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    I have been taking these diet pills that i bought from a man in NY, originally paying $170 a bottle. The price is now $250 a bottle. It is a white bottle with a green lid with the “ingredients” on the label stuck on the bottle. I have lost 62 lbs. I would like to know if anyone has found out if the ingredients are the real deal or is it the fake diet pills with narcotics, ie. prozac. There was an article about an arrest of a frum couple arrested in Yerushalayim for selling them.


    Are they real of fake? What does real mean?

    Will they make you lose weight quickly? Probably.

    Are they really bad for you, and only a temporary fix? Yes.

    Are they illegal? Probably. That’s why they cost 170 a bottle and are sold by “a man in NY” instead of in Walgreens for a 20 dollar copay and showing your insurance card.


    Are you joking? How could you take pills without knowing what they are? It sounds a bit cheap for Speed, but how do you know that it isn’t that or some other habit forming drug?

    A Heimishe Mom

    I have to agree with popa. Your $250 will be wiser, and more safely spent on a nutritionist/healthy foods and gym membership/personal trainer. Magic wieght loss is always tempting but it IS very dangerous. Please don’t be another statistic and stop taking them!!



    If your post is serious, I have to ask you one question?

    Have you totally lost your mind?!?

    You don’t know who makes it.

    You don’t know what’s in it.

    You don’t know if it’s kosher.

    You don’t know if it could have serious side effects.

    BUT – you’re taking it???

    If you have really been doing this, I would get to a doctor for some blood tests. FAST.


    first of all, i am not crazy. being overweight is very dangerous. it is hard to lose weight by just dieting and when you have alot of weight to lose, it can be discouraging. i was told that these were lab tested and shown to contain only natural ingredients that are used in the far east in teas, etc. Dr. Goodman has patients on it who reported a significant change in high blood pressure. if that what it is then i am fine with it. i am not sure that it is not just a bunch of drugs. i wanted to know if anyone is taking them and if they have done some of their own research. dont be so quick to judge others.


    Being that I need to lose weight myself, I do realize that it IS easier said than done, BUT…

    The only healthy way to lose weight is to burn up more calories than you take in.

    Think of it like the gas tank on your car. Imagine the tank was made of a material that could expand (like rubber). If you put in ten gallons of gas every week, but only drive enough to burn up 5 gallons, the tank will swell, the next week it will swell more, etc., etc. – and eventually the tank will be dragging on the ground under the car.

    You don’t have to join a gym. Every morning (or every evening) take a walk. Walk for 20 minutes away from your home, then turn around and walk the 20 minutes back, for a 40 minute total.

    I guarantee that if you do that FOUR times per week (or more), in one month you will notice a substantial weight loss. The walking not only burns calories, but even more importantly, it gets your metabolism ‘revving in a higher gear’ and staying in that higher gear to burn more calories even when you are not walking.

    All the drugs and other gimmicks MAY work short term (assuming they don’t kill you) but you WILL gain the weight right back again.


    These are a synthhetic derivative of cathinone whis is indeed a natural substance that comes from the African plant called “khat”, but cathinone itself is a Schedule I controlled substance so the “legality” of what you bought is questionable. More of an issue is that if you crush the pills into powder (or open the gellcap if in granuals) and snort/inhale it you will get high like from extasy or LSD – that is why they are so expensive. And worst of all, it is addictive and can end you up in the emergency room or worse chas v’shalom.

    A Heimishe Mom

    No one is saying you are crazy. Anyone who has battled with their weight cna tell you that it can be crazy hard and so very tempting to turn to pills. They are not the way to go. Time and again they have been proven not only ineffective and mislabeled, but downright dangerous.


    Keep away from this. These pills are smuggled in illegally. Right now a frum U.S. citizen is in jail after being caught with these pills on his way to reaching his dreams of become RICH.

    A family member of mine also lost alot of weight with these, only to gain it back quickly. Anyway, when he wanted to try again(because he met others who were successful in losing such as 100 lbs.) he asked a Brazillian we know to bring some on his next trip to U.S.He educated us about the source of the pills and it’s not being legal and that is the end. Keep away from it. In Brazil, it is penny item…real cheap! So if you want to take a risk travel there and buy them yourself but we won’t bail you out when caught!!!


    “being overweight is very dangerous”

    Ha. Because as if what you’re doing is safe.


    Hi vadim.

    While your concern is appreciated, I am not sure if you are accurate about, chas veshalom, getting a high like X or LSD, since they are not your “ordinary” high, in the very very least. They are radical and one would know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they were in la-la land, far far from home.

