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    Oomis, thanks for the advice!!! This place is d-e-a-d!! Helllllo, if anybody does check in 😉


    I have been happily ignoring this thread for years.

    I have been told recently that I am now a member of this prestigious club. Blech!! 137, 159, 148, 164. Those meant nothing to me just a few weeks ago. 6.7, what’s that all about? Oy vey! Gotta stay under 7!!


    Midwesterner! Heyyy, i’m so sorry!!!!! We’ll try to offer you all the support / encouragement possible….any questions, ask away.


    just saying hi. sorry that i have been away.

    just had an amazing FWD event for the kids and it was amazing.

    the kids loved it and it was nice for the parents too.

    i just switched to the naomi berrie diabetes center. so far we are happy with them.


    hi everyone! Just wanetd to stop in and let everyone know i am engaged 😉 Mazel tov! we should share somchos!

    My Chosson is totally fine with my D and looks forward to learning all about it!!


    hey everyone i m a teenager with diabetes i’ve had for many years, i m totally used to it b’h (as much as someone with diabetes cud be “used” to it!:). i dont keep it a secret but i dont tell just anyone….i’ve been checking this group thing for some time now and i wanted to say that all u guyz r all a big chizuk for me! thanx alot!


    Coffeefan- MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im thrilled beyond words for you!!!

    May you and your chosson be zocheh to build a true Bayis Neeman Biyisroel!!!

    See everyone, nothing gets in the way of a shidduch that Hashem has planned! 🙂

    Lifezgudd-Hi and welcome aboard! glad you decided to join…Hope all is going well with you and your D!


    Coffee- MAZEL TOV

    we are so happy for you. you see we all do it.

    you should be zoche to build a bais ne’eman b’yisroel, and the D should never get in the way. VE’NOMAR…..

    life- happy for you that you are open with the D, it makes things so much easier. welcome aboard, and maybe you will also give us chizuk.


    Hi everyone,

    My daughter, aged 14, will be going to camp with a Medtronic Minimed pump for the first time. She’s been to camp before, but this is her first year with the pump. She wants to know how careful she needs to be with her pump around water. She knows to remove it for swimming, but what about water fights? what about water rides at amusement parks?

    Any other advice would be appreciated as well!



    hi all

    my daughter was diagnosed a year ago when she was 1 1/2

    were trying to keep her # good but every time she eats she shoots up to 250 300

    is that normal

    if any of you have a young kid with D can you give me some advice on how it works

    in playgroups



    too young for D- Firstly, welcome aboard. Sorry that you have to join but you’re definitely in the right place!

    When you say every time she eats she shoots up, What do you mean? Is the 250-300 2 hours after eating or 4 hours? Does it come down on its own or do you need to do a correction bolus?

    It would be normal for her numbers to go up within 2 or 3 hours of a meal but it should come down on its own if a bolus was given to cover the carbs…give us some more details so we can be more helpful 🙂


    too young for D -“my daughter was diagnosed a year ago when she was 1 1/2”

    She probably was born with it.

    “were trying to keep her # good but every time she eats she shoots up to 250 300

    is that normal”

    No, of course not. How is she getting the insulin?

    If it’s an injection given by you -you might have to bolus before eating. (Some call this pre-bolus.)

    I hope you take her to a pediatric endo. You should discuss this with her/him ASAP.


    hi sorry dint give good details

    when she eat she ,she goes up but she comes down 2 3 hours after

    i wanted to know how high is normal

    i spoke to one of my freinds who has D and he said when he hits 180 he dont feel good

    my daugher goes to 250 300

    we have a pump we use the omnipod and navigater


    too young for D -“hi sorry dint give good details”

    You still haven’t explained anything!

    “when she eat she ,she goes up but she comes down 2 3 hours after

    i wanted to know how high is normal

    my daugher goes to 250 300

    we have a pump we use the omnipod and navigater”

    This is from the ADA:

    “Plasma blood glucose goal range(mg/dl)

    A1C (%)

    Before meals | Bedtime/overnight

    A lower goal (8.0%) is reasonable if it can be achieved without excessive hypoglycemia.”

    You didn’t say when you’re testing. The ADA says to test before meals and at bedtime & overnite. So if at these times you’re getting 250/300 – you’re over the limit.

    Even if you’ve been testing at the wrong times -you can still find out what her glucose status is by testing her A1c. It shouldn’t be higher than 8.5%. See chart above.

    If your kid’s A1c is too high, your Doc can lower this by having the pump give boluses along with basals. He/she might be doing this already. You haven’t said anything about the insulin, besides that she is on a pump.

    Either way, first test properly, and if the glucose or A1c is higher than what it’s supposed to be – then see your Pediatric Endo for how to lower it. I hope you have one and don’t use your PCP/Pediatrician for this.


    hi, it has been a long time since the last post. i just want to touch base ans say that we are surviving here. the kids are older and now the big issue is them eating and later we find out when the number on the screen is …


    hi all!!

    Thanks dx3 for bumping us up… all is good here. I am BH good. I’m actually expecting in October IyH. It’s very hard on the blood sugars at this point, even though I know I am doing all I can and doing all the right things, the hormones are messing everything up!! I am very insulin resistant in the mornings and no matter what I do after breakfast I am always high!! I give insulin first thing in the morning and wait an HOUR before eating and it doesn’t help ;( my doctor said its not my fault and I should just continue to work as hard as I am but its an icky feeling to be in such good control (my last a1c before pregnancy was 5.8!!!!) and now to just “lose” it is hard to deal with. but BH its for a good reason 😉


    Coffee – I am so happy for you and I am proud of you for trying your best.

