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    What is your favorite cigarette brand?

    Mine is Camel. I love the smell of its tobacco.

    (Note: Please keep this topic on topic. No anti-smoking hate posts. There are many other threads for that.)


    first i deleted this

    then i decided, at popas urging, why not post it?

    let everyone have their fun

    so well try it for a while

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I love the bubble gum cigarettes that have a coating of corn starch on them that make a cloud of dust when you blow them.


    umm, Mr. 80, if at first you deleted it how did Popa know about it to suggest you keep it? Did the cat just get out of the bag?


    I like the kind with green tobacco inside.


    popa and i are two multiple personalities inhabiting one body

    i thought that was common knowledge here

    see our respective subtitles

    im smarter than him but hes funnier

    he also likes capital letters, otherwise were pretty much the same


    he also likes capital letters, otherwise were pretty much the same

    Yes, I prefer my pronoun to be “He”.


    as far as the cat thing

    that makes no sense


    The gum cigarettes. Do they still make em?

    (as far as the regular Assur Mide’Oraysoh cigarettes, none)

    and I asked my LOR, the gum cigarettes are not assur Mitam Maras Ayin. The fake smoke doesn’t fool anyone. 😉

    Syag; I notice you beat me to the chase.

    They’re good aren’t they? Almost crunchy.


    yeah, why would anyone keep their cat in a bag in the first place? Not sure what I was thinking.

    when the 2 of you discuss things, do you talk loud enough so that other people who don’t know better think you’re talking to yourself or do you use mental telepathy?


    I don’t smoke, but if I were to start, the brand I would smoke is Yenems.


    Mod 80. You are such a kill joy.

    How can you deny the CR of such an intelligent thread?


    I personally enjoy Marlboro. Their marketing campaign is one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history.


    When smoking was allowed on planes, I actually smoked Marlboro menthols (available in Europe) without inhaling the tobacco into my lungs, because cigars and pipes were never allowed.

    My favorite brand of cigarettes is actually Hawaiian High, aka Marley’s Marlboros.

    Shticky Guy

    Camel cigarettes have some great advertising. They have a great one with a picture of a ????? scene with ????? etc and a packet of Camel cigarettes and the words ????? ?????!


    Shticky, that was an old ad for one of the E”Y Dubek brands, perhaps Time. It appeared in the charedi press and was very controversial.


    I like the healthy type that don’t hurt your lungs, smell good, and are not $10 a pack. I don’t recall the brand name, so if anyone can help me out it would be helpful.


    Onegoal – that brand name would be “Abstinence!”


    Al Tiftach Peh la’sartan!


    Unbelievable! The smartest people in the world talking about cigarettes! This conversation should have been titled Favorite Poison, of which cigarettes are filled with many to choose from.


    Springbok, that was the public service counter ad to the Dubek ad referenced above.


    I don’t always smoke cigarettes, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.


    Did no one get my joke about Yemens? (or did no one find it funny enough to comment on?)

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I did. And I do think you are funny. I am just trying to post less. Sorry. I guess that just proves how wrong it is to refrain from posting, it can actually bring unnecessary pain to other posters.


    bpt: Yenems or Yemens? There is a stira between your two posts.


    I got it and thought it was funny. I just thought it but didn’t say it out loud.


    Yenems. Sorry, spell check must have auto switched it.

    And, thanks to all who took pity on me, to laugh at my joke. My CR self esteem has taken a few punches lately, so I need all the support I can get!

    Thanks, chevrah!

    Feif Un

    While the gum ones are good, I prefer the ones I always get on Purim for Mishloach Manos. I can’t remember what they’re called, but they’re a flaky dough outside with a small chocolate swirl, and the inside is coated in chocolate.

    I happen to prefer cigars over cigarettes. Moroccans, preferably.


    bpt; I chuckled, but didn’t want to ruin it 4 anyone 1st seeing it.

    I think the brand started branching out into umbrella production as well.


    Syag Lchochma -“I guess that just proves how wrong it is to refrain from posting, it can actually bring unnecessary pain to other posters.”

    In regards to other posters, it can bring unecessary pain when you do post.


    if every time you chap a joke your mechuyav to report it, it means their is a chazaka that you do not chop a joke.


    ” it means there is a chazaka that you do not chap a joke. ”

    Unless the commedian is not as funny as he thinks he is. Then, good ones should get a nod, and the duds should be met with stone-cold silence. And blank stares.

    After all, this is the Coffee Room.. not the Cocoa Room!


    shmoel —

    Yeah, Camels are GREAT!

    They’re so good that they got my grandfather to Olam Haba when he was only 54 years old, so I never got to know him.

    I know you said no anti-smoking posts, but hey, you’re the one who mentioned Camels, and the truth is the truth, so…

    If you’re in a rush to get to the next world and you don’t really care much about being there for your kids and grandkids, Camel is a great way to go!


    marlboro 72s. why am i getting modded again for no reason?


    bpt- was I one of those that gave you a hard time in the CR?


    No, Adore. Take a look at the some of the other threads, and you’ll see, I really had a tough time the last few days.

    Serves me right, for being nasty to you a few months back.

    See? What goes around, comes around!

    BTW, are you post wedding yet?


    Puff Cigarettes

    by Loftus

    You can google it.


    I dont smoke and i am anti smoking, but i just love the smell of the second hand smoke of the pipe!


    bpt- glad to hear. You are not mean to me. its because I value your opinion so much that it hurt me when you said smething….

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