    And ingesting a substance by swallowing, versus snorting/inhaling, or even shooting/injecting, would likely produce just about the same results with varying intensity.

    I am curious where you got that information from.

    Obviously, dietinginlakewood has been on this and had great success, and it seems to be a known substance in their town that has a track record for it’s use.

    There could be many reasons why, seemingly, only this one couple was arrested. Again, this product is not such a secret so I would imagine, that if there were health concerns, by and large, that would be part of the story of the arrest.

    Ctrl Alt Del


    shaking head in disbelief.


    Who is this dr goodman who has patients using it? Is dr goodman certified by the ama? A vet?a phd in english literature?


    Dr. Goodman is very reputable!

    He has a PhD in advanced Kabbalistic Medicine from the University of California in Berkeley. He studied with such great minds as Dr. Timothy Leary in San Fransisco in the 60’s, and Allen Ginzburg in New York in the 70’s. His research on the use of cannabis sativa for mental disorders and acne is well known.

    !????? ????


    Hi AinOhdMilvado.

    lol. So THAT was his problem. He studied with overzealous wannabes.

    Now, had he studied with Kesey and Kerouac….that would be another story…

    Historically, in light of your mentioning Leary, there WERE some world-renowned, preeminent doctors that did work in that unchartered territory, namely Dr. Albert Hoffman and Stanislav Grof. In contrast to Ginsburg, notables like Aldous Huxley and a slew of others, including a president dabbled in the forbidden. I dont want to mention the president, but his name rhymes with shmennedy.


    Got it. A PHD in economics.


    Hi dietinginlakewood.

    I googled the info and it seems the couple were arrested on suspicion of putting sibutramine in the pills they marketed as having “natural” ingredients.

    It seems sibutramine is a pharmaceutical appetite suppressant used by medical doctors, and not a “natural” ingredient. And as pharmaceuticals go, in this case there seem to be concerns of possible cardiovascular side effects which require checking in with a doctor.


    Sibutramine was pulled off the market by the FDA 15 months ago. Google the drug, there are many known side effects and issues aside cardiovascular problems.


    Hi apushatayid.

    You are correct. I only read the one line descriptions when I got the search results. That is critical information.

    Hi dietinginlakewood.

    I am glad you are not experiencing any ill effects, but based on this info, you should go for a checkup.



    Who says the pills that dietinginlakewood is taking has sibutramine?


    thank you everyone for your responses. i am trying to slowly wean myself off these, because first of all, i am not so comfortable taking them not knowing and also, because they are not available anymore. so i am down to one a day and then every other day for a week. does anyone know of a perscription med that is an appetite suppressent? i would like to keep this weight off and stay healthy and i feel that i need some help like someone wrote above, taking in less calories than are getting burned. i do exercise and eat healthy but i do get hormonal cravings and ups and downs which make things tough to control.


    Hi WIY.

    It’s very possible they don’t, but from what I looked up that was the reason the Dr was arrested.

    It’s possible the pills here in America may not have that ingredient.


    “does anyone know of a perscription med that is an appetite suppressent?”

    For what it’s worth, according to the only prescription diet pill approved by the FDA for sale in the US is Xenical Oral.

    Did you ask your doctor? I dont think anyone on this site would write you a prescription, even if you asked nicely and said please twice.


    DIL-you asked if there’s a prescription med for appetite suppression. Someone answered there’s only xenical, but that’s not correct. There is also phentermine, which is related to the street drug speed. It’s an amphetamine,just like the drugs used for ADHD. it’s classified as an anorectic,which basically means it takes away your appetite. you need to be under the care of a competent md with this drug,and you need to limit your caloric intake. This drug can raise your blood pressure. I had much success while taking it for almost 4 months. I had energy and felt like I can do it all on it. I barely felt the need to eat. The amount of control it gave me was unbelievable. People would be eating ice cream and donuts and I would think,no I don’t really need that,and wouldn’t eat it.

    The problem with phentermine is that it’s not a long term solution. It can’t be taken for more then 6 months -a year. I had to stop it due to severe headaches it was causing me. I have learned to make better food choices and have been off it for 3and a Half months. I lost almost 30 pounds but have regained 5 since coming off it. I hope I will not gain more!

    Also I forgot to mention that phentermine also I’d known to speed up your metabolism and that aids with weight loss.

    Good luck,hope this helped


    EH – Since it seems the FDA keeps putting in these diet drugs and taking them out -I went to their site for info. It’s not easy looking things up there -it’s the gov.

    I found another drug that’s approved and it’s Tenuate. But it’s only sold in the generic form. Put it this way, they have approved two companies to produce this. Whether the companies actually sell these on the market or just are holding onto their approval -I don’t know. But the brand name Tenuate is Not being made anymore. Meridia is also not on the market.

