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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Nice source, thanks. He seems to be taking a very strict stance in point #3; I’ve never heard that before as mainstream halacha. There would seem to be almost nothing to listen to today which would gain his approval; the only thing I can think of offhand is Simply Tzfat!


    Daas Yochid,

    I also have never heard anyone else state his point #3. Rav Aviner is famous for his extremely concise halachic opinions; maybe one of his students is reading this and can share more of his Torah with us regarding this (or other) issues.


    Thank you both charliehall and Daas Yochid!

    The reason that I have heard, why you shouldn’t listen to non-Jewish music, is because of the reasons that ‘Acher’ became an apikores is that he listened to Greek music.

    I’m not saying that we’ll all become apikoreses from listening to goyish music, just wondering if anyone else has heard that there are ‘7 heavens,’ and listening to goyish music, goes through, ’till the 8th, and thats ‘so terrible’.

    By the way, I’m sorry that this is off topic, but is there an easy was to find the threads that you write on? Also, if you mark something as a favourite, where can you find the ‘favourites’ link?

    Ps- Modirator: I hope that this question doesn’t go against the coffeeroom rules :-/

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Click on your screen name (towards the top left corner).

    Or click on this:



    There’s no excuse for a Jewish store to be playing non-Jewish music. There is plenty Jewish music out there. They’re doing a great disservice to frum people who wouldn’t otherwise be exposed. They’re also making it seem mutar.


    While I am not a talmid of Rav Aviner, I know someone who learned in Ateret Yerushalayim and I can ask him.



    For many reasons, I do not hold at all by R’ Aviner. However, note the following:

    Those of us who know the morals of the entertainment industry know that most everyone involved does NOT fall into the above category. And that includes classical musicians as well – take an orchestra of 10 people and believe me, you have 1-3 MZ’ers there.

    So, unless you want to listen to notzri pop, stick with Jewish music (never mind that almost all words of secular music aren’t kosher – and when a notzri sings words from Torah it is the old testament to them and it does not elevate the words).


    I find it amusing when Frum artist copy the music from Goyish songs…It happens more often than people realize, just most have no idea where the song originally comes from…..


    What do we mean by “english music”? Music composed by… Henry Purcell? Sir Edward Elgar?


    enlightenedjew…….maybe the beatles and rolling stones?

Viewing 10 posts - 101 through 110 (of 110 total)
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