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    I am having a very hard time finding a job, does anyone have advice? (Websites, classifieds, job agencies etc.) I’m willing to take any kind of office job, at begginer’s salary. I’m young, energetic, motivated, but i’m it’s very tough out there! Does anyone share this experience?


    @Leon: You are correct. It is very difficult to find a job in today’s economy. But with much patience and persererance, I’m sure you will find something soon.

    What are your skills?

    What type of industry do you want to work in?

    Do you have a recent, updated resume? Has someone looked at it for mistakes and editing. If you don’t have a resume the public library has tons of books on how to write a resume.

    Have you tried the following websites:

    Much hatzlacha and I hope you find exactly what you need.


    hope something good comes up… I heard on the radio that the job market is picking up slowly but surely, hopefully you will be one lucky person to benefit from it! Good luck

    a mamin

    You should send your resume to P.C.S of Brooklyn Its a no fee job agency that helps Klal Yisroel find the right position. Both Males and females.


    a mamin

    Also if anyone has a job opening please email to P.C.S. as well. They screen the candidates for you at no charge


    Leon- Don’t be desperate. Keep looking, speak with confidence, believe in yourself, be persistent, follow up,(ask potential employers when you can do a follow up call then set an e-alert to remind you-people respect persistence and punctuality) but whatever you do do not allow yourself to feel desperate, because that is how people make mistakes. You are just starting out. Start out on a good foot. have a little chutzpah. Interview your interviewer. You know you will be an asset to the company because you are honest, persistent, capable, energetic, etc. but will the company be good for you? Is it a pleasant work environment, fair boss or whatever else is important to you. And most of all you need tehillim uhn trerin. Hatzlachah. We are all routing for you. Let us know when there’s good news.


    Go on their websites and apply for jobs with City, State, Federal governments. Ask your Rav or school administrator to go with you to meet with your local elected officials; they are connected. Hatzlacha.

    a mamin

    Cherrybim; how many ppl do u know that have found positions that way


    do u have experience? perhaps a resume? are u in college?


    I know EXACTLY how you feel! I was looking for a job for months and months and was going out of my mind and it can really be upsetting… now thank G-d I have three jobs! G-d willing u will get one really soon. Take this chance to get closer to G-d instead of getting upset at him. Maybe pray for someone else you know who needs a job, swap names and pray for each other! (I did that and we all found jobs!!). ALSO, WHERE DO YOU LIVE? I HEARD OF AN OFFICE JOB IN JERSEY CITY. If you live in California I don’t think u’d want to commute that far;) so… if possible please post a little more information that can help us help you! Thank you! Good luck!


    Also try Jewish Jobs Weekly…


    Leon, as desperately as you are looking for work I am looking for some part time help… in writing and some administrative as well. I don’t know your skills, but wanted to post my email [email protected] (if moderator allows) so you can contact me and we can discuss. Either way, you should be matzliach soon. Don’t buy into the economy is bad panic. Hashem runs this world and your parnassa comes from Him and only Him. When you really get that, you will see that you will get many offers. I am not judging your feelings, because I know that it is extremely hard struggling with this issue … I have been there too in my life, as most people have. Hang in there, for the majority it is only a temporary situation.


    First of all what are your skills, and where are you located?

    Second almost no one gets a job these days by sending a CV to an add on a web site. The typical web site will put up an add and get 200 resumes, so this is not the way to go. What you need to do is network. Go to trade shows or other events where people in that field will be and meet them, shake their hands and give them your business card. Talk to your friends and see if there are openings where they would that you might fit into and so on.

    There are a few good books on this:

    48 Days to the work you love

    Who Moved my Cheese

    Fired to Hired.

    There are probably others.

    Also you need to make yourself stand out from the pack. If I am looking at a stack of 100cv’s I need reason to pay attention to yours


    I know quite a few who have obtained positions this way. When someone is out of work, his self esteem is very low and that is why I suggest that the Rav sets up the meeting and advocates for you at the meeting.

    a mamin

    When someone is unemployed they go through a very hard time, depending on how long it lasts. They need constant encouragement from all around them, including family and friends. PLEASE think twice before giving any unsolicited advice! Try putting yourself in their shoes! yes and please daven for them too!!


    I want to thank all of you personally for the encouragement! It really helped me! Thanks to all of you!

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