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    has anyone had this surgery (torn miniscus) and how was your recuperation? How fast were u up and running again?


    I had the procedure and was up and about within a week.


    I was walking in couple of days but it hurt & was swollen for many months. you need to do the exercise that your doctor recommends.


    i had this surgery. i walked out of the surgery room on my own with just slight aid of crutches. i was walking perfect after a couple of days however my surgeon told me to get pt twice a week for three weeks. after two weeks my pt said i was perfect and there was no reason to come again.


    Don’t let them touch you! You’ll never be done with them. Orthopedic surgeons are the worst, deadliest ‘doctors’ around. They hack and cut… I’ve had 8 knee operations; open as well as arthroscopic and today I cannot walk. Every open knee surgery I underwent they stopped doing because rather than helping, it destroys the knees.

    Try Chiropractic, acupunture, leeches, Eli Strauss diet, excercise, tummeric, MSM, Glucosimine Sulfate and, if you can find a kosher one, Chondroitin.

    STAY AWAY FROM THE HACKERS. Remember, Orthopedic surgeons make money by operating. Every surgery is a windfall. I personally know of one very successful Orthopedic surgeon who stated that he made millions performing unnecessary knee operations. He became a BT and stopped…


    Everyone is different in their recovery. My friend had it done and she was incapacitated for a few weeks.


    FWIW, I had orthoscopy for chondromalacia several years ago and it was the best thing I could have done. I even got to watch on a monitor (I did some serious bargaining to get out of general anesthesia, which I was deathly afraid of at the time). If my other knee ever needs it, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I took the PT seriously after surgery and I could tell it was helping.


    My husband had a torn meniscus and was in much pain and difficulty walking. Fortunately we have an orthopedist who wasn’t in a hurry to operate, although he did give the option. He gave my husband a daily exercise regimen, which was followed perfectly. After about a month there was a noticeable improvement. Today, 2 years later, he is walking pain-free, jogging, skating, etc. without fear, and without surgery.


    i would be very very reluctant to have surgery for a torn meniscus.


    I had some bone fragments removed, walked out of surgery. My knee was swollen for a week or so, all and all im back to normal again…


    thanks for all the chizuk/advice. I tried therapy for 5 weeks before I decided to do the surgery. Now I have to go for therapy again for 6 weeks. I think in the end I will be happy that I did the surgery because I see improvement already- much less pain!

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