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    Hi everyone!!

    Haven’t commented here in quite some time.

    I just wanted to tell everyone that I am doing amazingly well, b”H. For all those that don’t remember or know who I am, I have a mental illness and am in the shidduch system as well. I’ve commented about how hard it is for me (as for most people in shidduchim) and how distressing it is to have to tell someone (at the right time, iy”H) that I have this illness but that I am doing everything in my power to become better- which has worked so far.

    Btw- we have lowered one of my medications. Doctor feels like I can do without it so we will slowly start weening me off of it, iy”H.

    Thanks everyone for all your support!!!


    Glad to hear. Keep it up!!


    Glad to hear, its always nice when people come back to share good news or that problems they talked about resolved.


    Happiest- I’m so happy for you!!!

    Just to mention, that I have a classmate who also has some mental illness and is on medics. She’s happily married now and looks like is doing very well. She’s been through hard times, but as you see, she got there, and so will you!!

    Hatzlacha furthur!


    @pascha bchochma and deiyezooger- thank you!!

    @smartcookie- thanks for telling me that. I love hearing of ‘success stories’. It makes me realize that it really is possible for me to get there one day, iy”H.

    I’ve also learned a great deal about myself from my experiences. One thing that I just realized I learned was that I’ve become very very thankful for so many things around me. I’ve come to appreciate things so much more than before. It is such a good feeling:)

    ☕️coffee addict


    may you go Meichayal L’Chayal and fine your zivug hagon soon

    yossi z.

    Yay!! So good to hear good news!! Thank you so much for letting us know! Yehi ratzon shetelech michayil el chayil!!

    =D Zuberman! =D


    Happiest- I admire your courage in fighting the good fight. There was a movie starring Russel Crow based on the true story of a nobel prize winner who suffered from a severe mental disorder. It’s called “A Beautiful Mind” (great movie btw)I am so happy to hear that you’re doing well. We are all routing for you. I hope to come on to the cr some time in the near future and see your name on the mazal tov thread.

    a mamin

    Happiest; I applaud your honesty!! UNFORTUNATELY I know some people who didnt think of being so honest when it came to a shidduch and…….. Wishing you find your basherte very soon!!!


    Happiest – I am truly happy for you!!! May you continue to get better and have a wonderful life!

    btw – you’d be surprised how many ppl are on medication for one sort of mental illness or another. it’s not so uncommon. as long as you are taking care of it, you should be able to lead a wonderful productive life IY”H. you get lots of credit!!! may you find your bashert very soon.

    nice to have you back on the cr. please stay here. you are gr8 company.

    take care and keep us posted


    BSD: i could not of said it better. i had to watch the movie for psych and its a mechaya to see that it is possible to overcome mental illness (even if its just a movie)

    may you have much mazal in finding your zivug, bimheira biyomeinu!



    B”H for your good news.

    Good for you for sharing and (without any doubt) giving encouragement to others who are in similar situations.


    Wow happiest, that’s terrific!! SOOOO happpy to hear that! And thanks so much for keeping us posted. I still daven for you and hope you’ll find your zivug REAL soon. As usual, I’m humbled by your amazingly strong and noble character. So glad to hear you’re getting off some meds. Really, this is some GREAT news!!! Thanks tons for sharing it with us!!! Hope you’ll share even BETTER news in the very near future….:) (I envy the lucky guy:))

    Hope to see you around more often. I love reading your posts.

    Good luck and take care!


    thank you for sharing your experiences. so happy you are doing well and should continue . hatzlocha.



    Glad to hear the good news.

    You are still in my prayers.


    Thank you everyone for commenting. E/t you all have said means the world to me. It amazes me to know that people that I’ve never met care so much about me and my situation.

    Hashem should bless each and every single one of you with an abundance of brachos and tova!!

    Thank you again:)


    Hi happiest didn’t see this thread til just now wishing you all the best and a hearty welcome back


    B”H, you see, when you do what is right and best for YOU things do fall into place. Please keep on track and make the best choices possible for yourself.


    Your courage is astonishing and admirable. Taking control of your situation will I’H enable you to be a terrific spouse (b’korov mamish)

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