    This could be why some web sites only mention the fat blocker -Xenical. This btw, you can get OTC in a weaker formula called Alli.


    Phentermine is no longer available in Europe (the FDA probably not far behind behind), its use has been linked to lung and heart problems.

    Skip the shortcuts, eat right and exercise regularly.


    hi …

    can you tell me where you buy the pills from



    Can we delete this “now” obselete thread and the “troll”?


    As nice a guy as Mr. Goodman is – stick to the vitamins/herbs that are listed in professional Alternative Med books! Enough with the Fad diet pills!

    Two new diet drugs recently approved by the FDA – (from their website):

    “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Belviq (lorcaserin hydrochloride), and Qsymia as an addition to a reduced-calorie diet and exercise, for chronic weight management.

    The drugs are approved for use in adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater (obese), or adults with a BMI of 27 or greater (overweight) and who have at least one weight-related condition such as high blood pressure (hypertension), type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol (dyslipidemia).”


    Hi dietinginlakewood I must agree with you those pills were out of the ordinary !! If possible I would love to get hold of them again… If you have any info where you can buy them today please leave me a contact info for you!! Thanks in advance


    Your insane if you take these pills.

    You need mental help.


    HELLOOO pls check w ur doctor asap!!!! they cud be horrible for u down the line… ahh this sounds so scary…


    Well I’ve taken them and I felt a whole lot better than I do now being fat!! They were excellent I had zero side affects would grab them if I could today!!


    Sounds like cocaine!

    Makes you feel great, and you lose lots of weight.

    You people are insane for taking a drug sold by some “guy”, without an FDA approval.


    There are a number of recently approved drugs by the FDA. check for ARNA and VVUS drug pills. GOOD LUCK!!!

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Yenta- don’t call the person a name, rather the action. They are not insane, they are doing an insane thing. There are much better ways to lose weight. If dieting with the help of a nutritionist doesn’t work, discuss the lap band surgery with your doctor. Many people have done it, and are very happy. It is a very safe surgery as far as surgeries go. It’s for sure safer than taking pills not approved by the FDA.


    I hear exactly what you ppl say … I would still love to know where I could get them as of today if u know any details please post !!



    Look into Qysmia its a prescription diet pill that is supposed to be good.



    Look into Qysmia its a prescription diet pill that is supposed to be good.


    To the OP: All your postings on this thread show that you are either (a) a fake or troll trying (successfully) to pull a prank, or (b) spectacularly, collossally uneducated.

    For starters: Your second post re-emphasizes what you sought in your first post – comments from anyone taking the same pills as you. But neither post identifies the pills in any way, other than that they are white and expensive. No one can possibly answer your question.

    You say that you are overweight and, therefore, unhealthy. Taking unknown pills is probably a greater and more immediate threat to your health than your obesity (assuming that you are obese, which you do not disclose). How can you not know this?

    You ask whether the pills contain Prozac. I am sure that you can confirm from reliable online sources that Prozac generally inhibits rather than encourages loss, but you are afraid that it may be in a pill you are taking at time when you have lost 62 pounds. You clearly do not have the most fundamental knowledge about medications.

    You mention an article about a frum couple in Jerusalem arrested for selling pills. You have no basis for determining whether the pills you are taking are the same pills that this frum couple was allegedly selling. Your problem is not only lack of information, you seem to lack any ability to apply reason to some simple facts.

    So, what do you do in Lakewood?


    Did u or anyone u know take it?? Was there any results


    I hear what everyone says about these pills but if you have any idea where I could buy them as of today please let me know .. Cuz where I bought it says you can’t buy them anymore and I would still like to buy it.. Thanks everyone in advance


    Sorry the word hear was omitted by mistake



    I took them and lost some weight, gained it all back after being off it. Also I found out they are illegal and the guy was taking huge risks bringing them in. They are illegal for a reason. There are other diet pills that are not illegal that you can try. Look into Qysmia.


    WIY -“They are illegal for a reason.”

    The reason that not every drug in the world is allowed here -is not because the FDA are bunch of Mean guys, but because some of these drugs are dangerous even if they are effective.



    I.don’t disagree with what you said.


    Lemme explain to you something, I’m having a chasuna and wanna get those extra lbs off then I stop so if you know where I could buy it please say.. I’m not gonna use it forever it’s the way out when nothing else works


    WIY – Never said you did.


    Dietinginlakewood I believe were talking about the same pill.. I would love to buy it would you tell me if the person u bought it from still has some to sell ??

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