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    Busy As A Bee

    Im in Shidduchim, and although I am very busy in life, teaching, in college and part of a big family, I feel like I’m at a dead end in life and recently I’ve been down all the time…

    Any Ideas?

    It’s so frustrating cuz I’m really a positive person, but recently just can’t shake those blues.


    Just know that you are a person and not a crises, all singles go through these blue periods its natural but you will come out of it, stay strong and dont be afraid to cry if you feel the need let it out so that you can get through this sooner, may you come out of this period of your life stronger for having gone through it.

    I hope the bee finds a honey soon Hatzlacha


    Shidduchim is a hard time for everyone. Before you get into it many look forward and think it will be so much fun dating. If someone gets engaged to the first one they go out with, people look on that like “how could they do that” and rarely realize what a brocha that truly is. Dating is not as much fun as one would think. It is difficult and draining but each date brings you closer to your bashert. So try to count your blessings and remember what a great person you are. Remember that your zivig is out there searching for you just as you are doing and it really is a matter of timing. The right one at the right time. Hatzlocha.




    Busy As A Bee-

    Been there, done that.

    Sometimes, it’s darkest right before dawn – I’d been getting discouraged at the lull in shidduch suggestions, when two arrived almost simultaneously. One of them was “Mrs. Try”.

    IY”H may you too find your bashert, bekarov.


    Treat youself!

    Start planning an outing with friends/family or a mini vacation/weekend. It keeps you busy and the anticipation will help your mood.

    Hatzlacha raba!

    P.S. Unfortunately, talking from experience.



    Besides for keeping a positive attitude, and having a life outside of dating – which you seem to have,run on the treadmill, keep fit-it’s a mood booster.


    Dearest bee,

    Your pain I feel and see,

    Since I am in the same boat

    I took this time. To write u a little note

    i agree with you,This time is tuff!

    Finding your zivug can be rough.

    But remember to always keep you smile

    Even if it takes a while

    And know that hashem loves you so much

    Make sure to get close with him and keep in touch

    If you will follow my advice

    Use it to do chessed, tefillah and more

    A good zivug hashem has for you in store!

    Just try try and try

    To keep your spirits high!

    Hope this helped! 🙂 it helps me every day!


    Remember, finding the right one is not a gradual happenning. It will, be’ezras Hashem, strike at once in the right momment, Bimeheira.

    Busy As A Bee

    Just wanted to thank you all for your encouragement 🙂

    Especially the poem by APusheteYid.

    It really pulled me back on my feet.

    yossi z.

    I don’t have what to add to what has already been said. Although, and I think I speak for others here, that we are thinking of you. Keep it up and let us know when things get better and of course when there is good news (of any kind)

    🙂 Zuberman! 🙂


    Busy As a Bee-

    believe me, I feel your pain because I am going through it right now as well… it’s a tough time…

    Just a few random points

    The key is to remain “busy as a bee” whenever I am busy, things seem better, and I also feel more fulfilled. Its when I am less busy that I have time to think and feel bad for myself (NOT a good feeling at all!)

    Secondly, I think it is dangerous to feel desperate to get married. that could lead to c”v jumping into a relationship that is not right for you. I have recently heard so many unfortunate stories where people were married for a few weeks before getting divorced. Though I do not know the inside story, I tend to think that they may have rushed into the marriage without a clear mind, because they were desperate to get married.

    Lastly, misery loves company- seriously! I find that whenever I am feeling down, if you speak to some single friends to commiserate, it really helps me feel that I am not alone in this crazy parsha of shidduchim, and people are going through the same crazy process- and look, we are all here to tell the tale!

    Good luck with everything, and may you find someone who is worthy of you soon! And until then, you should stay positive and feel like a productive member of society, even though there is no shaitel on your head!


    Attn: Pumper & Bee

    Once a thing I heard

    And to think about it I was preferred.

    Only what we can handle hashem gives us.

    I guess we are strong enough

    To get chosen to pass through this test so tuff!

    To every dark tunnel there is a light

    That will one day SHINE SO BRIGHT!

    There is so much to fill each day

    We can do mitzvahs, helping another yid, or simply pray!

    Stand strong! with flying colors Lets get over this test

    A bayis neman biyisroel a house for hashem to build

    Mazel Tov! Mazel tov! With tranquility our hearts will Be stilled!

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