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    Is he Jewish? I heard thaat his mother is Jewish and father not. Is this true?

    What did the CR Oilam think of his amazing game? How about that fan who gave back the ball?


    How about that fan who gave back the ball?

    Well technically, the fan has to pay income tax on the value of the ball, and then also pay gift tax if it exceeds 13k and he is over the 5 million exclusion.

    But the IRS doesn’t come after you for it because the publicity is too bad for the govt.


    HaQer: Not everyone celebrity/actor/athlete/Princess of Cambridge has to be Jewish, half-Jewish, a third-Jewish. Enough already with this meshugas.

    If Derek Jeter would to be redt for a Shidduch and these questions arose and he wasn’t DEREK JETER, no shaddchun would even look at him.

    Besides, who cares?


    The only jewish NY baseball player at this time (that I know of) is Mets 1st basemen Ike Davis, His mother is definatly jewish, his father is not (Former Yankee Ron Davis) . I dont think he considered himself much jewish, but as it has become known to him that its a good idea to play the jewish roots, he has warmed up to the idea.

    Anytime there is a potential jewish player in NY its well known because the teams want to promote to the jewish fans.

    Ama’re Stoutamier of the Knicks might also be jewish. He has said there is jewish roots on his mothers side, but its been unclear exactly what that connection is


    Yankees announcer Suzyn Waldman (who btw got overly emotional again, no?) is also Jewish.


    I hate the yankees with a passion but Derek Jeter is a classy guy

    and i have alot of respect for him he happens to be a real mensch too.

    always here

    Goq~ dem’s fightin’ words, lol! 😉 .. gotta love #2 🙂

    YW Moderator-42

    Is Joseph Jewish?


    Start a local chapter of “Jews for Jeter”



    Lol! (literally)


    Jewish, not Jewish? Who cares?

    To recycle the title of a comedy album from the 60’s, “When you’re in love, the whole world is Jewish.”


    sorry always i was born and raised oot one of the firm beliefs of an oot is a hatred of the yankees (and most other things associated with ny)

    always here


    Lol! (literally)” .. yup! VERY clever! 😀


    Goq~ I was j/k!! I have OOT friends who feel the same as you do, & OF COURSE it is (almost, lol) of no consequence to our relationship.


    same here always i wont hold your yankee fan status against you i am now and forever will be a chicago cubs fan which is a lot harder than being a yankee fan!! it builds character to root for a team that hasnt won in 103 years!

    always here

    yes, Goq, you are a character!!! LOL J/K!!! 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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