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    Considering what our brethren are going through in Eretz Yisroel, I’m quite frankly surprised that no one herre even seems concerned about what we can do to help. Isn’t that more important than some of the much less important topics being discussed here?


    That’s exactly why so many of us have changed our vacation plans, and are flying off to Israel to spend time in Israel, visiting soldiers on the borders, visiting the injured & bereft, and praying at the Kossel.

    Time is of the essence before airlines begin not flying into Israel for fear of attack.


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    I’ve been pushing this petition; after six days it has 1,187 signatures. Please sign and spread the word!

    Jersey Jew


    here is what you could do mr big talker….



    Why have so many yeshiva bachurim from the south run away to Bnei Brak etc? Where is their bitachon? is it not their tefilos and talmud torah which protects the chayalim?


    Charlie, just signed your petition and I’ll get the family to sign. Where else have you posted this? 1208 signatures!! and we need 98000+ more signatures by Aug 7? Better get to work.


    Francorachel, the best thing we can do is daven. Debating the situation on the CR won’t help much.


    modiinbob, I sure hope you know what it’s like to have a barrage of rockets and sirens disturbing you day in and day out to question someones bitachon. Everyone has what to work on in this world.


    I just rcvd this incredible email from a friend regarding “The Shmirah Project”- individuals from all around the world can sign up and be assigned the name of an active duty combat soldier to spiritually protect. The soldier is then notified of the name and hometown of the individual that is “protecting” him. Again, this is not me going to the front lines, but at least I feel like I’m doing something here in America for Israel.

    (& yes, I know this project has been around for awhile, but I’m just discovering it now)


    We care, there’s a thread here about how we can help


    The situation in Israel is not only insane, but it is disgusting as the whole just sits back and watches.

    Hamas is not even a state or a country. It is not like Israel is at war with France or something. These guys are a band of terrorist guerrillas shooting missiles into a sovereign country. Who would put up with such bandits? Why is Israel taking so long to wipe them out? No one wants to see tragic killings on either side, but we have no choice. It’s like a lyric in a great song, “I asked him for mercy. He gave me a gun. Well, you know sometimes these things just have to be done.”

    Additionally, where does this Hamas find the funding to fire so many missiles for so long, and now they sent in a million dollar drone? Would that money be better spent on schools, stores/malls, health care facilities, housing projects? Contrary to popular belief, they do live somewhere.

    The world has to think past the propaganda, and despise Hamas and the Palestinians for threatening the quality of life for all decent people. The world must realize Israel has no problem with Islam or Palestinians. Within the borders of Israel there are many productive and well-to-do muslims. Further, mosques are open for them to pray in every day. Yes, inside of Israel muslims flourish.

    So the world needs to realize Hamas has no point. The world should be ashamed of itself for standing by watching. And Israel should stop being a sucker for the opinion of outsiders who do not really care anyway.

    Obama has military operations in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and now Iraq again; and often supports the wrong side. BUT..he makes no apologies to anyone and describes nothing truthful about what is going on. Israel first makes a phone call to the enemy, gives a warning shot…..both countries have policies of nonsense.

    Sadly, political Israel needs to learn a lesson from Obama in that being warm, understanding, kind, etc. to terrorists does not yield positive results. They are not misunderstood. They are evil. And such a policy makes terrorists stronger and more determined in their mission.



    You are right franco, we should all be horribly depressed and not talk about anything else until there is world peace.


    I think he meant that we should think of how to help, but as i mention above, we do have a thread about it


    Daven for the soldiers.

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