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    Fake meat is all the rage now with impossible Beef and Beyond beef the starters

    Now the company of Beyond beef is making Beyond Pork. Would you try this product if it had a good Hechsher (Beyond Beef has a good Hechsher)


    Of course I would. Why on earth not?

    Of course since it costs more than real meat, I don’t plan to eat it very often. But once to try it, sure.


    We’ve been fake pork from Morningstar for 45 years, so why are you asking a question? Their products were good enough that others wanted to get into the business.


    I’d consider it if I had a recipe that lists it as an ingredient.


    Yes, why not? If my family eats the fake crab for sushi and i eat Pareve cheese cake.


    Why is it any different than baco-s

    My answer is yes


    Not to discourage further discussion, but if you scroll down a few posts, you will see the identical thread with about 15 responses.

    Plant=based chazerfleish in your shabbos chulent??

    Git Meshige

    Would you try a new cake a local bakery is featuring, its called throw up cake with diarrhea topping. If you are duisgusted by that , then you should be disgusted by fake pork.


    GH: I disagree, Your discussion started with using it in cholent; ZD’s with using it in a general sense.


    Git Meshige: Do you eat sushi with the imitation crab? Do you eat Pareve ice cream? Do you rush to eat Jack’s Facon or sausage? Do you have to be disgusted with real pork? or should you say I would like to eat it but the torah told me “NO”.


    Isn’t there a Gemerah that says that for every traif food, HKBH created a kosher food with the same taste? If I’m correct about that, then it seems like a good proof that there is nothing wrong with eating this either.


    Yankelle, I remember such a gemara. I am pretty sure that there is a fish called “shibuta” that tastes like chazir.


    Only the brain of the shibuta is supposed to taste like chazer. I have personally seen an expert food taster who is familiar with the taste of chazir (as the poskim call such a person, a 拽驻讬诇讗) who tasted the flesh of a shibuta and proclaimed that it does not taste anything like pork. Unfortunately he did not get any of the brain to taste, so the jury remains out on that.


    Git, you’re not supposed to eschew pork because it’s disgusting, but because the Torah says so.


    If it’s a chassidishe shechita I’m okay with it.

    Reb Eliezer

    After the redemptiion the chazir will be kosher because Aisov will change its character of fakeness and so will the chazir be able to rechew its cud.

    yuda the maccabi

    讞讜诇讬谉 拽讟,讘


    Reb Eliezer: If chazerfleish and other currently treif animals will be “kosher” in zman moishiach, what will happen to all the ehrliche yidden who earn their parnassah as mashgichim? I guess there will still be a need to worry about insects in Romaine lettuce and worms in Salmon.

    Reb Eliezer

    The Ohr Hachaim metions the above:

    讗讜专 讛讞讬讬诐 驻专砖转 砖诪讬谞讬
    讻诇 诪驻专住转 讜讙讜’ 诪注诇转 讙专讛. 讬转讘讗专 注诇 讚专讱 讗讜诪专诐 讝”诇 (讞讜诇讬谉 谞讟 讗) 讻诇 讘讛诪讛 砖诪驻专住转 驻专住讛 讛讬讗 诪注诇转 讙专讛, 讞讜抓 诪谉 讛讞讝讬专, 讜讛讜讗 讗讜诪专讜 讻诇 诪驻专住转 讜讙讜’ 诪注诇转 讙专讛, 驻讬专讜砖 讘讬讚讜注 砖讛讬讗 诪注诇转 讙专讛, 讜诪讬注讟 讗讞专 讻讱 讛讞讝讬专 砖讬爪讗 诪讛讻诇诇. 讜讗讜诇讬 诪诪讛 砖诇讗 讛讜爪讬讗 诪谉 讛讻诇诇 住诪讜讱 诇讛讜讚注转 讛讻诇诇 专诪讝 砖讗驻讬诇讜 讛讞讝讬专 讘讻诇诇, 注诇 讚专讱 讗讜诪专诐 讝”诇 (专讘讬谞讜 讘讞讬讬 讘砖诐 转谞讞讜诪讗) 诇诪讛 谞拽专讗 砖诪讜 讞讝讬专 砖注转讬讚 诇讞讝讜专 诇讛讬讜转 诪讜转专, 讜诪注转讛 讻诇诇 讻诇 诪驻专住转 讜讙讜’ 讛讬讗 诪注诇转 讜讙讜’ 诇讗 讬爪讗
    诪讻诇诇讜 讚讘专, 讜注诇 讝诪谉 诪讛讝诪谞讬诐 讗诪专 讛讞讝讬专 砖讛讜讗 诪驻专讬住 讜讻讜’ 诇讗 讬讙专:


    Pork is supposed to be the most similar thing to a person. Cannibals suffer from addiction to eating “themselves” and cannot stop. Notice that bacon eaters are as obsessed and addicted (bacon perfume anyone?) as drug addicts are.
    Why would I want to see what a person tastes like?


    GHD, first of all where did you get the idea that all treif will become kosher?
    Second, we will not need to work for our livings, because 讜注诪讚讜 讝专讬诐 讜专注讜 爪讗谞讻诐, and we will be free to spend all our time learning Torah, so if there’s no need for mashgichim that will be a good thing.


    I will definitely try it, I don’t see anything wrong with eating it.


    If there so addicted it must taste good btw ever heard of the impossible burger


    Tov pizza is a guten zach David chus is a besser zach

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