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    Do you have friends in real life?



    I’m in a social transition and feel out of place…

    New school program
    New fitness center
    Don’t go to the same places where I talked to people before

    Wondering what direction to take to make friends

    Maybe just study friends for school… the path of least resistance… if I have time?

    Is it normal to go through periods without friends?


    People you’re friends with online aren’t real life friends?


    What happened to all your irl friends that you’ve made over the past decades of your life?

    Shopping613 🌠

    Just meet people through what you’re doing.
    At school, at your fitness program.
    I feel you, most of my friends are married already and yeah..


    Thank you Shopping613 🙂


    Joseph: I haven’t even lived here for 10 years.

    Friends that I’ve B”H made over the last 10 years live all over the country.

    Some friends that I’ve made years ago have moved.

    Friends that I made in school are no longer there. They’ve moved to other states or another country.

    Other friends that I made at my former fitness center are still there, and I miss them, but I no longer go there for health reasons. That place was like a family to me. Then, I started going to a new place where some of those friends started to go too, but it’s far. Lots of changes. Last month, I started going to a new fitness center that recently opened up closer to my home. I’m adjusting.

    I’m starting to make friends in school B”H. I think that I have to be more open too.



    Sometimes it can take years to make good close friends in a new place.
    Just find stuff to keep yourself busy with in the meanwhile and it will happen on its own.
    Of course be nice and friendly to everyone you meet, and eventually you will find people you like who like you back.


    if you are going to places on a regular basis, you will make new friends. just be yourself. others will approach you, and take advantage of it. with time you will also feel more comfortable to approach others.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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