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    OK i am bored of the following:

    meatballs and spaghetti

    baked ziti/lasagna



    Does anyone have ideas of what to make for dinner?

    Tonight I made french toast(I needed a change!)


    What does your husband like?


    Eat out, it’s good for you.


    spghetti and meat is yummy- saute onion add meat and vrown it. add to cooked noodles, add salt marinare sauce bake and enjoy!

    mac and cheese

    penne vodka (sooo easy, ok not so healthy)

    i have some sephardic recipes if you want 😉


    cereal…its healthy too, it has tons of vitamins :)) and milk is calcium!!!


    How about fish? Salmon is yum and very healthy. chicken chow mein with shabbos left overs? Turkey?


    Duck a l’Orange.


    the best supper is home made, like scrambled eggs, veggies, and snackers.


    as far as cereal-we eat that for breakfast so im not gonna have it for dinner also.

    cherry-husband doesnt liek duck

    imaofthree- cant have fish too much during week. and i had it fri night, shabbos day, shalosh seudos and sunday. i wasnt having it again tonight. besides my husband doesnt liek it too much(unless its gefilta)

    onegoal-you paying???

    tbt-he likes tacos(but i cant stand the fact that it smells liek feet)

    last week i made sloppy joes. i didnt have chopped meat so i used chopped chicken. it didnt work out so well but it was still good.

    i made eggs for myself last week while i made salad for the hubs. in the end we went to get Thurs night chulent so there went that.

    the problem is my new obssession has been noodles. Noodles and cheese, or cottage cheese or meatballs etc. but not every night!




    Dont have a name for it but you take 2 package of blinzes cheese or potato or combo put in 9×13 pan pour marinara sauce over it and sprinkle with shredded cheese put in oven on 350 for about 30 min. look to see if melted on top. My family loves it. Or tuna casserole. Or chili with chopped meat or for milchig shredded cheese.

    sms007 could you post some sephardic recipes I am always looking for new ones.


    Vegetable parmesan (eggplant or zucchini)

    I once saw something along the lines of lasagna but with mushroom caps instead of noodles. (One layer of mushrooms, tomato sauce, shredded cheese)

    Meatloaf/meat lasagna

    There are plenty of things to do with chicken. When you say you’re bored of it, do you just mean you want new recipes?

    Do you do any slow cooker recipes?




    hot dogs

    chicken pastrami roll ups

    stuffed shells (either with meat or with cottage cheese and shredded cheese. Pour over tomato sauce and bake)

    chicken nuggets in a sandwhich

    deli salad wraps

    spaghetti with broccoli and cheese and spices all baked together



    tomim tihye

    yogi- b’sha’ah tova


    there are so many yummy things!!!!! and u can make wat u mentioned above except change it up a little!

    a) shwarma with laffa: buy schwarma spice from the kosher store and cut chicken cutlets in to strips, then mix with lots of shwarma spice and ‘grill’ on 450 in the oven for 20 minutes….

    b) simularly, u can make wraps of any sort

    c) homemade pizza

    d) ravioli

    e) penne a la vodka

    f) fettucini alfredo

    i have so many more ideas….


    Why does THAT have to be the assumption??? Can’t I just be sick of the same things every night? Also I just hate the way tacos smell that’s all. As far as the fish, I just can’t afford it to have it more than once a week. Oh and the reason for the obssession for the noodles…..cheap and of course yum!!!




    How about making an antipasto platter?

    Get some fresh mozzarella (the kind that Kosher Palace sells, not the dry, packaged kind), provolone, Italian cheeses, etc., and serve with roasted red peppers, olives, marinated mushrooms, grilled zucchini, eggplant, some sundried tomatoes, fresh tomato and red onion salad, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, marinated green beans, etc. and serve with good olive oil and Balsamic vinegar, along with a nice Italian bread.

    Delicious, filling, nutritious, and easy. Feel free to use what things you want, and if you replace the cheese with Italian salami and pepperoni, you can have a fleishiga antipasto, as opposed to a milchig one.

    You can always do Italian subs- Italian kosher salami, roasted peppers, tomatoes, oregano, oil, vinegar on good Italian bread, with some salads and cold pasta salad on the side. A nice diversionary meal.


    princess-hwo do i make C”Y raviloi? and how do i make penne?


    A nice thick steak marinated overnight in A1 Bold grilled on the BBQ to a perfect medium-rare.

    roasted baby potatoes

    Hot chocolate cake

    you can’t go wrong with that


    Reservations. Or take-out.

    (sorry, someone had to say it!)


    my mother made tonight: rice and beans



    -and then you eat all of that with either a fried tortilla or taco! yum


    or one night my mother made: baked potatoes, corn, broccoli, and rice and chickpeas…LOTS OF VEGGIES


    brother, potatoes, corn and rice are all starches.


    Shepherds Pie!!! the ultimate comfort food!!


