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    Emes: Whether or not the MSM lied about the election or not, is not material to this conversation.What is material is that they constantly slant the news to the anle they wish. White on black violence is reported on front page. Black on black violence is barely reported on. If a white cop performs an act ov violence, justified or not, it is reported as “a white policeman did… to an african american. If it is a black policeman, it is just reported as a policeman did… to a black man. As terrible as violence against minorities is, the reporting is totally unbalanced. There is no report of what the victim was doing or his criminal history. The point is that many people are jaded by anything the MSM publishes.
    BTW I get no information from the right wing press. I am one of tthose that are jaded , andsaid 6 months before the election, that the situation is totally open for fraud, by either side. I just never thought that it would reach such levels of swearing by the election or swearing at the election.


    “Being that the mainstream media likely controls the thought process of the majority of Americans…”

    This is clearly not the case. In the November election, California voters rejected affirmative action by a 15-point margin. Despite universal support for affirmative action in the mainstream media, the most liberal electorate in the country voted it down in a landslide.

    Reality is not what the Breitbart/Limbaugh alternative media would have you believe.


    at least after the inauguration trump will open his own media outlet & finally we’ll have news we could believe.

    emes nisht sheker

    So one person says Bill Barr said the election was not rigged but he did not say there was no fraud. I guess in practical terms the takeaway must be that an election that is rigged is not fraudulent and a fraudulent election is not rigged.

    Seriously, cut the parsing of words. Of course no one can say affirmatively the election was not rigged, the same way you cannot say affirmatively it did not rain when you turned away from the window, even if it sunny outside. Because just maybe…

    Let’s not be ridiculous.

    As to eddiee – I have no idea what you are going on about. You essentially claimed I got my info from the Mainstream Media and I told you I actually looked at court cases. I also read some of the affidavits. I have no idea why you are discussing black/white violence. I am sure there is some deep truth you want me to realize.

    As to swearing by or at the election, this is a deliberate mischaracterization. There was an unprecedented lie said about the election. It was a lie because the evidence it was based on, when examined did not support that position. All I am essentially doing is trying to point out to some very stubborn people that they have been lied to. It follows that if the fraud claims are lies, then we should stand by the election, otherwise, American Democracy is essentially in the trash. If you have a better alternative in how to respond to a clear and blatant lie, let me know. As Jews we should be very sensitive to lies and what damage they cause. How many Jews have been murdered because of blood libels or the lies of the Nazis? If it is not clear, in your face, obvious, that lies can result in violence and radicalization then you have slept through every history class you ever took.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    People like you have been quoting bill barr as THE proof that there was no fraud. When its said not to be true suddenly it’s, “whatever”. Why confuse you with facts.
    Let’s not be ridiculous.


    A potential scenario might be if those in the military who favor constitutionalism prevail over the non-constitutionalists within the military, and then would administer a temporary form of martial law to straighten everything out.
    …with Moshiach as the main coordinator!

    P.S. On a tangent, another foretold scenario, as foretold by Resh Lakish long ago, [could be Planet-X’s final approach, meting out tit-for-tat] – that’s using my own wording and speculation.

    emes nisht sheker

    What??? I mean, I would think anyone with a basic education would understand you can’t prove a negative. Sorry, if you need it spelled out for you. This is getting ridiculous the extent you are holding to lies to avoid recognizing that a lie was promoted with the only possible intent being to undermine American Democracy.


    Trump won the election. It’s mathematically impossible to win 19 out of 20 counties that have correctly predicted the winner of the election since 1980, as Trump did, and still lose.


    aoish3x3 -“Trump won the election”

    That’s nothing new!
    That’s why the Left made a Riot on the Day Congress was discussing the Fraud.
    And that’s why they are pursuing a 2nd Sham impeachment!

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