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    No, thats not the question. Sorry. I KNOW I CAN Escape,…the question, rather is , do you think its possible to do so and keep my kosher lifestyle, and avoid pritzus and all that goes with the umas ha olam?

    IN OTHER WORDS…are those beaches really as empty as they appear in the advertisement? Could me and my husband find a cabin that feels like an ghost town isolated place over looking the water and sand?

    Or is it inevitable that you’ll be surrounded by wild parties and weirdos?


    Yes, it IS possible to rent a private beach. Be prepared to pay for it.


    don’t know about Mexico, but other places are available where you can basically be isolated, so yeah. we went to st. thomas island resort few yrs back and had our little villa on a spot we called our own private beach. was fabulous! shlepping food is a ….well, shlep but chabad is there, as well as large supermarkets with e/t.


    First of all, maybe some quiet time with your husband is long needed to ease some tension in your house.

    Second of all, I would not travel to Mexico, as it seems to be filled with violent drug gangs.

    You can ask travel agents for places to go that are more secluded. Just avoid the time of spring break for the colleges.


    yeah, those darn violent drug gangs, eh? always seem to put a dampner on the party, huh?


    Hey arwsf.

    There are Jewish communities in Mexico, and they are observant, so it may not be so difficult.

    Unfortunately, it is not so easy to escape into Mexico, since they keep their borders carefully guarded on the north and south side.

    While those empty beaches may seem appealing, there is a reason they are empty. Montezuma’s Revenge!

    I am sure if you went to a travel agency, you and your husband can find a nice, secluded place with a frum community nearby. Sounds like a good idea. A nice place like that does for the spirit what a clean install does for a computer. Just reading about that is enough to give someone their second wind.

    Enjoy and have a Great Shabbos!!

    : D


    Just a thought: are there any place in the good old USA that are nice to visit, like Southern CA, or Florida, etc. I have friends that have gone to Palm Springs that like it. Apparently there is some frum life there, too.

    BTW, ARFWS thanks for responding to me, here and elsewhere. It’s nice to be noticed.


    There are several “Mexicos” the Border towns with the US is where all the Drug violence occurs. Also Mexico City itself is not safe.

    The Beach towns however is co-ordned off and most locals are not allowed there.

    There isnt a drug violence problem in those places.

    Also tourist places have flitered water so as long as you drink the filtered water you are ok.


    HI MDG.

    That is a great idea!

    In fact, you can go to Southern CA and feel just like you are in Mexico. Same thing, they have just not made the formal declaration in Congress…..yet.

    And in Florida, one would feel as if they were right there in Cuba.

    : )


    Mdg’s idea of not going during crunch time is good cuz then its almost impossible to find someplace empty.


    MDG, I apologize if you ever felt nobody was noticing your posts. I always enjoy reading what you’ve written.


    Aren’t there enough mexicans in our own backyard? You don’t have to go to Mexico to see them.


    I can’t believe no one has said this already. Am I gonna have to be the bad guy here? Scissors, I say this out of nothing but concern, but why would you want to spend a weekend alone with your husband? It’s just not safe. Based on your other thread, you should be staying as far away from him as possible until he gets psychiatric help. A vacation is not the answer for emotional/psychological problems that seem to run that deep. I’m sorry that I have to say this, but I only say it out of concern.

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