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    i was once told that i shouldn’t fall asleep to music…can anyone verify this? and what is the mekor?


    I was told the same thing but I know the person who told me holds by a lot of chumras, so I asked the shaila and was told it applies only to live music. Apparently kings used to have musicians in their bedchambers.


    i dont understand….what does kings entertaining in their bedchambers have to do with falling asleep to music? why is it not allowed? also, according to whom is it not allowed? im not trying to be flippant, i just want to understand, because ive never heard this before.



    I don’t know the mikor but there is definitely such an inyan, it’s in a Gemorrah. Whether we poskin like this I don’t know. I know someone who asked a shaila and it was permitted for him because he had certain issues.

    If you’re going to do this, probably a shaila should be asked.


    I thought it was ever since the churban


    I think the churban is in regard to music in general.

    Falling asleep to music is a separate problem I believe, maybe related to the Churban though as you say


    I found this online, for what it’s worth:


    Found this also:

    The Gemora in Gittin says you cannot go to sleep or wake up to music, and the Halachah is so. However, what we do nowadays by using a CD player for an alarm clock or a way to put us to sleep by distracting our minds off tomorrow’s global final, is not the type of going to sleep or waking up to music that the Gemora is talking about. So if your music has any therapeutic (for lack of a better term) or utility (such as an alarm clock) value to you, you can do it.

    hopefully someone with some actual knowledge will post here.


    I have also heard that it was not allowed zecher l’churban.


    thanks for the responses…there is no theraputic value in it for me…i juts heard a song i liked that i had been looking for for quite a while…and i wanted to loop it and listen to it as i fell asleep

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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