    I do know someone that went on a very low carb diet and ate a lot of protein (not too much because the side effect of protein breakdown is ketone bodies), and it really helped keep things under control. Also we do not want to have macrosomnia (a large baby) which is the result of a lot of sugar in the blood.

    hope everything is well and i cant wait to hear the good news.

    Lately we have been in touch with a few other families who have children recently diagnosed with “D”. I recently went down to the hospital to meet with a father of a newly diagnosed young child. It is so hard to see others suffer though it.

    be well and get some rest.


    question to anyone who experienced this problem. I took the test for diabetes and my PCP said it came up negative for diabetes baruch hashem. BUT my dad and his dad have diabetes so the genes run in my family and i think i have insulin resistance which basically gives me the “highs” and “lows” of sugar.

    While no doctor agrees with me because based on some infrequent blood tests that can’t capture what is really going on inside one’s body, the doctors are reluctant to medically diagnose me

    the problem i have had and have is at times i will feel very faint and dizzy such that i could not stand and then when i take sugar such as choc. syrup.. within a few minutes i feel better

    i have been on metformin for a few years such that my episodes of “low sugar” increased but other insulin resistance effects such as metabolism increased = weight loss… improved

    i try to eat a healthy diet consisting of high protein low carb.. but the problem is that if i eat mostly protein and no/low carb then i get a headache and get weak b.c i have no energy so then i am forced to eat carbs which is not good for my insulin resistance problem so it is a “catch 22”

    i wanted to know if anyone experienced/es this and can relate what….


    I have a close family friend with diabetes. She has had it under control for years but the shadchanim said that because of it she would only be able to marry a guy who “also has a defect”. I thought that was absolutely horrible. She did end up marrying someone who has moderate social issues, but b”H they are happy together and he makes a good parnassah. (Actually, she’s the one who can’t find a job right now). The only difficulty she has had with the diabetes is that it means she can’t safely go on birth control, and her father-in-law was threatening to break up the shidduch because of it even though they got a heter to use condoms. B”H it worked out, but I remember when she was engaged and trying to reason with the guy’s father…it was so sad…


    Dx3- thanks for the well wishes… BH its gotten easier- though some days (like today…) are horrible D days!!! I recently went to my Endo and my A1c was 6.1!!!!!!!!! I was BEYOND shocked!!! with all the highs ive been having I thought it would be in the 7s!! but bh!!! just keep trying and davening that Hashem will take care of the rest! its so nice that you have been giving Chizuk to newly diagnosed families!! it makes me think that maybe there is a reason why we all go through things… so that you will be able to help people at their time of need because you have been there and come out stronger!!! I know ive gained a lot from this group where we all know what the other is feeling!!

    jewishfeminist- wow that’s sooo sad!!! I agree with you that it was a Horrible thing for the shadchan to say!! I BH married an EXCEPTIONAL boy!! diabetes is NOT a flaw!!!! my husband says that he sees it builds character and shows responsibility! im ashamed that someone would think its a negative!! I hope your friend continues on her path with courage and pride in all her hard work!!!!


    hi coffee – yes it does give me chizuk to give others chizuk. I also get to see other situations and learn from them. we actually went for shabbos to another family who has a child with “D” and the kids really got to know each other, it was a great experience.

    jewish – it is sad to think that “D” is a problem. it is a condition that has to be taken care of, and if not then… I myself ever felt restricted from it, and B”H i am married with children. My wife is there for me and always there to help.

    does anybody have the omnipod, i want to know wherea girl can wear the pod so that it does not show?

    Also what do you do on shabbos about carrying the pdm?


    dx3- i have the omnipod and LOOOOVEEE it!!! i wear it on my stomach and it doesnt show (except now when im expecting, some places shows up so i just put it in less noticeable spots…) i also wear it on my lower back and it doesnt show at all. i know two people who wear it on their leg but i didnt like it there… as far as the PDM, i rarely go out shabbos but when i do i take insulin before leaving and leave it at home, though my husband says there is no prob if i wanted to carry it because its for my health, but thats his opinion i wouldnt pasken for anyone else…


    coffee – thanks. i want to get it for my daughter, but i don’t think that she will put inon her stomach. i am hoping that that it will work on her leg and not show through her uniform.


    HI! I haven’t posted in a really long time!! (Our filter doesn’t allow YWN anymore 🙂 we’re away for yom tov now where the filter does allow it 🙂 So good to see this forum is (was) up and running again!

    Dx3-not sure if you already made your decision regarding the omnipod but I wanted to say that I wear mine on my stomach and lower back (just like cofeefan !) I’ve tried it on my thighs but they say absorption is not as good as stomach and back. It also feels a bit shaky over there…

    As far as carrying the pdm. I usually don’t go out Shabbos but if I do I don’t usually eat so its not a problem. When I am going away for a meal or to a simcha I try to carry it with a shinui (however you spell that!)for example, in my tights…


    alls – Thanks. I am think that i will wait a bit and see what my daughter will want when she is ready for a new pump (when insurance allows us to renew it).

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