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    Its very hard to end phone calls nowadays. I ended the call by saying i gotta ran before realising there is nowhere to run to! Does anyone have any idea how to end phone calls? It will be a great help.


    Have a nice day.
    I have to call my chavrusa.
    My shiur by zoom is starting.
    My wife needs my help with her pesach cleaning.
    It’s time to telecommute.
    to name a few i have used or heard.


    There’s a hook on the phone, if you’re using a plain old telephone service, that when you put the phone on it it’ll hang up the call. Alternatively, the phone may have a FLASH button that if pressed will disconnect the phone.

    If using a mobile phone simply hit the END button.


    If you hang up on yourself in the middle of a sentence, the other party will think it was accidental and not be offended.


    What about “yalla, bye.” Works for me.


    Crumple some cellophane.


    Just a few minutes ago I ended a call with “it was lovely to talk to you, but I really need to get going. Hope we can talk again soon”. You’d be amazed how many people remember one more thing to tell you quick, and you end up on the phone for 20 minutes more. When talking to those friends, I start the call with “I can only talk for 15 minutes, and then I need to (excuse”, so that when the time is up I don’t feel bad about getting off the phone.


    Here are some more jokes:
    1. First two corona cases being recorded in Gaza. Home explosions expected as Gaza residents told to start working from home.
    2. The local pita shops in Isreal apologise that the food tastes different. Their employees have been forced to wash their hands.
    3. A message from your reflexologist: due to the virus my clinic will be closed but I will do home visits, take a seat at the front door stick your toes through the letter box and I will do the job!
    5. Your son’s a doctor? Meh! My son owns a toilet roll company.
    6. Can we uninstall 2020 and reinstall it? I believe it has a virus.
    7. 2020 pesach seder: Kadesh, Urchatz, Karpas, Urchatz, Yachatz, urchatz, maggid, urchatz and so forth…
    8. Why is garlic good for coronavirus? It strengthens the immune system and it helps ppl stay 2 meters away from each other.
    9. Breaking news from ministry of health: although weddings are banned, all existing marriges will stay in effect until further notice.
    10 You can’t go into depression, there are already 10 people there.
    11. Corona is like an airplane, the Goyim are watching TV, and the Yidden are busy Zichen Minyonim, and looking out the window.
    12.Important message re lockdown: in the voice of local rabonim, “even though we see clear signs of Moshiach approaching! Please don’t have milchemes gog umogug at home!


    “12.Important message re lockdown: in the voice of local rabonim, “even though we see clear signs of Moshiach approaching! Please don’t have milchemes gog umogug at home!”



    just say with an hungarain accent ALRRIGHT!!!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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