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    Busy As A Bee

    I walked into a room the other day and saw a friend on their laptop, and the screen was of the coffee room where they had obviously just posted (you knw when it’s yellow?) They quickly changed the screen and I pretended not to see.

    Should I leave them to their anonymity or confront them?

    Im pretty sure I knw who they are on here though they have no idea who I am…


    go talk about it… maybe you could take the coffee room outside the digital world and discuss topics in real life?


    baab – just like u probably don’t want them to know ur screen name, they prob don’t want u to know theirs (even if u think u do).

    it’s not like they were doing something illegal that needs to be confronted.

    of course u could bring up the topic of the cr (w/o letting them know what you saw on their laptop) if they feel like telling you they post, fine. if not, also fine.


    you must immediately confront this person and also be sure to make a tshirt that says i caught you on yw cr.

    at the same time why dont you post your own name since you dont think your acquaintance has a right to his/her annonymity.

    my goodness……yentas


    FYI if you are posting this here, then Mr. or Miss whomever you saw will probably realize or at the very least think it is them you are talking about.Assuming you saw correctly then they are an active coffee roomer. How many people in the CR in the past few days quickly had to adjust their screen because someone suddenly saw them posting? If it is a friend then it really is not the worst thing in the world, however they might have liked their cloak of anonymity. If you don’t want your friend to find out ask the mods to get rid of this thread

    Busy As A Bee

    I doubt she’ll figure out who I am.. But your right I have no business taking away her privacy. I just thought it was so funny that she was also a CRer… Took me a few minutes to get my mind around it 😀


    BAAB: I can’t believe you did this to me. Now I will have to change my longtime SN.


    live and let live i say!!


    OK Busy, I’ll change my name (and mind)

    on the ball

    busted oh no!


    Busy As A Bee-

    Unless there’s a constructive purpose (e.g. they’re revealing personal info), the answer would be a strong “No”.

    In all likelihood, you’ll just embarrass the person.

    Busy As A Bee

    Wow I didn’t knw I had so Many friends!!!

    Thanks guys 😀


    hmm… seems like i’m going against the flow on this one… but what “privacy” are yall talking about? … i surely hope that you aren’t suggesting that this space is being used to speak about things would never be spoken about aloud… what’s there to be embarrassed about?



    …what’s there to be embarrassed about?

    It’s not whats said or posted that’s embarrassing, it’s that many posters are shy and would prefer to remain incognito.


    I would want to know if someone knew who I was. Think of it this way, if you were talking to someone, wouldn’t you want to know if there was someone else listening in to the conversation?



    i think you should tell her before she spills her life story out on this site…..and then she’ll be really embarrassed….

    basket of radishes

    The proper halachaicly thing to do is ask them if they want to talk about the coffee room on ywn and if they do you can ask them what name they post under, if that is to be something you will share with them including disclosing your identity. That you saw their open screen is no crime and it is a prelude to a conversation. If they want to be discrete that is not the place to do so. But that said, if they are not a friend of yours and you do not regularly have conversations, it is not your place to “confront” another person about his anonymous postings on the internet unless of course it is inflammatory and clearly it is the same person. So best wishes.

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