan

    I think that this topic should be renamed “use your facebook account more carefully for Leiby”! If only someone knows how to use it, it could be very helpful for that someone and they wouldn’t have to see anything bad!!!


    lil b- Deleting fb is helping others!! When each person deletes theirs, that gives a strong incentive to other people to delete theirs as well! And not only that, but with more time on your hands from deleting it, you can help others! You can do anything good in the name of Leiby, look at the website and all the articles and speakers about it. however, if you don’t want to you don’t have to, but I think it’s a good idea and incentive


    While I agree there are many things that I need to improve on, logging onto facebook to send a message to my cousin is not an issue for me.

    I disagree with you, I feel that giving tzedakah is helping me change both on a physical and spiritual level…

    Thank you for providing this reference


    and YW fan- again a common misused blunder in regards to facebook! The yetzer horah doesn’t get people to do things by saying – ‘this is strictly bad and nothing good will come out of this! this will steal hours of your time with nonsense!’ bec then none of us would get it! however, he’s smart and throws lots of ‘nice’ things on it like kiruv reasons, staying in touch, shiurim pple post, etc. and then people say hey! i’m doing a mitzvah by being on it! but no no my friend- those few ‘mitzvos’ ur doing on it does not even come close to the wasteful hours on it. if you didn’t have it altogether, you’d be able to TONS more kiruv, TONS more mitzvos, and TONS of keeping in touch! facebook is the kind of website where there’s no halvsies- you either delete it or u don’t. I also tried to say ‘well i’ll only go on it once a day and won’t stalk people i don’t know’ did it work? no. and it never works. ever. So do clal yisroel and most importantly YOURSELF a favor by deleting your account that is making people fall farther and farther from the emes


    Wow my post got deleted because i said there are some holier than thou people. i think thats a little admin abuse.


    among other things, we try to disallow personal insults.

    live with the moderation that we see fit or you are free to not post. there are plenty of other Jewish sites open to you with more liberal or no moderation.




    mikehall12382- it is sad to see how deeply rooted facebook and technology is for you, that you are using extreme examples like the telephone to prove your point. That is such a big problem in today’s society- people jumping the second they hear ‘change’ and making crazy radical statements that ‘maybe everything is tumah maybe i shouldn’t walk out of my house or talk on the phone’ It is obviously useless getting through to you, but hopefully my idea wil reach others


    While we all want to do something for Leiby. The Yetzer Harah argument is a red Herring, you can use that for almost anything.

    For example why not ban CARS because of the Yetzer Harah, People want a NICE car when the money could go to tzedakah. People look at cars totally UNTZNIUS. Sometimes a nice car will get more looks than an untiznut woman.

    Lots of things go on in cars that are assur.

    People sometimes even drive as leisure because they like to drive totally bittul torah.

    The car has a radio with assur music and all sorts of forbidden stuff on it.

    I am not trying to ban cars, but if you subsititute Facebook with cars you can pretty much get the same discussion.


    I was personally touched by the writing of a sefer Torah in his memory. An “oat” costs $25. Details are on the Misakim site.


    no! Im not ready to give this up but if there was more personal info i would leave


    zahavasdad- thank you for provng my point at how far this generation has fallen that you take everything to extreme levels in order to avoid necessary change or a good piece of advice


    what does everyone do on facebook that keeps them so busy? i send birthday wishes or look at pictures from family parties etc.

    do you guys play the games? i don’t.


    lovesbeingjewish and yid4life..

    Are you both aware that Yeshiva world News has a Facebook Page?

    I would also like to call your attention to the The Leiby Kletzky Memorial Fund the website is

    If you scroll down to near the bottom of the page you will clearly see the Facebook Logo, with the words “take action on FACEBOOK”…

    Since the fund is being administered by Rabbi Nachman and Esther Kletzky, I assume that they have no problem with Facebook being used as a tool to getting the word about the Fund….

    In addition the Leiby Kletzky Fund has it’s own Facebook page…again I will remind you the fund is administered by the parents and their Rabbi…I assume once again they are fully aware of this and have approved it as a means to spread the word,

    Thanks again for your concern, but I suggest you work on your middos and I’ll worry about mine.


    mikehall12382- You’re obviously not reading what I’m writing because I said the yetzer horah throws kiruv and mitzvos on it so people justify it. I can give you loads of tzedkah and kiruv and chesed orginations that are on facebook. I’m sure the Kletzkys don’t even have internet but others were the ones that posted it on facebook. I managed to donate to the fund wihtout facebook. I appreciate you trying to discuss it further, however, you are a lost cause and I no longer will debate it with you becasue you have put up too thick a wall to penetrate a little emes


    lovesbeingjewish…..”mikehall12382- it is sad to see how deeply rooted facebook and technology is for you,”

    Thats a bold statement for someone who has no idea who I am. I appreciate if you would not judge me…

    I not only use Facebook page to keep in touch with friends, I manage my company’s Facebook page. It helps me keep in touch with thousands of customers and potential customers for next to nothing. The business my company has gotten from using facebook has been substantial. The money is used to pay my salary so I can pay my mortgage, tuition, food, shul membership and give tzedakah…

    You do realize you are using the internet right?


    Yes mikehall12382 I am using the internet thank you for pointing something irrevelent

    A Poshuta Yid

    LSH – $25 for an “oat”, very expensive. I’m sure you can pay less for Quaker


    lovesbeingjewish…..”you are a lost cause”

    That’s not very nice. So if someone doesn’t see things the same way you do, they are hopeless?

    “I’m sure the Kletzkys don’t even have internet but others were the ones that posted it on facebook”

    I’m not talking about posts, I’m talking about the actual page and the Facebook icon on the Fund’s site…since they administer it, I assume they know it is on the site and have approved it…


    There was a statement in the Melechal Shabbos thread about a Rabbi who said kids are being taught that Shabbos is a day of NO. I have seen that statement other places as well.

    If everything is NO and forbidden, why would anyone want to be frum.

    According to some of the posts I have read here I should give up TV, Movies, Facebook, Pizza, Sushi , Newspapers, Magazines all for Leiby.

    always here

    I’m not deleting neither my Facebook account nor my YWN-CR account… & it has nothing to do with Leiby, A’H.


    Pizza, Sushi….Now I’m hungry!


    zahavasdad- you should give up tv and movies they’re shtus and time wasters and i’m happy you brought that up. but pizza, sushi, newspapers, magazines is taking it a little far, but i can see you’re really trying to distance yourself from gashmius which is good

    and always here- thanks for the useless input. i said to post if you do delete it, not if you don’t


    lovesbeingjewish….” I can give you loads of tzedkah and kiruv and chesed orginations that are on facebook”

    Great, let me know which ones, I’d love to look them up. maybe even send in a couple of donations 🙂


    loves you cannot dictate who should or should not respond to your opening post this is a place to share opinions and it is up to the moderators and not you to determine who should and should not post.

    always here

    lovesbeingjewish~ this is an open forum & I am free to post whatever I choose. I don’t see anywhere in your OP where it says to only post if you’re deleting your FB acc’t.

    as far as your calling my input useless: —> 😛

    Y.W. Editor

    Did not read any of the comments above, so not sure if this was said, but the memorial fund website established by the family AND their rov, is using Facebook in a major way to raise serious money.

    Just some food for thought.


    thanks mr editor but they do that because they know everyone has it. that’s not proving if facebook is bad or good, it’s proving that alot of people have it so its smart to advertise on it. I’m saying e.o should delete theirs and then there wud be no need to advertise on it

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