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    There are no applicable Halachas regulating this matter.


    It’s not a halachic source, but see Koheles Rabbah quoted in the first chapter of Mesillas Yeshorim.


    Can you give us the cliff notes version?


    I’ll post it within a few days, b’li neder.


    I apologize for the delay. I don’t remember when I wrote it up, but I forgot about it afterward.

    Koheles Rabbah on Koheles 7:13:
    At the time that HKB”H created Adam haRishon, He sent him around
    to all the trees of the garden. He said to him, “See my works, how
    beautiful and praiseworthy they are; and all that I created, I created
    for your sake. Take care that you do not ruin and destroy my world.”


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    Thanks for the source

    It’s questionable if endangered species full under this category. By the natural order of the world, certain animals will become endangered and eventually disappear.. And that’s not necessarily A Bad Thing.


    AH was just thinking about that medrash. Think people were quoting it in a climate change thread and i didnt think it was learnt correctly. I always took it to mean in a spiritual sense (like by noachs time when the earth itself became infected.) I recently heard R Shlomo Freifeld using it in the simple understanding though. Dont remember regarding what exactly but was something like forests being cut down or buffalo or the like.


    It certainly does include the spiritual sense, which is the context the Mesillas Yeshorim quotes it in.
    Yitzchokm, are you sure about species naturally becoming extinct? That doesn’t sound right to me – don’t ecosystems generally remain intact if not disturbed by humans?

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    Species do and have become extinct all the time without human intervention – including such famous examples as the Dinosaurs and many other animals that lived around that era and before.

    Humans are not the only ecosystem disrupter, but do do humanity’s great numbers and ability to change their environment much more rapidly then just about any other animal, they have become the most damaging invasive species to practically all ecosystems ion land in recent (say, the last 400) years.


    In the case of that era, something far out of the ordinary is said to have happened.

    Out of towner

    The Orev is the only one in Chazal (that I’m aware of) that expressed concern over extinction of a species. Sanhedrin 108b

    The species he was concerned with was his own, so he may have been a bit nogeia b’davar.

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