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    A nice, juicy topic 🙂

    Do women actually need marriage? In the past (most notably before the industrial revolution) labor was a primary need. Families were important because the husband (and subsequent male children) worked the farm to produce crops. Women tended to the children and did housework.

    Women depended on men for food, safety and material possessions. Single women were prone to being attacked, raped etc. Laws restricted their soveriegnty.

    Now, women have equal rights under secular law. They have the ability to protect themselves. They have the means to get jobs and pay their own bills.

    The only area where women need men is to have children, and single women can adopt kids. [Its not the same though]

    So do women need marriage?


    are you talking about erliche Jewish women or goyim?

    if you are talking about Jewish women why are you asking this question.

    it really belongs on a secular american forum


    This is gonna get heated…


    If you are Jewish -it’s a mitzvah to get married, even for women. This isn’t a topic for a frum site. Close the topic now -there is nothing to discuss.


    Of course they do..

    Who else will shave off 30 lbs and 10 years every time they ask the most obvoius questions?


    for once i agree with health

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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