    Schnitzel with rice or potatoes or couscous


    Eggplant Parmesan

    Sauteed chicken breast with onion and garlic served on top of rice or farfel or couscous

    Not very healthy, but occasionally hot dogs with french fries

    Falafel–but pita break and make the falafel balls from a mix + salad

    Hamburgers with mashed potatoes



    I didn’t read the whole thread so sorry if I’m just repeating.

    mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, french fries, blintzes (cheese, potatoe, mushroom…), farfel, burgers, sauteed vegetables, soup (chicken, vegetable…), knishes (potatoe, vegetable, mushroom,…) rice, corn on the cob, green beans, meat loaf, homemade pizza, pizza bubble ring (in kosher by design for kids), grilled cheese, fried fish, baked fish, sweet n’ sour salmon, sushi, fish patties

    Chicken: barbecue, stuffed, chicken wrap, chicken salad, chicken cutlets, chicken capon, breaded, sesame, chicken w/ wine sauce, chicken cooked w/ veggies, roasted, southern fried, chicken knish, chicken wellington, cashew chicken, chicken rolled w/ pastrami, chicken fricasse (many of these are complicated so it depends if you have patience and time for it)

    This is what I can think of now but you can make different combinations of things and different versions. Look in recipe books for more easy and good recipes. Good luck!


    oops lol well i FEel like they’re healthy cause i don’t really like that dinner, and i usually tend to not like the healthy stuff 😉


    Delicious goulash with chicken or beef: brown onions in oil with garlic, add beef (either chuck or pot roast), or chicken pieces, sprinkle generously with paprika or smoked paprika, black pepper and more garlic, and brown well on both sides…then add peeled potatoes (and optional: a sliced green or red paper) and some water and cook until soft, smash some of the potatoes to thicken the dish so no water remains, then add some barbecue sauce and cook some more. Delicious

    Simple Baked salmon recipe even kids will love: pour some lemon juice over salmon filets, then smear with Chrayonnaise or horseradish sauce, (or mayo, or mayo mixed with barbecues sauce), then sprinkle with black pepper and garlic powder, and sprinkle generously with corn flake crumbs to completely cover sauce. Then bake covered for 1/2 hour, then uncovered for a while until top is crispy. Enjoy!


    Surprised no one mentioned rice…..so easy and quick to make. Rice + fried onions = amazing.

    Baked potatoes with herbs, roasted potatoes, couscous(however you spell it), fish, hotdogs…can’t think of more…


    Does anyone have ideas of what to make for dinner?”

    Yep. Reservations.


    I love shakshuka although I can’t spell it…

    Google some recipes for it and then just wing it based on whatever makes sense to you. It’s pretty flexible and simple, fills you up when you eat it with pita, cheap and perfect for the nine days.


    hot-dogs, burgers, pizza, sushi, flafel, schwarma…

    DID I HEAR THE WORD BORED??? These foods are part of the ?”? ?????? – I’m surprised the mods didn’t block out your thread!! Every Jew must like Fast Food!!!

    [GO CHIPS!!!]


    You can make letcho: sautee onion, add peppers, sautee for a few more minutes, add diced tomatoes. Once it’s nice and bubbly, pour scrambled eggs over the mix, and let it set. Stir and cook, until it’s ready.

    Great served with a side of mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes don’t have to be rich. Dice raw potatoes, boil until soft, drain most of the water into a bowl, mash potatoes, add salt and pepper to taste, put some of the water back into the mix until the potatoes are the consistency that you like.

    salmon croquettes

    salmon loaf with a mushroom gravy (canned pink salmon used for these two recipes – can buy on sale, or at Walmart)

    noodles with a cream of mushroom sauce


    one of my fave suppers is salmon patties, broccoli and/or cauliflower, and mashed potatoes. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! also one of my fave things which we don’t have that often, but is definitely a hit, is big boys (and no i don’t know why they are called that…). basically you take rolls or bagels, cut them in half (so you have it open-faced), then you spread some margarine on it, then put ground meat on it- gotta make sure the ground meat covers the top of the bread totally so the bread doesnt burn. if you want you can add spices on top, to your liking.then throw it in the oven till it looks nice and crisp, but not too burned. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. delicious! also i love the garlic bread recipe from the kosher by design cookbook. i’ve tried it a couple of times and its delicious, and sooooooo easy! if i think of more i’ll post them.


    we got a Bar-B-Q with our visa points 3 years ago, and we live off it in the summer months. Hot dogs, burgers, steak, many vegetables are delicious on the BBQ, corn on the cob, and salmon (BBQ’ed on a cedar plank) tastes fantastic!

    Also, you can’t forget our friend, kapusto! A bit of a ‘patchkerai’ but ok once you get to know her 🙂

    a mamin

    Grill just about anything. Grilled chicken cutlets, fast and easy.


    Fish (fresh or breaded fillets) with rice or potato and cooked vegetables or a salad.

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