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    What? I don’t even remember that!

    Wasn’t that argument linked to my username once upon a time..? I don’t think it still is though…sorry folks…no entertainment!!

    YW Moderator-73

    it still is, and I remember the kerfuffle itself – I just don’t remember the original subtitle.


    ha! I hadn’t realized just how much of a riot that night was!!

    Not embarrassing AT ALL that that’s linked to my username forever….

    Good thing most people don’t just randomly click on usernames.

    Hey, 73, you know, I’ve really been behaving myself tonight…

    Ya think you can dump in a fluffy poodle in there somewhere??


    I hear

    Take it anyway u want


    uuuuh, yo, not to trouble you or anything but ya mind connecting it??

    and, thank you! I appreciate it.

    YW Moderator-73

    too much trouble

    YW Moderator-73

    plus, I kinda like how it sounds


    This is a great post, click vegetable.

    I’m always … Just Having Fun!!!!!!!!!!! <Ha ha ha ha ha. I simply crack myself up!!!>




    I mean…I hear.(thanks for the prompt dude)

    Sooo, perhaps when you are..err, struck by inspiration…as it would, of course, make your masterpiece So much more masterpieceful…

    iBump 2.0

    i think that says it all…


    Now everyone clicks on usernames.


    Being that I and others are new here ( here is to you , pulsing flower) I want to continue this thread

    I chose to be or not to be because of my English lit. background, plus Think about it… to be or not to be… should you be this or not be this …should you be that or not be that.. should you live or should you die? should you take action or sit by passively? should you figure out your own assignment, or should you ask others to figure it out for you?? I thought it was cool


    im mamas boy12345 because I’m my mama`s boy and the number just sounds good in there


    Pulsing Flower is what I have always been called since the days of my youth on the prairie. It is short for my real name. My full name is Flowing Moon Tranquil Deer Pulsing River Howling Flower. For some reason, Pulsing Flower stuck.

    After a great amount of deliberation, I decided to spell it PulsingFlower (without the space between Pulsing and Flower) to put the word in its proper context given that SpacesAreAVeryModernInve ntionAndIDidn’tWantThemToSoilTheSereneSoundOfMyName.


    my indian name is big bison Eatsalot (there are many words I’d use to describe you. I don’t think serene makes the top ten :))


    I said my name sounds serene.

    And either way, just because I have a stormy exterior, does not mean that my insides are similarly churning. I am like The Great Sea, whose surface foams and froths, but who’s inner being remains undisturbed and entirely serene throughout the millenia. Due to the nature of this illusion, I may appear like The Big Sun in its ephemeral but inspiring moment at the height of its daily power. Know however, that in reality, I am only like The Little Sun, who hides in the shadow of his Bigger Brother.


    ??? ??? ?????

    Alternatively, Every Opinion Matters

    Also, Eat Obnoxious Meals

    All important things to keep in mind…


    (there are many words I’d use to describe you. I don’t think serene makes the top ten :))

    And that is after a third of my posts are deleted!


    Note to everybody: The mods let me post my name because it is only a first name, without a surname, and hence it is not considered information that can track who I am.


    exactly what it sounds like..


    It doesn’t sound serene. It sounds French. (I don’t like French

    , so if something doesn’t sound good, it sounds French.)


    “Note to everybody: The mods let me post my name because it is only a first name, without a surname, and hence it is not considered information that can track who I am. “

    is your surname power? (flower power)

    iPhones Rule

    Because android is just not that great.


    We could do it.

    GG yekke

    we havent heard from poppa bar abba


    Hi squeak! Haven’t seen you in a while!


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    popa bar abba was the funniest character in the gemara I could think of at the time.

    If I was picking now, I’d be Chanan bisha. He once slapped someone and was told by beis din to pay half of a certain coin. He pulled out a whole coin and asked his victim for change. The victim didn’t have the change, so Chanan bisha hit him again and gave him the whole thing.


    Squeak, that’s how he earned his last name. Which incidentally translates to ???. One who pick up his hand…


    So? It still sounds funny.

Viewing 30 posts - 51 through 80 (of 80 total)
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