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    Who is old enough here in the CR to remember when you had to use pins on babys cloth diapers?

    Or dial the telephone using the rotary method?

    Or when camera had that weird little film you put in. It was a black plastic cartridge.(forget the name)

    Who remembers juke boxes on the side of the restaurant table?

    Typewriters that you could break a finger trying to type with.

    Tape cassette players in the car that didn’t run off the car battery.

    The windows in cars that you had to manually haul up or down.

    If you have anything to add please ….

    golden mom

    U can’t even use the expression “like a broken record” because ur kids look @ u like u fell off the moon

    How about when phone had cords and were attached to a wall and u couldn’t do work and talk on the phone without burning the wire every few weeks


    Instamatic icartridge is the name of the type of film.


    Ha ha records! But my kitchen phone is not cordless, I am still a decade behind with my cord.

    am yisrael chai

    -public phones (mostly broken), no cells

    -black & white photos only

    -fans only, no air conditioners

    -slide rules, no calculators

    -hanging laundry up, no dryers

    You mentioned typewriters. I remember once trying to define a keyboard to a teen, and I’d said “the part of the computer that looks like a typewriter.” To which he responded, “What’s a typewriter?”

    There’s nothing like the young ones to make us feel old! “When you were born, did they have cars yet?”


    whats the rotary method???

    you really had to roll down the car windows manually??? how did that work???


    “The windows in cars that you had to manually haul up or down”

    A classmate of my 8-year old son was in our car. He looked at the door and asked, “What is that?!” It was the window handle, he had never seen one.

    At one eye doctor, they showed the kids pictures to identify and one was of an old-fashioned phone (a princess model, yet). Of course the kids had no idea what they were supposed to say.

    Wasn’t that weird little film called…film?

    You remember intermission at the movies when they changed the reels?

    You remember Arnold Fine?


    I remember when we had to read our emails by candlelight.

    My mother remembers when she had to carve her emails into the cave walls.

    I remember steam-powered word-processors.

    I remember when the Coffee Room served only tea.

    there was a typo in my last post, it should read “Instamatic Cartridge”


    Do you remember when computer screens were about 18 inches thick? You remember?!


    When I graduated HS i actually typed 95 words a minute on a manual typewriter. That is how prepared we were to go out in the real world. A roll of film was a roll of film and 35 ml cameras still use them, instamatics were a drop in cartridge. The first tape recorders also had film that were threaded through on two wheels that turned and not tape cartridges.

    Why are you trying to make us feel old?


    do you remember the fresh intoxicating smell of fresh mimeographed sheets? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


    fans only, no air conditioners

    My mother took regents in a sweltering room without air conditioning or fans. I dont know how they managed!!


    do you remember “Picturephones” at the 1964 Worlds Fair? They were pretty cool, you could see who you were talking with. They predicted in five years everyone would have one.


    Remember when cellphones were just meant to make phone calls and not be a music player/web browser/gps/videogame console/mobile workstation super computer? Yeah, neither do I….


    ronrsr u have won my sincere respect 4 ur sense of humour

    am yisrael chai

    Remember when computers took up a whole room? And it was so cold in there you needed to put on your hats & gloves before entering?

    So now you had freezing computers that froze…


    do you remember computers that had a vlack background and only alien green type?


    Ha ha records! But my kitchen phone is not cordless, I am still a decade behind with my cord.

    …and in the case of a blackout (c’v) you’ll be the only one with a working phone. No one said newer is better.



    flashcubes on slimline cameras

    brown bags to bring home grocery/fruit

    Mom cleaning the house with daughters helping without a kvetch

    butcher packing meat/chicken in paper

    koshering your chickens at home

    discussing important topics with your parents(not friends)

    carbon paper for copying notes for your friend who was absent

    staying home for seminary and turning our great

    yeshiva boys going to Eretz Yisroel to learn,with no cell phone nor credit card and not coming home for about 2 years with a call perhaps once a year

    communal sukkas(made of old doors) in the shul yard and all men of all types eating together b’achdus

    double reeled cassette players

    super 8 movie camera

    trolley cars on 39th street

    Myrtle Avenue line

    green city buses

    train seats made of cane

    when youngsters gave their seats for elderly(with a smile)

    when kids who graduated and went to work knew what responsibility meant and were capable of being on their own without Papa’s handouts

    golden mom

    How about carbon paper if somebody was absent the friend took notes with carbon paper cuz there was no copie machines only stencil machines for the detoes


    Ronsr, Mimiograph fluid really was intoxicating. It was alcohol.

    Does anyone else remember when the toilets on airplanes had seat belts?


    Yes, the THREAD for Posters 40… will save you a lot of repetitious effort.

