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    There. Now choppy won’t have to say it.


    Even the C.R.??

    (if yes what are you doing here?;])


    snicker snicker


    So is this post. Do not eat!


    According to choppy there is a possuk in the Torah that’s treif as well.

    Vayikra, perek Yud Tes, possuck Yud Ches.

    It’s in Kedoshim. I’d like to humbly suggest that Mr. Choppy look it up.


    Using the internet is assur!!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    moskidoodle – Thanx for the laugh. As usual.


    mods- point made, i too found it funny. but now it seems to be turning into taunting. is that muttar? can it close before it turns offensive and ppl start taking sides? please?


    He wouldn’t say it anyway, because that would be treif…


    Not just that pasuk. His chevreh don’t like the rest of Tanach either.


    Instead of using the topic for kalut rosh, can someone recommend a source on the halakhic aspects of leisure, leisure time, hobbies, etc? I think that might capture the issue.

    ☕️coffee addict

    theres nothing wrong with looking at tarfus just eating it


    Unfortunatly many belive this and never take a break and become burned out.

    The learning days are getting longer and longer, the breaks during the day are getting shorter and shorter and Bein Hazamnim is getting shorter and shorter

    many boys can no longer attend camp anymore because the School year extends into July and begins in August


    Naftush – perhaps part of the problem is that gedolim of old lived in an environment where leisure time was minimal if at all present, where hobbies were reserved for the rich, and where they weren’t asked to determine how their followers spent every last minute of their time.

    As an aside, Some gedolim did have hobbies. My ancestor R’ Yom Tov Lipmann Heller the Tosfos Yom Tov we know was a posek, halachist, kabalist and wrote a magnificent commentary on the mishna. But most people do not know that he was a proficient astronomer and mathematician. He became well known for this over time and even drew the attention of non Jewish scientists.


    R’ Yom Tov Lipmann Heller’s atronomy and mathematical knowledge were used in pursuit of Torah.


    The ralbag wrote books on astronomy and music theory as well. He has a crater on the moon named after him.

    yichusdik: Did the Tosfos Yom Tov hold any academic positions as a mathematician? Several early acharonim held academic appointments in math and sciences.


    I hope none of you are using the internet now C”V. That would make you MO C”V.


    Tell you what, Choppy. You do 1/4 the research on your ancestors as I have done on mine, including the Tosfos Yom Tov, and then you’ll have some standing to debate the issue with me. and besides, I didn’t say they weren’t used to advance Torah knowledge, only that they were not central pursuits of his, though they were interests – what can, in other words, be defined as a hobby.


    I once heard a Rov state it best: Judaism does not believe in relaxation. Purposeless relaxation is a waste of time and Assur. However, we do believe in recreation. Recreation means any activity used to recharge so that one can return to Torah stronger. This can include anything from taking a nap, a walk, following sports, or even hobbies like building model cars or doing puzzles. The main point is that Kol Kavanosas Yih’yu L’sheim Shamayim and that the person be honest with themselves about this.


    Itchesrulik, not that I am aware of, though he did confer with Emperor Ferdinand and his scientists before he had a falling out and was imprisoned by Ferdinand.


    Did you know choppy eats with his nose?


    It seems to be that most of the commenters here are less than 25yrs old, if that old.

    Recreation, leisure and hobbies is and was always part of Avodas Hashem. Music from the time of the LEVIIM, running and jogging from Naftali and his tribe and boating, sailing from Zevulun crowd. Seriously our many gedolim were music composers, artists and poets. Isnt that leisure and recreation? As one who spend a few summers in camp bais yakov in ferndale, new york in the late 1970s (I know your grandparents werent even married then..LOL), the fierce daily and weekly RACKET BALL games that Rav Nisson Alpert ztk”L played against other Rabbonim (most still alive & physically fit)was super amazing, enjoyable and competitive. They all owned a good pair of sneakers and T shirts.

    In Eretz Yisroel it is frequent for Rabbanim, Talmedei Chochamin to partake in heavy-duty tiyulim, with climbing, jumping and ending in a swim. In Slabodka and Europe, swimming was the most enjoyed sport and CHESS was played daily among talmidim and teachers. Have you see the pics of all the REBBE’s playing violin at hadlakos neiros? Woodworkcrafts (building shtenders, seferim shelves), silver smiths, and designing artistic windows for shuls was a hobby and parnassa. Horsebackriding, carriage treks were a knowledge of most. The interests (carpentry, silver designs, chess, swimming, horseriding) change with the times. Now it is basketball, tennis, keyboards & drums, jogging marathons, suduki, crossword puzzles & riddles, Settler & Card games.

    Stop fooling yourselves and rewriting history into 24/7 sitting and shteiging. Its a new phenomenom, created just recently. There are yichidim who are dedicated to 24/7 schedule and they should be admired BUT not copied by others. Hashem gave us life, health, happiness and tremendous opportunities to find avenues to be an Aved Hashem through the physical, spiritual, emotional and artistic avenues. Find yours and excel.


    Moskidoodle – do you remove your nose prior to eating?

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