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    Lately I caught myself talking to my myself.

    Do you do this as well?

    I was pleasantly surprised to find conversations with myself intellectually stimulating and the advice I receive to be sound and helpful.

    This is very disturbing to say the least. So I asked myself If this is normal behavior? I asked myself and was told it is.

    I however disagreed.

    This is our first argument and now we refuse to talk to each other.

    Please help me! I lost a good friend and I need advice and there’s nobody to talk to.


    The Admou”r meCreedmoor has 300 quintillion selves that argue with each other. If you want, I can get you an appointment with him, but he accepts only Iranian toman, EBT cards and food shtempelach for kvittel gelt.


    It might be good advice to talk with half of you mouth nad lend a listening ear (only one)



    I’m sorry, were you speaking to us?

    Busy As A Bee

    “The reason I talk to myself is I’m the only one who’s answers I’ll accept.”

    “of course I talk to myself, I need to have an intelligent conversation every now and then.”



    Schizophrenia can be quite serious, I suggest you see a professional who can help you with this.


    Talking to oneself is not schizophrenia. But that doesn’t make it less serious.

    Busy As A Bee

    Please I do it all the time..

    It helps me organize what I need to do and what I’m currently doing..

    Its 100% healthy!


    Buzzy as a B; Thanks! It’s good to know its not only me.

    (or us)

    1G; Sam2; We assure you there is no need for concern. What?

    er..well at least half of us thinks so!


    Sometimes I wonder am I talking to myself, or am I ranting at the computer about the computer? I usually don’t talk to myself or the computer when it’s not in front of me. That goes into the geder of rechilus.



    Sam2- I wasn’t referring to the talking part, but the part in which she disagreed with herself. Well whatever this is, it’s pretty serious.


    in the car yes. lately I started recording it and I thought to make a podcast but i realized podcasts with only one person is highly boring.


    I used to have Schizophrenia, but we’re both fine now 🙂


    But seriously, talking to youself is just a natural and healthy sign of old age. Before you know it, you get used to it, and then when the hearing gets weak, you don’t even end up hearing yourself!


    L’Chaim, L’Chaim!

    Busy As A Bee

    I think the disagreeing part was a joke… 🙂


    bein- I do it sometimes, like just mumble to myself. Like if someone at home does something that I don’t like, I’ll mumble under my breathe. When speaking with my therapist recently, it happened to come up in convo. I told her that I thought it was so normal and that everyone does it but she said it is not. She said it can show something like a person doesn’t feel like they can talk to their family members (if it is a situation at home where u r talking to yourself). Or that in the family environment, it is not common for the family to discuss numerous things that come up.

    I actually thought this was very interesting. I am totally not saying this is your problem at all, just saying that this is a discussion I had recently.


    Does posting under 2 different sn’s count?


    omg you are so normal. do you also sing in the shower. its the same syndrome.


    i *think* its assur for men to sing in the shower

    (assuming the shower is located in the bathroom)

    humming is *probably* ok

    i think its ok for women, but im not positive.


    i thought i heard that once but then i hear guys singing in the shower. lol


    What’s the issur of men singing in the shower?

    Busy As A Bee

    Don’t know if this will work.. but

    Talking to Myself Again

    I’m in school for social work and I’ve heard more then once that talking to yourself helps keep stress down and organize brain activity.


    speaking in a bais kisay?


    That doesn’t apply to women?


    good question, thus the hesitancy in my post

    but i think it doesnt apply to women

    dont know why

    i did once hear why

    but i dont recall


    it does not apply to women. not sure why either.


    80- where is the shower in your house if not the bathroom!?!?!?


    Perhaps the reason is they need more outlets, since they took 9 of 10 measures of speech?


    They sing off tune. There is a noise pollution issue plus tzar balei chaim. Chazanus renditions should be resticted to sound proof rooms. No bellowing in the bathroom where family friends and neighbors are a captive audience.

    I wonder if I can ask my neighbor to finance my ear plug purchases.


    They say talking to yourself is not a problem. It’s when you answer yourself you better start worrying.

    Did you ever hear the one with the guy with multiple personalities goes to his shrink, and when asked to pay the bill responds; “He (one of my other personalities) will pay the bill”.

    Seriously, I know of a middle aged woman in shul who carries on silent conversations with herself. It’s creepy and weird.


    I don’t talk to myself.

    Oh yes I do!

    No I don’t!

    Yes, I do!

    Keep quite, don’t argue with me in front of everyone in the CR!

    Don’t lie to them and then I won’t have to argue with you errr me!



    its an audio 1 min answer to this question by Rabbi Leff with sources.


    it is assur for women as well as men,

    but the Chochomim instituted a Takana that women are allowed to talk to each other when in a public bathroom that men might enter, so that men will be aware of their presence.

    seems he says we dont poskin that way in public bathrooms today

    but i THINK i heard in the past that women ARE allowed to talk in bathrooms in homes

    probably its not a simple answer like most things in Halachah


    some homes have separate showers, like in the basement next to the workout room.

    i think im making that up

    probably popa is starting to wake up


    i think so too.


    lol, 80. that was a popa type of post. I’m starting to believe you may actually be one and the same. 🙂


    im a big fan of his sense of humor

    similar to mine but more clever

    i think im getting the hang of it though


    I hate to say this, but I talk to myself all the time! I have for years. It’s not that I talk to myself so much as it is I’m thinking out loud. I need to voice my thoughts. But it sure is embarrassing in the store, when I wonder aloud if I have any cucumbers at home!


    talking to ones self if not generally a problem; its only an issue if you start answering your self back


    “Seriously, I know of a middle aged woman in shul who carries on silent conversations with herself.”

    Maybe that’s her way of davening shes conversing with Hashem.


    yeah, Goq, it could be an Eli Hakohen and a Chanah type of thing. Eli thought Chana was drunk but she was just davening without making a sound.


    Sometimes I try to…but there’s nobody home.


    i might exclaim “oh no i forgot _____ at home!”.

    Or afterworking forever on something and it all works out i might say “BH i finally finished!”

    Or after mopping the kitchen floor for the umpteenth time and seeing it dirty as i pass by, i might say “oh no, not again!”

    Its not my fault you were not there to hear it. I said it cuz i was expressing myself.


    The Goq; She is not conversing with Hashem. My husband tells me her husband who is 13 years older then her, and one of their sons who is divorced does the same thing. The divorced son starts talking to himself when something in shul annoys him. For example, if the Ba’al Tefilla is taking a little to long, etc.

    Psychology 101: If you are talking to someone and during that time he/she is mouthing something, it is a supposed response to what you are saying without listing to what you are really saying.


    Chanie you and your husband seem much too interested in her and her family she has the same right to worship as you do let her be.


    The Goq; We have no interest in them whats so ever. It is hard not to notice someone who sits 2 seats away from you. As for my husband, who serves as Gabbai Rishon and treasurer in our Bais Medrash, it hard not to notice especially when the son constantly approaches my husband with all his “complaints”.


    At this time I am not on speaking terms with myself.


    Well you’re the one who started it.


    i always talk to myself. i find converstaions with myself more enlightening than with other people. i also answer myself really smart.

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