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    There have always been bullies and always will be. Often the bully is imitating behavior he or she has seen in the home. A child was fighting with another one on my son’s Yeshivah bus on the way home. My son saw the little kid being bullied, so he stepped in between them to try to stop the fighting (the bus driver was either oblivious or concentrating on the road – he should have stopped the bus and refused to drive until they were under control). The bully grabbed my son’s glasses off his face, broke them and cut my son near his eye, in the bargain. When I saw my son, I called the parents immediately to inform them of what their son had done. the mom’s response – “Next time teach your son to mind his own business.” She neither offered to pay for the replacement glasses, nor even expressed regret at her son’s outrageous behavior. Had my son done the same thing, not only would I have made him go over to BOTH boys and apologize, but his allowance would have been paying for the glasses for the next several months or longer. What can you expect from kids,w hen the parents have such an attitude?


    Drugs impair people and under the inlfuence they harm to others.

    One example is that case of the Jewish guy who was just executed in Florida and many

    excused him saying “It’s not his fault it was the drugs, he was on”.


    One could make the very same argument about alcohol. Why should narcotics be different in this regard? Or are you in favor of prohibition as well?;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    Alcohol has legitimate uses such a swine on Shabbos and Pesach.

    drughs like Cocaine have no legitimate use.

    Wrong! Cocaine is used medicinally.


    cigarettes are over 7 dollars a pack (perhaps 10 dollars in some places, up to half of that price (or more?) is just for taxes.

    The mob can sell them at half price and make a bundle.

    Which brings up another good point. We tax things we DON’T want people to have: cigarettes, alcohol, income . . .


    Cocaine is used medicinally.

    And what virtues do you see in crack and heroine to legalize it?


    Alcohol has legitimate uses such as wine on Shabbos and Pesach.

    drughs like Cocaine have no legitimate use.

    Wrong! Cocaine is used medicinally. ::::::::::::


    I do not believe it is, in the US.

    Morphine, I believe, not Cocaine (not in the US as far as I know and even ity it were it would be in very rare cases, certainly no doctor would in the US would ever perscribe it, to be bought at pharmacy or any other store).


    OOMIS- I can’t get over that story with your son. It teaches a great lesson.

    I’m just oh so curious what answer you gave that mother? How did you respond to her careless, dumb attitude?


    Cocaine is the preferred anesthetic for many ENT procedures. It is also used by ophthalmologists to help in the diagnosis of Horner’s syndrome. It cannot be prescribed for individual use.

    I’m not sure if doctors can get it anymore for the above uses, though it used to be found in every operating room.


    Opium is the main ingredient in paregoric a very effective anti-diarrheal and anti-tussive (coughing)

    It used to be widely available over the counter.

    I don’t think heroin was ever used medically (not sure though)


    Nevertheless, allowing it in a medical setting can be done without legalizing it across the board. Medicine must be prescribed by a physician whilst the general public cannot buy prescription medicine without a medical prescription. I can understand and perhaps support an effort to legalize narcotics for medical purposes (i.e. with a prescription) without legalizing it across the board.

    Do supporters of narcotic legalization efforts also support that prescription medicine be made available to anyone for any reason with or without a prescription? To be consistent, they would need to support that position.


    Another fallacy of the libertarian position is that they support euthanasia. The Libertarian Party could use Jack Kevorkian (“Dr. Death”) as their flagbearer.

    Additionally, they have no use for moral laws. A true libertarian will support public lewdness.



    No, I personally have 613 laws to keep already and learn about before I worry about making up new ones. 🙂


    just because a drug was once used for medical purposes that doesnt mean it should be legalized. even ‘mdma’ (extacy for those who dont know what that is) was used for mecical purposes.

    should oxys also become an over the counter drug? known as one of the most addictive drugs on the streets now.

    so a drug that was used for medical purpose although abbuse can kill u should be made legal- but less dangerous drugs that were not shouldnt? very smart.

    i have friends that died from drugs that r used for our own medication.

    i personaly needed rehab for over a year and still have withdrawls.

    if someone can say that they should legalize it-obviously they’ve never used.


    just because a drug was once used for medical purposes that doesnt mean it should be legalized.


    And, it should be pointed out, that legalizing drugs does not have to be an “all or nothing” proposition. Certain drugs could be legalized while others remain illegal.

    The Wolf


    And, another meaning of not “all or nothing” is that there are numerous DEA categories of legal drugs, reflecting different levels of control. Morphine is “legal” as is Aspirin, but the ability to obtain the two products is markedly different.


    any drug thats either damadging to the body whether physical or mental should not be made legal. someone who’s caught dealing ‘e’ can be charged with manslaughter for is easy, which in many cases results in death. morphine should not be made accesable for the result would be devastating. i have a friend who died from oxy cotton. although it may seem to many that its nothing but a painkiller. many drugs that may seem tame, are anything but that.

    It’s oxycodone


    theres oxycodone, oxycontin, and oxycotton. u can check it up. oxycotton is the most abbused by drug addicts.

    There is no such drug as oxycotton. That is a mispronounced way of saying oxycontin

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