    And, rather than focusing on how old we are (b”H!), look at how much things have changed in such a short time. Teenagers can say, wow, you remember when you had to text from the numeric pad?!


    do you remamber taps that you could use one time and then you have to pull out all the wires (bendlech) from the tape recorder and send in to someone to fix it and use another time and then agian the same thing


    I was cleaning out my old record collection, and a much younger family member walked in and exclaimed “wow how many songs can be burned on to that big cd?”


    Closer to home:

    A salting board for chickens

    Sugar cubes

    When nothing was kosher except for a few staple products

    When kids were happier with less

    When we were separate and distinct and not so comfortable with non- Jews

    When more than a few people (including many women)shed rivers of tears during Yomim Naraim davening and were not focused on how soon davening would end

    When divorce was practically unheard of

    When no one questioned the authority of Rabbonim

    When people were more focused on ehrlichkeit and not frumkeit


    Anyone remember when we had outhouses behind the house?



    I LOVE your article. Well written!


    “train seats made of cane”

    You beat me to it, Ms. Critique! I remember the train to Williamsburg with cane seats, porcelain handles, and ceiling fans. And the round windows!

    The other thing I remember, is round stools in the luncheonette, Woolworths with a lunch counter (traif food, but I still remember seeing it) and payphone booths.

    And 8 track tapes.

    Ah, the good old days.


    I remember reading the ‘I remember when..’ in a rocking chair.

    happy face

    What ever happened with those candy “choo choos”?? it came like 5 squares in a pack! They were really good!!


    how about the old pixy stix? they are nothing like the ones they have nowadays.

    dont forget the old hair curling iron that you stuck into a flame to heat up.

    refrigerators that had ice all around the freezer.

    ovens with pilot lights; suitcases without wheels; black and white tvs with the rabbit ear antennas; tv tubes in back of the tv; the old PF Flyers sneakers; spalding pink balls, stickball bats made from an old mop or broom; old seltzer bottles delivered to your house; fresh milk delivered in a glass bottle; an AM transistor radio; clotheslines to hang the wet clothes on; clothespins too of course; cars without power steering and power brakes!!!


    Mewho –

    Oh, do I remember these, and some details to boot!

    * suitcases w/o wheels – In plaid, with a “sardine can” zipper

    * spalding pink balls – And the kids who called them “spalldeens”

    Boris Karshina

    do you remember when gasoline was under a dollar a gallon?

    YW Moderator-42

    Al tomar me haya ki hayamim harishonim hayu tovim mi’eileh ki lo mechachma sha’alta al zeh

    minyan gal

    “Yoohoo its me, my name is Pinky Lee.” (aka Pinchus Levy)

    wringer washing machines

    “Its Howdy Doody time.”

    Polaroid cameras

    “M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E” “We’re Mousketeers and we”re here to have some thrills, we know its true that a laugh can cure your ills.”

    sardine cans with keys to open them

    non-homogenized milk with cream at the top of the bottle


    reel to reel tape recorders

    The Ed Sullivan Show


    i have never even heard of these things in my life!!


    Okay, to make you all feel a little younger (especially after amazingirl97’s post) I remember a lot of these things. And I’ve seen/heard of pretty much all of them. And I’m only in my mid-twenties!

    YW Moderator-42

    “Lucy, I’m home.”

    minyan gal

    Hi Ho Silver, awaaaaaaaaaaaaay.


    LOL ! I think MS. Critique and Minyan Gal must be the oldest women in the CR! How old are they????????

    Sender Av

    I have heard or seen these things too and am in my early 20s. I guess that makes me intelligint BH. (1st one to catch it gets a prize).


    can we not go back so long ago? how about,

    getting a walkman for chanuka..

    cassette tapes in the car


    gameboy color [not in color]

    walkie talkies instead of cell phones..

    no lead pencils only regular ones with sharpeners

    when that crazy hair candy was kosher..

    when the american girl dolls only had 8 choices for which doll to get..

    nintedo 64

    .. idk cant remember any more at the moment but this was more my time..


    My teenage sister remembers riding the trolley. (In SF.)


    Does anyone remember way back to a thing called a “landline”? It was a little bit similar to a cellphone, but it was attached to your house wall an you were tethered to it while talking. Imagine that.

    Ahh, the nostalgia!


    no lead pencils only regular ones with sharpeners

    And I thought I was old. I remember lead pencils back in the early 60s, and some of the ones we had at home from from the 50s.


    How old do you think i am? Give a 5 age range and i will let you know if you are correct or not!

    ….here are more

    Turkish Taffy

    The Three Stooges

    Chazan Hass and his daughters

    Molly Pikan

    The Art Raymond Show

    Tzvi Sekula

    Der Vetter Nuvi

    Bernard Melzer

    Watching the Eichman Y”S trial


    Car 54 where are you?

    My mother the car

    Rocky and Bullwinkle

    The Farmer’s Daughter

    Father Knows Best

    My Little Margie


    umm, sender av, did you previously spell that “intellegent”?


    You are around 60-65(forgive me – I actually am thinking possibly a little older). Zvi Schooler gives me that thought.

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