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    i know this is an old problem… anyone have any good ideas for good long lasting weight watching???




    The 3 day diet, 18in4, HCG:)


    weight watchers is awesome cuz it helps with portion control but you can still eat anything not just nasty whole wheat and things that are too healthy to have a taste! And you are able to lose a lot of weight in little time if you stick to it!



    Love to.

    What’s your BMI? (if you don’t know it, you can get it on the web).

    Once you know that, you’ll know if you need to lose 10 lbs or 110 lbs (or something in between)


    FWIW, I lost 95 pounds on Weight Watchers a number of years ago. The plan is a bit different now, but the basic idea is still the same — portion control, making intelligent/healthy food choices and changing your lifestyle to a healthier one.

    (Oh, and the fact that there are no “forbidden foods” is great.)

    The Wolf


    oish I went on weight watchers for let me see….ummmm….I think it was about a day to hard for me food is good and I’m not fat enough to worry (yet).


    Doing the Life-Transforming Diet based on Rambam,so far so good


    getting a job that at which you;re nervous to slip up helps because its hard to eat when you’re so nervous that e/th makes you gag!!


    Weight watchers is great. It teaches you to control yourself. You choose what you will be eating. And now fruit is free. You can do it for life and keep the weight off. I don’t like diets that you lose weight quickly but then gain it right back. This comes off slower but stays off.


    I joind the new ww program a month ago. I’m losing weight and feeling great! It’s a great diet!


    wolfish, that is great! Were you able to keep the weight off? That is the hard part…maintaining!


    Can someone tell me exactly how weightWatchers works? How do they work their point system? How can I find out all the details without signing up for meetings or online? I can’t afford to pay right now… How many points is one allowed to have in a day? How do I know how many points each food is? It’s these types of questions that I have that I’m curious to know about.

    How long did it take you to see results?


    Sister Bear

    BPT – what’s considered a healthy BMI?



    healthy bmi is 19-25 over till 30 is overweight. andabove 30 is obese! good luck!


    Posters who are trying to lose weight, if you exercise at the Gym or at home this may help the diet work.


    btw i have been struggling to losr 5 pounda for a few months now. a few weeks ago i decided to stop dieting. rather i would eat normally, no depriving and join a gym. and guess what?? i lost weight!!!!!!!!!!!!! im thrilled. and i recommend it to everyone! stop dieting it just makes you want everything and then you let yourself go..etc you know what i mean! and just eat in moderation, try being healthy and join a gym!!!!!! and remember- were all in this together!


    What you really need is new eating system and exercise. WeightWatchers is for people who need the support system. But if you have the determination you can do it yourself by planning more frequent, smaller meals that eliminate all the bad fattening foods. You also need at least a half hour of exercise a day, even if it is just brisk walking.


    thanx for the help!!!1

    1dayatatime- what exactly is the 3 day diet. also i just heard about a program called loose it!

    anyone heard of it???


    not telling

    exercise, exercise, and exercise some more!!


    I could work out twenty four hours a day and not lose, for me I have to also watch what I eat.

    I think if you lay off the sugar and white flour the pounds will come off. Whole wheat grains, brown rice, and whole wheat bread is more filling and tastes better (in my humble opinion).


    Happiest – go onto their website and find a meeting near you. They let you go to one for free to check it out.

    I rejoined WW for the 3rd time b/c I loved what I heard about the new program. As of now, I’ve not lost so much weight (I don’t really need to lose weight honestly, I just like to be on a controlled eating plan and WW does that for me… so I’m basically maintaining the healthy weight I’m at now) but I feel GREAT! Energized, I make great food choices, and I love how most vegetables AND fruits are free points!

    I would recommend WW to anyone trying to lose weight. It’s a healthy, long lasting choice. Not a fad diet at all.


    I whent on a diet based on my own common sense. Three meals per day, little carbs, absolutely NO nosh, and TONS of exercise. Seen gr8 results! I lost 25 lbs.

    Sister Bear

    Those fast dieting programs rarely work.

    Eat less, exercise more. And you must do cardio!!!


    The new WW program is based on points – every food item besides fruit and some vegetables have a points value. They changed the program recently, so now I would have 29 points per day (as opposed to 21 on the “old” program). You also have 49 points per week that are extra – you can use them or not. The problem is that now every food is more points. For example, a WW bagel used to be 2 points and is now 4. I also found that, keeping kosher, the book they sell you with all the food product point values doesn’t help much as they don’t have a lot of kosher brands in there. You also need a calculator to work out the point value of any item. I just got to the point (no pun intended!) where I can’t write down what I eat forever. I need to find some way to lose weight that I can do for the rest of my life. I have been trying lately to just eat smaller portions, make healthier choices and drink more water (I often find that I am thirsty and mistaking it for hunger), and I am slowly losing weight. I don’t have a lot to lose, but enough. I hope this helps. Good luck.



    how many points you are allowed goes according to your weight & height. The least amount of points would be 29 per day, plus 49 weekly “bonus” points. Points are calculated with a weight watchers calculator (also available on their website)combining the protein,carbs,fats & fiber.

    Fruits & vegetables are free.

    It’s all about healthy food choices. It’s not a quick weight loss diet. Average weight loss is btwn 1/2 to 2 lb a week.

    I’m right there-I lost 4.4 lb in 4 wks.

    Hope that helps!


    Exercise and don’t eat junk or white flower or a lot of oil. I’m doing it and it’s working well.


    on ww fruits are free?

    how can that be? eating 5 or more fruits a day def keeps me from losing weight!!!!!




    Twiggy, that’s what I thought, how can you eat all this fruit and lose weight. But it works! Instead of reaching for a snack that has points you eat an apple or other fruit. Weight watchers has done alot of research on this before they came out with this plan and people are loving it and eating healthier than ever.


    Twiggy and Ima I think one of the reasons the fruit diet works is because of the water content of fruits and even vegetables. Watermelons especially as well as other melons have a high water content. Cucumbers and Carrots have alot of water as well. Juicing with a fruit and vegetable juicer is a good way to lose weight for this reason.


    Skip high calorie foods served at kiddush and simchas. We need a reeval of the food we serve our family and guests at home and at simchas. Why the pile of icing made from unhealthy fats? Why such big portions? Stick to the minimum amount for brochas. Why are we serving foods that harm our health? Stop denying and evaluate quality and calories.


    weight watchers all the way

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